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GABF Gold Medal Winning "Elevated IPA" Being Canned soon in Albuquerque

Discussion in 'US - Southwest' started by amcmaho1, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. I'm very excited and happy to report La Cumbre's http://lacumbrebrewing.com/ great news! They will be canning their "Elevated IPA" very soon (http://beernews.org/2012/02/la-cumbre-elevated-ipa-gabf-gold-medal-winner-coming-to-cans/). Seeing as how this beer won gold at the last GABF, I'm sure people from out of state are anxious for the trade-abilty of cans versus growlers. Nothing seems to beat a fresh, canned IPA...as a New Mexico resident I'm really looking forward to this release. Another local NM brewery that's accomplishing great things.
  2. I can't wait either, Elevated is on seriously great IPA. And it looks like they're going the 16 oz. route which I think is fantastic. I'd also love to get their Malpais Stout in a can as well.
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  3. lnashsig

    lnashsig Savant (330) Texas Oct 30, 2010

    ISO: Elevated IPA cans, FT: Saint Arnold Endeavor.
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