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Germany Trip Sept-2012

Discussion in 'Germany' started by Bierman9, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Here are a few bier-related pics from my Germany trip in SEP 2012.... You can see more here: http://davidstravelpics.shutterfly.com/3199

    Arriving Sunday morn, I started like I have for the past 6-7 years, at the Weisses Brauhaus with an Original...

    Also present were fellow BAs Denali and BierManVA (and I had a Schneider-Brooklyner Hopfen-Weisse)...

    Later that day we hit The Fest (sorry, Stahl.... ;))

    Next day was more Fest.... Some local "color"....

    Had some kick-ass good times with some gents from Scotland.... Here is Ian and BierManVA...

    Tuesday brought a visit to Ulm, with its fabulous cathedral, then to Neu-Ulm and Brauhaus Barfüsser, for a blonde lager and some Leberkäse...

    Wednesday brought a trip to Andechs.... Doppelbock!!!

    Later that night, going nuts in the Hofbräu "pit" at The Fest...[​IMG][​IMG]

    Thursday was low-key, then Friday I travelled to Rothenburg. At the Hotel Markusturm there, one of the owners brews some small batches of bier for the hotel... Had a Munich Helles and a Munich Dunkel....

    Ate later that night at Gasthof Butz, with a Tucher Bajuvator and a killer Wiener-Schnitzel...

    Saturday was a Bamberg side-trip.... Had some brews at Heller-Schlenkerla, as well as a Bamberger Zwiebel, then a stop at Cafe Abseits, for some Weyermann DIPA...

    Sunday was laxing back in Rothenburg.... Had a Rothenburger Anno Domini 1631 in the Burggarten, then a Rothenburger Weizen later back at the Butz....

    Finally, a pic of the full moon rising over the medieval buildings, and me in my Gasthaus enjoying one last Bajuvator... on my last night before moving on to Holland... [​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. cu29

    cu29 Aficionado (215) Wisconsin Sep 26, 2005

    Thanks for the fotos Bierman9. Good looking beer, food, and fun!

    How were the Ulm Barfüsser beers? I had two Nürnberg Barfüsser beers, which tasted like beer-flavored water, very weak.

    Also, for other beerhunters going to Ulm, I'd suggest a visit to Kronenbrauerei in Söflingen, which is a real short tram ride from the Ulm Münster church area. While the beers are average, visiting the lagerkeller will make the effort worthwhile. They still use ice to keep the beer cool. See a picture here:

    Also, a half hour train ride will take you to Ehingen (incl. Berg), which has 4 well established breweries (sadly, one other in the area closed somewhat recently).

    Cheers, German beer lovers!
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  4. Only had one, which I reviewed here: http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/5877/86127/?ba=Bierman9

    Was hoping for another, but time was short.... Kronenbrauerei sounds interesting.... Hmmmm...

  5. Redrover

    Redrover Champion (810) Illinois Jan 18, 2003

    Awsome photos! Looks like a great trip. Makes me want to get back for a prolonged visit very soon.

    Thanks for posting!
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  6. Domingo

    Domingo Champion (955) Colorado Apr 23, 2005

    Can't wait to go back. Thanks for posting the photos. Does Cafe Abseits always have Weyermann pilot beers? I wanted to stop by the last time I was there, but we ran into some time issues. Their site shows a few on the menu. Is that normal?
  7. Well, the last two years when I've visited ( '12 and '11) they have had 2-3 Weyermann offerings so I'd like to say they are a good place to try the Weyermann test Biers... Try checking with BA

    He runs the Abseits....


  8. BullsBiers

    BullsBiers Initiate (20) Jan 3, 2013

    Great pics..I was there this past Sept. I had a blast. For me there's nothin better than drinking in the Augustiner(best beer in the world..IMHO) tent and Drinking at Andechs..Two of my favorite beers. Hopefully, I'll get there next year. I've been there 2 out of the last 3 years. I have a great wife.. Cheers

    BTW, the weihenstephaner brewery has an amazing tour and beer..It's only 30 minutes outside Munich..

    I just noticed that your from Nashua. I grew up there. You look familiar..ha!
  9. I have visited Weihenstephan, though w/out the tour. Great place! Have lived here all my life.... 50+ years. When were you here?

  10. BullsBiers

    BullsBiers Initiate (20) Jan 3, 2013

    I grew up off of exit 4, down by New Searles Rd I lived there from early 80s to Late 90s. My family lives in Hudson now and a close friend still lives in Nashua.. I'm up there on a regular basis. BTW, I'm 44, so we are not that far off in age. I live in Mass now, but I miss it up there. I'd like buy a house in the Merrimack area, if only I can get my beautiful wife to come with me. :)

    Again great pics. I was there a few months ago, but dying to go back...
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  11. GerhafdS

    GerhafdS Zealot (75) Germany Dec 7, 2008

    @Domingo: Yes, the Café Abseits offers between 3 and 5 different beers of the Weyermann Braumanufaktur, depending on the availability. The Weyermann Braumanfaktur brews only 200 liters. In total the Café Abseits beer menu offers 50 to 60 different beers depending on the season (until 10 different saisonal bock beers in automn). You can find also until 6 beers from Belgium (Struise, Rochefort, Toren Glazen, 3Fonteinen etc.) The focus is on beers from Franconia and Bavaria.

    Beers from Franconia and Bavaria:

    Beers from Weyermann:

    Beers from Belgium:
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  12. Can't wait to get back to Abseits, Mein Herr....

  13. Domingo

    Domingo Champion (955) Colorado Apr 23, 2005

    I’ll be stopping in for sure on my next trip - hopefully either this May or September. Last time we ran into some complications with my wife’s job that forced us to miss out on the Café, Kaiserdom, and the Franconian Brewing Museum. This time I know where everything is and I think I have a plan that should allow us to hit most of the breweries in a single day!