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Fullsteam and Cackalacky aim to go nationwide with a new brew

Discussion in 'US - South-Atlantic' started by winbassett, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. I'm not a big fan of ginger, but I'd definitely love to give this brew a try. I'm also not a fan of figs, but most beers that I've tried with a figgy component, including Fruitcake, have been enjoyable...maybe my palate is broadening just a wee bit in my old age, lol. I can't recall what brews Fullsteam is bringing to the RRBF, but don't suppose this is one of them??
  2. I'll check with the RRBF organizers, but I recall that they didn't want the event to be a venue for new product releases (which this would be).

    The whole "national" thing is funny/interesting. When asked, I certainly didn't deny that we'd love to see our brewery expand (just as NC is seeing an influx of out-of-state-now-NC breweries), but it wasn't the lede. We're quite a ways away from national expansion!
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  3. Handle

    Handle Savant (395) North Carolina Mar 16, 2009

    I was wondering what they were getting at with all that national talk. At any rate, I'd love to see it in Charlotte!
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  4. Haven't had a Left Hand Juju Ginger in quite a while but I love Westbrook White Thai. I'd be curious to give this a shot. It just seems a bit odd to me that a ginger pale ale is being projected as having massive growth potential. The article makes it sound like Fullsteam is hitching their wagon to a star here. I'd suggest more modest expectations. Hell, I'd be happy just to have another good local.
  5. Believe me, with our brewing system -- and even our planned upgrades -- we're pretty modest with our near-term expectations. Incidentally, we'll be also offering Rocket Science IPA in cans as well, restricting IPA sales to North Carolina only.

    We will likely start off with a mobile canning service, moving toward a canning machine in a year or so.
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  6. Would this be similar to a soda machine? If so, I'd like to buy one for my house. ;)
  7. Had the rocket Ipa on NYE. Very tasty and I would love to see it on cans.
  8. wait, cans?! Awesome Sean!

    now just can Working Man's so I can show people in OH its awesomeness.
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  9. sean who is doing a mobile canning service in NC? or are they a gypsy canning service?;)

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