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Goose Island Bourbon County Stout in Colorado?

Discussion in 'US - Mountain' started by travbo1983, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. travbo1983

    travbo1983 Disciple (50) Georgia Jun 30, 2010

    anyone know when/if Boulder, CO area is going to see Goose Island's Bourbon County Stout? When the release schedule was released months ago, the week of November 27th was listed as the Colorado release. So far i've contacted several stores and all the store reps are pressuring distributor reps to give them a date and all are having no luck. Anyone here have a clue to how many weeks behind the release is or if any is left to distribute here in Colorado?
  2. Still hoping but word out last week is CO is not getting any.
  3. I do not believe it will be coming to Colorado this year.
  4. Spoke with both my Anhueser rep and the Goose Island rep. No bcbs this year......as of yesterday
  5. Domingo

    Domingo Champion (945) Colorado Apr 23, 2005

    I'm guessing draft distribution must be different as the Rackhouse had it on tap 2 weeks ago. I just figured I missed out on the bottles.
  6. I believe that was a leave over from the gabf (according to Anhueser so don't quote me on it). Apparently goose island brough a bunch of unblended kegs of bcbs as well as the regular blended bcbs to tap at the rackhouse the Thursday before the gabf. The full line of goose island regular beers is still not 100% in state. I've been waiting for a few weeks to get my inventory of nut brown kegs and have been told multiple times by AB employees in the know that bcbs will not make Colorado this year.
  7. bitches
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  8. You might get some early next year???

    From the northwest forum, it may be the same story for CO:

    The distributor said that WA got chumped on the first round of the Bourbon County release. Basically Goose Island thought they had enough to give WA some but there was some screw up where did not have enough. There will be another release of Bourbon County early next year and WA "might" get some. So I guess will just have to keep waiting with out fingers crossed.
    Overall it is total bull in my opinion, if you say WA will get some bourbon county the week of november 27th then do it, dont hype the shit out of it and leave us hanging, screw you In-Bev
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  9. SFACRKnight

    SFACRKnight Advocate (615) Colorado Jan 20, 2012