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Good Beer Week 2013

Discussion in 'Australia & New Zealand' started by CarlisleWineBin, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. Just got the program. BIG!

    Who's going and what do you think you will be doing event-wise?

    Also, good chance to organise some BA catch-ups??

  2. gulden

    gulden Aficionado (195) Australia Mar 20, 2011

    Haven't seen the program yet - as I haven't been able to get to any of the places that have them already (and am not in industry).

    Certainly hoping that they will have some good events. Any sour events like last year?
  3. gulden

    gulden Aficionado (195) Australia Mar 20, 2011

    Program is online now.
  4. Few extra sour events. Penny Blue, Boatrocker Cleanser and Red Ducks Sour Duck...
  5. Hard presses to decide which degustation(s) to go to....
  6. Booked in for moondog dego (tues 21st), Penny Blue Sourfest (wed 22) & Abbey Collabby, Beer vs Pig (thurs 23), Josie Bones Lunch & Brooklyn Brewery Party (fri 24).

    Lemme know if anyone else is going to these events for a catch up!
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  7. $180 for the AIBA dinner, yeah no.
  8. Last minute decision to fly over for the GABS, wont be attending any other functions but plan on checking out the Garage Project tap takeover at the Alehouse Project, the Liberty beers at BrotherBurger.

    As I will be staying Carlton can anybody else recommend and other places worth a visit, beer and food included?
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  9. Hey Mike, send me your mobile number so we can catch up at one of those events. Email me. Joel
  10. Both Pete and myself are flying over for the week so do say hi at the Alehouse Project night. We will also be knocking around the Taphouse on Tuesday and Wednesday. Josie Bones for lunch on Friday and at GABS as well.


  11. Looking forward to meeting you at Alehouse and Josie Bones, Jos. I believe you have met Adam while he had his trip in NZ. Thanks to him, WA has been enjoying kegs of Pernacious Weed, amongst other great beers!


  12. Lukie

    Lukie Savant (460) Australia Jun 16, 2007

    Is someone bringing over the Liberty stuff or are they doing it themselves only for GABS?
  13. Pretty sure Liberty & ParrotDog have been taken up by Better Beer.
  14. Will do for sure
  15. Was down Tuesday for the Rainbow PoO event (was tops, food was great), how did everyone fare? Any news on the Gabs, good bad and ugly beers?
  16. Great selection of beers on offer, here are my top 5:

    Gage Roads Aye Aye PA - Imperial BIPA aged on Scotch oak
    8 Wired Merge Like A Zip - Imperial BIPA
    Thirsty Crow & William Bull Charlies Pitbull - Oak Aged American Stout
    Parrotdog Bloody Dingo - Imperial Red IPA
    Feral Barrique O Karma - Karma Citra fermented in French oak
  17. Agree with the Merge Like a Zip.
    Yeastie Boys Golden Age of Bloodshed was also memorable.
    Outside of GABS:
    Liberty Summit IIPA
    Raven/Boneyard/Mash Crematorium
    Lagunitas IPA
    Mornington Imp Stout (amazing)
    Moondog / Rockwell Truffle Stout
    Brooklyn Elijah Wood Ghost Bottle
    Wig & Pen Gueuze
    Both Abbey Collaby beers
    Sure I missed mentioning many, may other great brews but memory was impaired at some points