Going to Madison, WI for the weekend.

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  1. I usually stop at the East side HyVee for beer, good selection. Is there any other bottle shops/ stores that have a better selection than the HyVee in Madison? I plan to stop at some breweries: Karben 4, Vintage Brewing, One Barrel Brewing, Ale Asylum. If you had to have a batting order on the breweries what would it be?
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    Woodman's has a huge selection of all kinds of beer.

    Personally, my batting order would mainly be in terms of location and then food (beers are all good!)- Start at Ale Asylum (don't bother ordering food there), migrate to Karben4, then down to One Barrel. Then to Vintage if you're ready to eat dinner.
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    Thanks Localdrinklax for posting, i had the same question. To add on, are there any special tappings this weekend or somebody throwing out some barrel aged goodies -- ?
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    One Barrel is having a Barleywine Fest this weekend. And peeking on Facebook, Brickhouse BBQ still has some Black Note left on tap as of today, but I'm not holding out hopes for it lasting through the weekend.
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    Hyvee has a decent selection, but I notice some of their beers are old. I would highly suggest you check out Rileys Wines of the World.
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  6. Does One Barrel, Karben4, and House of Brews do growlers?
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