Funny things your BMC friends say when given craft.

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by nquigley16, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. heard that many times. It could be a smokey bock and people will say, it reminds me of guiness. I guess everything tastes like chicken too.
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  2. I work at a bar and grill in St. Louis. When people ask what our draft list is... I start naming off good beers we have from Deschutes, and local brew pubs like Urban Chestnut, or Six Row...Then I am immediately interrupted "Oh no... I just have a Bud light." Damn AB territory...
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  3. Padraig

    Padraig Savant (255) United Kingdom (England) Jan 14, 2013 Beer Trader

    "This tastes like paracetamol".

    My wife after drinking any remotely hoppy beer.
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  4. "This is like chewing on an orange peel", response by a buddy after trying Abita Spring IPA.
  5. beerindaglass

    beerindaglass Savant (380) Florida Feb 20, 2013 Beer Trader

    "That's too dark.." - My best freind last week when I offered him a Tenfiddy. He proceeded to crack open the Tecate he brought with him.

    Pleaseantly suprised Fri night. My wife got home with a couple of her friends. We were low on session beer, so I poured everyone a Hopslam.

    3 "YUMMMM"'s all the way around. I love opening people's eyes to quality beer. My wife "only drinks DFH" these days. haha. I'm creating a monster.
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  6. Smitty1988

    Smitty1988 Savant (430) Arizona Oct 16, 2012 Beer Trader

    Any Stout of such as RIS- "Tastes like Robistussin!"
    Any IPA/ DIPA "Taste like Pin-Sol!" - or "How do you drink this Shit?"
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  7. GuzzLah

    GuzzLah Savant (445) Illinois Mar 2, 2013

    My brother routinely drinks a half and half mixture of Coors light with Sierra Nevada Pale ale because "Drinking Coors light doesn't get him drunk and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is too bitter." o_O
  8. TheBeerDad

    TheBeerDad Savant (380) Michigan Sep 6, 2012 Beer Trader

    She says, "I sometimes can't stand that I'm a beer snob, no one makes a decent red anymore"

    I reply,"Shorts Aorta Imperial Red is around town right now, Big Red Coq from Brewery Vivant and I have a few bottles of this one goes to 11 still if you want to give it a try"

    To which she replies,"Oh no.... I hate bottled beer, it has to be on tap. Like I said I'm a beer snob..."
  9. Rizalini

    Rizalini Savant (365) Nevada Jan 20, 2011

    When I gave my girlfriend some of my Ruination, she says "it smells like beer"... o_O
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  10. Rizalini

    Rizalini Savant (365) Nevada Jan 20, 2011

    Are growlers considered bottles too, or tap? Just wondering lol
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  11. Duesler

    Duesler Savant (390) Connecticut Oct 30, 2012 Verified

    My favorite was when I was with my friend as his girlfriend, and I handed them both a Shocktop (they were both only BMC), and the girl goes "Whoa. Not as bad as i thought, but this is NOT a beginner’s beer!"
    I died.
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  12. kendrahayes

    kendrahayes Aficionado (150) Iowa Jan 31, 2013

    At work they call it my "Gucci Beer" :)
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  13. kemoarps

    kemoarps Champion (805) Washington Apr 30, 2008 Beer Trader

    I was at a friend's birthday party (she was still in college), playing a beverage game I'd rather not name. I had some craft sitting by the wayside and someone tried to take it and claim it was theirs.
    After they insisted, I just watched.
    They tried ONE sip and went to throw the cup away claiming 'something's gone wrong with this one!'
    I reiterated my point that it was, in fact, MY beer, and that there was nothing wrong with it, it just had flavour.
    They offered to throw it away for me.
    I declined.
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  14. TheBeerDad

    TheBeerDad Savant (380) Michigan Sep 6, 2012 Beer Trader

    They are like boxer briefs, they are neither and both all at the same time.
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  15. bnuno

    bnuno Aficionado (200) California Feb 8, 2011 Beer Trader

    My friend says "this is pretty good for a Firestone" after he takes a sip of Union Jack.
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  16. StuartCarter

    StuartCarter Savant (485) Alabama Apr 25, 2006

    .... I... I... I have no comment. That just broke my brain. :eek:
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  17. Cinephile

    Cinephile Aficionado (150) Michigan Sep 25, 2012 Beer Trader

    3 "YUMMMM"'s all the way around. I love opening people's eyes to quality beer. My wife "only drinks DFH" these days. haha. I'm creating a monster.[/quote]

    You are creating a wallet crushing monster for sure, but doing a good deed.
  18. Hand your friend an Old Rasputin. No one can call Raspy a sissy beer, unless their beer of choice is Twen Teny. I'm pretty sure it's physically impossible.
  19. Tchfunkta

    Tchfunkta Aficionado (225) Kentucky May 14, 2009

    "It's too heavy"
    "......too dark"
    "......too bitter"
    "......too much flavor" (no kidding I've heard this)
    "Jesus you paid how much?"
    "Is this European?"
    My personal favorite when they sample my homebrew "Dude there's something wrong with it"
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  20. One time I had a customer that didn't know what he wanted and had no idea what most of our selection was (his words, not mine). I asked him if he likes beer that is more hoppy or less hoppy, since most of the non-craft drinkers I've encountered at least have a grasp on the term. He said he wasn't sure, so I gladly poured a couple of samples of varying styles (an IPA, amber ale, and German lager) to see if he liked any of them.

    His answer..."I don't like hops-malty beer. I'll take a Yuengling."

    Can't say I didn't try

    Another favorite of mine is "Don't you guys have any REGULAR beer?"
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  21. EvoJoe

    EvoJoe Savant (320) North Carolina Jan 19, 2013 Beer Trader

    I gave my mom and dad a taste of heady topper. They nearly threw up saying it tasted like yard trimmings.
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  22. Parrotshake

    Parrotshake Savant (375) Australia Nov 29, 2008

    To be fair, you can.
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  23. jcb7472

    jcb7472 Advocate (545) Florida Jul 13, 2011 Beer Trader

    LMAO. Reminds me of my friend who is originally from Cuba. He had been drinking beers like Corona or similar his entire life, but in the last year I've gotten him to enjoy some pale ales, IPAs, belgians, etc with me and he always takes a sip and goes "I like it. A lot of flavor, papi. A lot of flavor" LOL
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  24. Rion

    Rion Savant (390) North Carolina Jan 30, 2013 Beer Trader

    When people say this taste like soap. I also had a friend tell me that Bells two hearted tasted like finger nail polish remover.
  25. I was at a bar drinking with some colleagues, most of whom were ordering Harp lager. I got a pint of Two-Hearted, and one of them (who was an ex-marine, and an FBI officer) asked to try it. He took a sip and exclaimed "that beer's too much man for me". I actually got a chuckle out of that one because at least it was honest!
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  26. loafinaround

    loafinaround Savant (415) New York Jul 16, 2011 Verified

    I have no BMC friends.
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  27. One that may be more for the NEPA or PA crowd would be people referring to anything other than light beer as lager. I say that it might be native to our area because of Yuengling lager marketing itself as being ordered by name. ex. "I'll take two lagers" is synonymous with "I'll take two Yuengling Lagers"

    Anyways, when I am drinking anything that is craft, some of the really out of the loop BMC drinkers go out of their way to tell me that they don't like 'lager beer' as they are enjoying a Bud Light.

    It seems that since Yuengling Lager is darker, they think that lagers are anything that's not light beer.
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  28. beergurujr

    beergurujr Savant (435) Illinois Oct 27, 2003

    "Don't you got any cider beer here?"

    Guy looking in the cooler:
    "Dude where's the 40's? No not that, the 40 percent shit, the Jack!" (Jack Daniels whiskey)

    "Can you refill my empty barrel of Coors Light while I wait?"
  29. Steamer

    Steamer Aficionado (230) Missouri Dec 13, 2012

    "I just can't choke some of those dark beers down"
  30. loafinaround

    loafinaround Savant (415) New York Jul 16, 2011 Verified

    well, they're BMC drinkers, so I guess they should know :confused:
  31. My friend, after drinking a Delerium Nocturnum "The bottle looks cool, but whatever is inside of it isn't beer."
  32. went on a trip to montreal recently, brought back a bunch of different stouts and i had some while i was there as well

    gave my friend an imperial stout that was around 11.5% the facial expression was hilarious and the comment followed by that was "so much flavor it taste so dirty" i know some people that are really into hard liquor, and if it comes to beer they always manage to ramble about how they just like the typical coors or whatever piss water u can think of. so if i pull out a bag from whole foods with beer in it the typical response "oh hes on that organic pricy shit" oooooooh lord lol :rolleyes:
  33. My good buddy used to only drink cheap beer because he was kinda poor. He did drink good beers, but only.rarely and never understood why I refused to drink Coors, Bud, etc. I took him out for a night of drinks on me, all pale ales, then IPA, then Bavarian wheats, stouts, etc. Then at the end of the night I bought him a Killians and he grimmaced. He was " I get it! i get it!!" He now saves his money and gets good stuff!
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  34. Ricelikesbeer

    Ricelikesbeer Savant (445) Colorado Nov 29, 2006

    Guinness Guinness Guinness. That seems to be all that comes up with a beer that isn't fizzy and yellow. Maybe once and a while Blue Moon. I appreciate the effort, but its kinda sad that those are the two beers many equate to being special or different
  35. Ricelikesbeer

    Ricelikesbeer Savant (445) Colorado Nov 29, 2006

    What kind of tailgate parties do you go to? and are they in Colorado? Cuz i'm there. haha.
  36. djrn2

    djrn2 Poobah (1,250) New Jersey Nov 4, 2009 Beer Trader

    It was the Steelers @ Jets in NJ. The kid was a Jet fan. He had no clue.
  37. Ricelikesbeer

    Ricelikesbeer Savant (445) Colorado Nov 29, 2006

    The only beer I've ever seen at tailgate parties is meant to be consumed through a beer bong or shotgunned to avoid having to taste it whatsoever. St. Bernardus is quite the tailgate party!
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  38. Chris77McGrath

    Chris77McGrath Savant (335) Ohio Feb 8, 2013

    I try to convert people, but if they want BMC, more craft for me.
  39. Everytime I go to my parent's house and let my mom try a beer, she always says "It needs salt." Cracks me up everytime.
  40. lewisti

    lewisti Savant (325) Connecticut Nov 7, 2001

    one guy I know who thinks he knows craft but really doesn't, whenever i get him to try something, pretty much no matter what the style, he says "hmmm tastes like Newcastle" that cracks me up