Great Britain Good King Henry Special Reserve...where to find this in London?

Discussion in 'Europe' started by eawolff99, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. eawolff99

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    I'm heading to London tomorrow for a just a day, but looking to try a Good King Henry...anyone know how I can land one??

  2. Bob Hope and his brother .... No Hope !
  3. eawolff99

    eawolff99 Advocate (720) Colorado May 10, 2010 Verified

    Really? It's this hard?!?
  4. Never seen it for sale anywhere. Not in any shop or any website. It's very hard to find I think, unless you go to the brewery when they have some.
  5. Yup.

    It's brewed once a year and released to a few distributors (Autumn from memory) and that's about it.

    It doesn't hit your average bottle shop!

    This is one beast you need to enquire about well in advance of a trip to the UK and set up a trade in advance !
  6. At least nowadays there are other great stouts from England.
  7. eawolff99

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    Yeah? Name 3...and you said "great" what great stouts are coming out of the Uk?
  8. Kernel - Imperial Brown Stout London 1856
    Summer Wine - Kopikat (and both BA versions)
    Magic Rock - Bearded Lady (and Bourbon version)
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  9. As well as what's already been mentioned,
    Buxton - Tsar
    Tiny Rebel - Chocoholic
    Windsor & Eton - Treetops
    Fullers - Past Masters Double Stout
    Kernel - French Oak Aged Imperial Brown Stout, Export Stout
    and to hell with it, I think Sam Smiths Oatmeal Stout is pretty fucking good too.

    Not to mention lovely porters...

    Most probably not going over the pond, but that's your hard luck.
  10. Had that Good King Henry a couple of months ago at a tasting. Not too bad at all.

    Would also recommend Luckie Ales Russian Imperial Stout for the growing list among others.
  11. Cromarty - Brewed Awakening
    Magic Rock - Dark Arts
  12. eawolff99

    eawolff99 Advocate (720) Colorado May 10, 2010 Verified

    Thank you lads -- looks like I have some hunting to do!
  13. Hey, I'm only going to be in New York for one day. Anyone know where I can find a bottle of Black Tuesday?
  14. Try Wall Street.
  15. jmw

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    New York's not that hard to get around in. Try that one shop on the main corner.
  16. have had some for sale at various times over the past couple of years but it usually sells out pretty quickly...

    Luckily i still have a couple of the 2007 vintage left...
  17. Also

    Fyne Ales Sublime Stout, any of Hawkshead's stouts
  18. Co-signed on the bourbon version of this.

    Thornbridge Saint Petersburg- they released another BA version for the takeover at Craft Beer Co earlier this week.