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Ft-not your average cellar cleaning; Iso-eclipse, gbs, etc

Discussion in 'ISO:FT (Beer Only)' started by pittsburghkid66, Jan 1, 2013.

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  1. Ft-
    murda'd out stout
    ba fat dog
    ba bolita bottle number 1 (if that means anything to you)
    speedway 09
    bcbs 06
    bolt cutter
    ba alpha klaus 12
    dhl 20th anniv
    sang noir
    bullfrog el rojo diablo
    bt 12
    le serpent cerise 09
    le serpent 09
    various ba de molen
    king henry (only as part of trade for eclipse ghs or coffee)
    jk farmhouse funk metal
    ba hi fi
    midnight sun pluto, mercury, la maitresse du moine
    town hall tumultuous rare, twisted jim
    battle priest
    bully guppy (free to torture yourself)
    ccb greaves
    cuvee de tomme 750 09
    state pen ba porter
    rosso marrone batch 1
    lindas little liquid
    case of bcbs 12
    splinter black
    hotd michael
    shoreline ba lost sailor 08

    Iso-(of course I know I will need multiples for some of this stuff)
    ba gbs
    eclipse coffee
    eclipse ghs
    black note
    gi cherry
    ba behemoth
    ba 9000
    beat other than 5
    mother earth triple overhead ba
    ba speedway
    bcbcs multiples
    other new hot gotta have stuff
    ba dl (not the vanilla)
    upland kiwi
  2. Kwaide

    Kwaide Aficionado (225) Virginia Jul 11, 2012

    What's the barrel on the alpha?
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