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Goose Island Bourbon County Stout Massachusetts - Sightings!

Discussion in 'US - New England' started by wdarcy77, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. wdarcy77

    wdarcy77 Initiate (0) Massachusetts Nov 27, 2008

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  2. this thread is going to anger me. always disappointed when i read about sightings... first Parabola, now BCBS....
  3. Dope

    Dope Advocate (600) Massachusetts Oct 5, 2010

    There WAS a thread but it got deleted with no explanation. It tends to happen on BA. You get used to it.

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  4. davey101

    davey101 Initiate (0) Connecticut Apr 14, 2009

    Next week is the release date. No wait, the week after that. Nope, sorry...its actually the week after that one.
  5. Why talk about beer relative to a release in a specific region? Please delete this thread.

    Yea that makes sense.
  6. If this get's pushed to November, I'll literally have heard "sometime next week" for an entire month. But life goes on

    In fairness, earlier threads have kind of descended into meme posting so keep this one free of that and specific to Mass. and I'm sure we're fine.
  7. It would be nice to know that somebody found some in MA, and hopefully not the only case...
  8. Julio's posted on their FB Saturday that it's been pushed back to early November due to "miscommunication in the supply chain".
  9. Sorry, but how does that miscommunication happen?

    "Hey, do you want BCBS?"

    "Yes, I do."

    "Okay, let me just write that down on my order form, and--OH MY GOD A RHINOCEROS!"
  10. Something tells me the distributor is fucking dumb.
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  12. Likely more an issue that the distributor doesn't really care. I bet they make more money off the Bud Light they sell before noon on a Wednesday than off the entire season's worth of BCBS.

    Or are people forgetting who distributes this now?
  13. Horbar

    Horbar Advocate (655) Rhode Island Feb 24, 2012

    No, no, no, sorry, you are wrong. It is the week after the last week you said.
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  14. It's worse than they don't care. It's a hassle. Distributor reps hate limited releases. They don't make much money off the items, their stores get pissed when the allocation (which isn't under the reps' control) doesn't favor them, they get bugged for info by store employees (guilty as charged) every store they go into when they usually don't know anything (especially in the case of AB and such, where it's not usually their job to be plugged into the limited beer pipeline), and it's even worse in cases like this where it seems the public was fed incorrect information regarding when the beer would be hitting the streets.
  15. Hopefully is does not get "misallocated" like this years Parabola.
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  16. noob

    noob Savant (260) Massachusetts Jan 23, 2004

    After BCS, what hott beer will be next? I want to start a post about the next beer we absolutely have to have.
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  17. With Parabola and now this I'm beginning to think distributors are delaying things on purpose just to come check the forum and laugh at everyone flipping out. Maybe if we act like we dont care limited releases will get to stores early?
  18. There are numerous AB distributors in Ma
  19. I also heard November the other day from a beer manager. (Not even early November, just unknown November)
  20. i'm not budgeted for BCBS and backwoods bastard releases to coincide, damn it!
  21. BobZ

    BobZ Advocate (580) Massachusetts Jun 24, 2009

    Just a F.Y.I., dropped into Julio's yesterday afternoon and confirmed the same story as mentioned earlier, they were told it's now not coming until November (as in early November for what that's worth).

    Good consolation prizes to be found there as always, walked out with a few 4-packs of FBS that were still hanging around.
  22. And your source on this is...? If true, it would be hilarious when you consider that the majority of Goose Island's east coast distro is brewed in NH.
  23. I was told Nov. as well untill last monday when of my distributors said it didnt make the cut
  24. MA08

    MA08 Savant (300) Massachusetts Nov 13, 2008

    At at least made it to the NH Brewfest a couple of weeks ago. It would be odd if it didn't make it
  25. Early november will be arriving tomorrow, any word on this?
  26. This reminds me of when I tried to convince my Mom that Christmas began at 12:01am...
  27. soze47

    soze47 Savant (355) Massachusetts May 22, 2010

    My brother in law got a four pack in Wisconsin a couple weeks ago. After I told him what a shit show this release is every year in MA, he said he'd save the three that we didn't drink until Christmas when I can bring them back to MA. Glad I can sit this one out after searching far and wide for other brews recently.

    It sounds like this has been available for a couple of weeks elsewhere and Mass is yet again well behind other states. We are blessed to get such great distro here, but cursed with a system that seems to allow beers to languish in warehouses. At least this isn't like Harvest Ale when each passing day robs us of hoppy freshness.
  28. Yeah - this is really starting to become a trend with rarities in MA. Funny how everybody's pumpkin ale seems to hit shelves promptly, but when it comes to stuff like Parabola or BCBS it takes 2 months. Our distro is great in terms of number of breweries, but something is not quite right.
  29. Still no sightings yet? Funny state we live in...
  30. I was told 2 more weeks by one store...and that was only based off something they heard.
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  31. Pretty sure they meant 2 more years.... just saying.
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  32. Local beer guy in Medford (Atlas) said he has no idea when or how much.
    "Up to the distro guys." And Atlas seems to be a good sized GI seller...
  33. I may be wrong, but i think BCBS, its variants, and three sisters allocations are based off of AB InBev portfolio sales in general not just Goose Island sales
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  34. That is correct. Some places can sell a ton of GI, but not much inbev and thus get no BCBS.
  35. well the way things stand, nobody is getting BCBS. :mad:
  36. Oh, I know. Atlas sells plenty of Bud. Just thought that the fact that they sell lots of GI would give tthe distributor a little extra incentive. Of course, as said in other posts, there's no BCBS anywhere in MA right now.
  37. Gotta love Massachusetts distro. As others have said before bcbs parabola abacus etcs take months to get here and I swear other states get cantillon on the shelves before us, and the importer is in our state.
  38. Cantillon is here right now.
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  39. How fast did it run out at Julio's? 45 seconds?