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Funny things your BMC friends say when given craft.

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by nquigley16, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. imduffman

    imduffman Aficionado (190) Ohio Oct 22, 2012

    "its not craft beer its crap beer"
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  2. my dad said "wow, i actually like this".... CRAZY
  3. jtg5678

    jtg5678 Savant (330) Illinois Nov 27, 2012 Beer Trader

    I try not to give BMC drinkers anything too crazy, so I don't really get absurd responses. Why give someone a BA stout when their palate hasn't developed? Throw them a wheat beer or a nice pils, lager, kolsch, and chances are they will like it and perhaps even check out more craft.
  4. FredT

    FredT Zealot (85) Delaware Dec 29, 2012

    "Since when is that what beer tastes like?"
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  5. EdTheEdge

    EdTheEdge Champion (755) California Mar 26, 2011

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  6. kingofhop

    kingofhop Advocate (565) Oklahoma May 9, 2010

    My son, a Keystone light guy, once drank my whole six of Torpedo and said "Really good beer Dad".
  7. I got friends that will always tell me "I drink ales, you got any?" Then I ask what type of said ales do they drink, they look at me like I'm an idiot, say they drink all ales. I give them an IPA and they recoil in disgust. They then tell me they drink golden ales mainly.
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  8. jesskidden

    jesskidden Champion (810) New Jersey Aug 10, 2005 Subscriber

    "Free" often trumps "too hoppy" and all the other negative comments noted above, as well.
  9. StubFaceJoe

    StubFaceJoe Advocate (530) Colorado Nov 24, 2011

    Mine friends, usually BMC drinkers, say "Thanks, here comes Stubs with the good stuff."

    After drinking a few usually "This is the only kind of stuff I'm buying from now on." Then the next time I see them its straight back to Miller Lite.
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  10. Lipsntoes

    Lipsntoes Savant (400) Ohio Jul 15, 2012

    "it's too bitter", "how can you drink that?"

    The wife wont drink any, and just calls them "your expensive ass beers".
  11. EnronCFO

    EnronCFO Advocate (685) Massachusetts Mar 29, 2007 Beer Trader

    "I'm more of an ale drinker" when I bring stouts.
  12. wife to husband looking at mix-a-six wall: Does IPA mean India Pale Ale? I don't know. It says IPA India Pale Ale. Hmm, I want to try the IPA but I don't want to look like an idiot. Hmm, IPA...let's ask the worker lady. Hey are IPAs India Pale Ale? Do you have them? Do we just buy one? Can you show me?

    worker lady: Well we have lots of beers. Some are IPAs. I.. er.. I'll show you. Yes, here is one. Here is another. Um...

    wife to husband: Honey, IPAs!! :D *giddy*

    worker lady: :l *rolleyes*
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  13. OneBeertoRTA

    OneBeertoRTA Advocate (660) California Jan 2, 2010 Subscriber Beer Trader

    I'm not to concerned with what they say, I'm just bummed that once they try to the stuff I bring it ends up going first...
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  14. Casedogg43

    Casedogg43 Advocate (525) Indiana Jan 4, 2012 Beer Trader

    "I'll stick with my $2 PBR thank you" :oops:
  15. Gave my friend a smoked beer to try:

    Her: "this doesn't taste like beer."
    Me: "this is beer."
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  16. Belial

    Belial Aficionado (235) Illinois Aug 9, 2005

    "a lager? sounds heavy"
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  17. "So, like, it gets you real messed up?" The beer was a bomber and was 10%abv and so I did the math for him real quick and explained its about 4 "regular beers".
  18. When given a Stone Double Bastard, my friend said "tastes like ass". Guess he's tasted ass before;)
  19. bifrost17

    bifrost17 Initiate (0) Washington Dec 16, 2011

    My old boss met up with me and one of my craft beer buddies at hop fest (a IPA/fresh hop tap take over at Brouwers to celebrate the hop harvest) and he consumed a Pliny (8% abv) and a Boneyard Hop Venom (10% abv) in about a 15 time span, while I still had half a glass of my first beer left. He was telling a story and then he stops mid sentence, stares at us with a concerned look, then says "wait a minute....how strong are these beers...? I feel a little too drunk already..." Then he proceeded to chug water. Hahahaha good thing he wasn't driving.
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  20. Drucifer

    Drucifer Advocate (590) Illinois Apr 16, 2012 Beer Trader

    My favorite is the "it's way too strong" line, which is usually followed by a conversation of how they only drink beer "to get drunk".
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  21. bifrost17

    bifrost17 Initiate (0) Washington Dec 16, 2011

    I've heard this one countless times!! Always makes me smile.
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  22. Jonada

    Jonada Advocate (585) New Jersey May 23, 2012 Beer Trader

    A girl I work with told me she doesn't like hoppy beers like Blue Moon
  23. motor oil, grass, cough medicine and turpentine are a few of the gems. My family still drinks it anyway..............as long as there is alcohol, turpentine is no problem to get downo_O
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  24. meanmutt

    meanmutt Poobah (1,020) Ohio Feb 6, 2012 Beer Trader

    I brought some Racer 5 with me to a family party last summer. My oldest sister, who drinks Bud Light exclusively, asked me if she could try it. I warned her that it tastes nothing like Bud Light, but she was really anxious to try it. She took one sip and said "Oh my God...do they call it Bear Republic Brewery because the beer they make tastes like bear piss?" I was laughing my ass off.
  25. monitorpop

    monitorpop Advocate (560) Michigan Oct 28, 2007 Beer Trader

    "Taste like Guinness" - Safari guide in Tanzania, after finishing my Kuhnhenn Bourbon Barrel Aged 4D.
  26. acevenom

    acevenom Advocate (555) Louisiana Oct 7, 2011

    Funny because I would expect donkey to taste a little meatier. Are you sure you didn't give him a rauchbier? ;)
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  27. JamesMN

    JamesMN Savant (420) Minnesota Jul 12, 2012

    A friend of mine says of every IPA she's tried, "it's so spicy!"
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  28. mcrago

    mcrago Savant (405) Indiana Oct 6, 2012

    My wife used to say that she doesn't like dark beer, until I had her try a coffee stout. I told her it was a new iced coffee drink and she (not surprisingly) loved it.
  29. PoopChute69

    PoopChute69 Initiate (0) Poland Oct 24, 2012

    "Tastes like puddin' pops."
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  30. Mostly towards IPAs: "it's too bitter".
    Another time I once gave a friend some fresh Weihenstephaner Hefeweiisbier; takes a sip, pause for a few seconds, takes another sip, "hey this is kind of good".
  31. BeerKangaroo

    BeerKangaroo Initiate (0) Alaska May 30, 2011

    lol, and on top of it, people who probably drink dark coffee, right?
  32. ubenumber2

    ubenumber2 Champion (800) Arkansas Sep 1, 2012 Beer Trader

    "Why would you pay this much money for something that tastes like fresh cut grass poured into a really good beer?"

    Any IPA I let my two buds try
  33. mcrago

    mcrago Savant (405) Indiana Oct 6, 2012

    "Tastes like terpentine."
    "You drink this?"/"How can you drink this?"
    and my all time favorite...
    "I don't know what you call this, but it's not beer!"
  34. BeerKangaroo

    BeerKangaroo Initiate (0) Alaska May 30, 2011

    What the heck did she have between the two to even think one remotely tastes like the other? I hope she's not in the food business.
  35. Bernerdawg

    Bernerdawg Aficionado (155) Georgia Jul 18, 2011

  36. Ravenacht

    Ravenacht Advocate (630) Florida Aug 10, 2012 Beer Trader

    Years ago i gave my die hard Busch Beer fan buddy a craft beer and his was reply "It tastes like fish" WTF?? :)

    It wasnt a craft beer persay, it was a Michelob Dark Bock beer which had more flavor than most readily available beers at the time.
  37. SometimesIfart

    SometimesIfart Champion (755) Michigan Jun 4, 2012 Beer Trader

    Had a friend who typically drinks Natural Light say Sierra Nevada Stout was " fuckin' nasty " . Another friend tried a Two Hearted Ale, Claimed to like it, I gave him a bottle, He took two sips then opened up a Bud Light Lime. I let another buddy of mine try a Founders Harvest Ale and he said it was a " Decent IPA ". Mind you, The only beers I've ever seen him drink are Bud Light Platinum and Corona.
  38. dark beer = high gravity
  39. yemenmocha

    yemenmocha Poobah (1,255) Arizona Jun 18, 2002

    "designer beer"

    "tastes like leaves & twigs"

    "this beer is for F*****s"
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  40. Blueribbon666

    Blueribbon666 Advocate (625) Ohio Jul 4, 2008

    "Tar in jar, again eh?"
    Or more recently,
    Sittin' drinking a Vanilla Porter @ the bar buddy sits down "What's that syrup your drinking?"
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