Great Britain Girlfriend in London, suggestions?

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Axic10, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Axic10

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    My girlfriend is in London through Saturday. Are there any must hit spots that I can tell her to see if they can fit in to their trip? Also any bottles or bottle shops I should have her look for to bring home?

  2. shyhenry

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    Kris Wines is by far the best bottle shop in London. It's a bit out the way, but she could fit it in with a trip to see Camden.

    A lot of great beer places have opened in London in the last couple of years. If your girlfriend's really into beer, she should stop by one of the Craft Beer Co bars. They have locations now in Pimlico (CASK Pub & Kitchen), Clerkenwell, Brixton, and Islington. The Clerkenwell location's generally considered to have the best tap selection, though I prefer the atmosphere at the Pimlico branch. Other solid options include The Euston Tap, The Southampton Arms, visiting The Kernel Brewery (Saturday AM only), The Cock Tavern, or The Union Tavern (not far from Portobello Road).

    If she's not a real beer geek, and just wants to savor the atmosphere of a pub, a visit to a place like The Princess Louise might be a good experience. It's a Sam Smiths pub, so the beer's not great. But the place has been wonderfully restored to look like a pre-Victorian pub. The Windsor Castle in Kensington's another pub that has a nice, cozy atmosphere.
  3. The Kernel is awesome. I would highly reccomend a sat afternoon there. You can get there beers as take away and it's a great time chilling and having a few beers at the brewery. The artisnal meat and cheese guy next door is selling amazing stuff too.

    Any of the craft beer co bars are a great option too.
  4. HenrikO

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    What everyone else said. Also: the Utobeer stall in Borough Market is also pretty good and much more accessible than Kris Wines - plus, Borough Market is a tourist attraction in itself.

    When I visited last Saturday, Utobeer had just gotten a big Cantillon shipment: Mamouche, Cuvée St Gillioise, Bruocsella Grand Cru 2009, plus regulars like 100% Geuze Lambic Bio and Rosé de Gambrinus.

    They also have a good selection of British stuff, I would recommend Kernel, Summer Wine, Bristol Beer Factory and Thornbridge. Other limited stuff I saw on the shelves: Thornbridge/Odell's collab Pond Hopper.

    Just FYI.
  5. Tip top suggestions folks. Although not London brewed I'd recommend most bottles from Magic Rock, Hawkshead, Cromarty and Tempest as well.
  6. Axic10

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    Thanks guys, I appreciate it! She is into beer, although not like me, but I keep suggesting she try cask beer and any local brews that aren't available over here.
  7. It's very hard--nay, impossible--to get Cromarty beers down here, even with buying online.
  8. mtbdonn

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    Shyhenry is on it! The Cask & Kitchen in Pimlico is the best craft beer scene I've found in England. Plus they serve amazing burgers!
  9. The Craft Beer Co pubs have some Cromarty beers on cask. I had Red Rocker and Hit the Lip at Craft Islington recently.
  10. Oh, sorry, I meant in bottles. Yeah, Brewdog Camden has had their stuff on keg.
  11. That's the point-why go looking for US style beer when abroad? I don't go trying to find roast beef and Yorkshire pudding on the French Riviera!
  12. cromarty/tempest collab bottle available in the Toon.
  13. Anyone tried that Sourced place by St Pancras as an outlet for The Kernel etc?
  14. shyhenry

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    Yes. It actually has a pretty solid selection of local brews. You should find stuff from The Kernel, Beavertown, Moncada etc. available.

    Also, any London BAs who are looking for bottles of Cromarty beer should check out Royal Mile Whiskies in Holborn. They had Cromarty (as well as a bunch of other Scottish stuff) available on my last visit.
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  15. Thanks for the heads-up.