Goose Island Bourbon County Stout Massachusetts - Sightings!

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  1. So still nothing in/around Boston? I remain perplexed.
  2. It seems to be inching eastward, and its now been in Westboro and North Attleboro, so it should be a week at the most (sound familiar?). The weird thing to me was that word on the street had been it was bottled and in warehouses as of September, and that the distributors were sitting on it for some odd reason. The batch I got at Yankee Spirits in North Attleboro though had a bottled on date in November...
  3. I was in Bangor, ME for Thanksgiving and BCBS is pretty easy to find there. Two stores that I know of had plenty of it sitting on shelves, and I was able to snag a four pack.
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  4. I was south of the city over the weekend and scored a 4pk in wrentham. It *has* to start popping up in the city this week.
  5. Already gone in Mansfield, Attleboro, Westboro, etc. I've been told it's hitting Boston Wednesday, but since Inbev is delivered basically every day, it's impossible to know for sure.
  6. RichD

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    I just grabbed a 4 pack in Attleboro. Yankee Spirits were out but Chris Gasbarro's wasn't! 2 4 pack limit.

    EDIT: the guy that worked there was even asking me if I wanted a 2nd 4 pack. $21 per.
  7. UncleJimbo

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    I was informed by Andover Liquors that they would not be getting any because they were told by the InBev distributor that Andover Liquors does not sell enough Budweiser.
  8. Dope

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    Heard a very similar story from Redstones. Shocking that inbev would snub the small craft-oriented places, I know!

  9. Shocking indeed. :rolleyes:

    Seems like the cadre of "AB INbev ownership and distribution will be great" people have quieted down a bit. Wonder why.
  10. pjl44

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    I don't think anyone expected the result to be "great." As long as the quality remains, I don't care where I buy it. If anything, you have a better chance of picking some up when there's a little more hunting required.
  11. I do care. If stores like Redstone are getting shut out, I don't think I have any interest in giving my money to the company orchestrating that.
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  12. Devil's Advocate: Most people like it when retailers prioritize their most loyal customers. Distributors held to a different standard?
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  13. pjl44

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    Fair enough. My odds just went up.
  14. While you do make a good point, this situation is a little different. BCBS is not a beer that is not going to typically end up in the same shopping cart as a 30 rack of Bud Light, so prioritizing a store for BCBS distribution based on Bud sales volume puts a beer that is unappealing to your typical Bud consumer directly onto the store shelves of said Bud consumer instead of on the shelves of the consumer who will find it desirable. IMO, distributors should be allocating based on where consumers buy the product, not where customers buy the producer.

    All that said, I'll buy the beer anywhere it's sold, because I find it that damn good.
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  15. No, not at all. I think it makes sense. I have no issue whatsoever with a store being rewarded with an allocation of, say, KBS, due to the amount of Centennial IPA they sell (yes, I am vastly oversimplifying here).

    However, here, because InBev owns so many different brands, Redstone's getting shut out and a liquor warehouse type store is not, because one sells plenty of Bud Light and one doesn't. Tell me in what universe that makes sense. It's two different markets.

    I don't BLAME the distributor/company for this, I just will continue to avoid giving InBev my money, just like I did before they bought GI.
  16. pjl44

    pjl44 Initiate (0) Massachusetts Oct 3, 2008

    It's not as if selling a lot of Bud and having a solid craft selection are mutually exclusive, though. Most, if not all, of the large package stores I've been in have a moderate to excellent craft selection in addition to the pyramids of 30 racks. It's not as binary as Bud drinkers shop at X and craft drinkers shop at Y; regardless of where they put the BCBS, it's gonna get snapped up.
  17. I just love how the death machine of craft beer now oversees the production and distribution of one of the most coveted and finely crafted annual beer releases...makes no sense.
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  18. The point is, the stores that are getting shut out (Redstone, Craft Beer Cellar, etc.) are the Meccas. Why are they getting shut out? What is the point? The point for the distributor is to further pressure stores to sell more dishwater, and I don't like that. When a brewery makes only good beer, the store doesn't have this pressure - Craft Beer Cellar WANTS to sell people Centennial IPA, not "so they get KBS", but so people discover/drink this wonderful, easily available beer.

    Why should a store be pressured to sell a certain amount of Bud Light just so they get the BCBS allocation their customers are clamoring for?
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  19. wdarcy77

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    But you don't care because you're not buying any BCBS anyway, right?
  20. You're absolutely right, I'm just saying that I don't personally like the idea of the distributors excluding those that don't carry enough Bud products based on the fact that craft beer consumers don't always buy at stores that carry ABInBev products. CBC and Social Wines are two prime examples of places where loads of people would love to buy some BCBS but won't be able to based on distributor exclusions.
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  21. pjl44

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    It's one brand. Are they really feeling pressured to sling more Bud because of one label? Or are they just going to be disappointed and move on? Will loyal customers cease shopping there because they don't carry BCBS? Or will they just get it somewhere else and continue spending the bulk of their money there? The notion that places like these have been deemed Meccas and somehow inherently deserve to have it on the shelf over any other store is a bit melodramatic.
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  22. Not only that, if the store next to these "Meccas" has cases and cases of BCBS, you're telling me the loyal customer isn't going to buy some because their store doesn't have any in stock? If that was the case, I would have missed out on a lot of great beers this year. Does it suck that the distributor isn't shelling out cases like they should? Of course. But for someone that doesn't live near a Mecca that gets everything and my store doesn't, I'm not going to lose sleep over it.
  23. pjl44

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    If you have limited supply, why wouldn't you take care of your highest volume accounts first? I'm not familiar with Social Wines, but what motivation would they have to give any to Craft Beer Cellar? CBC has made a vocal point about not stocking anything from AB/InBev, to the point where I don't think they carry any Goose Island. (I might be wrong, but I can't remember the last time I've seen anything GI in there; there isn't any listed on their online inventory either.) So in this case, you may be arguing for a store that wouldn't even put the brand on the shelf if they were offered it.

    If someone really wants it, you go to where it's sold. I probably do 80% of my beer shopping at Craft Beer Cellar, but not every store carries every beer I'm looking for. Oh well.
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  24. Goose InBev
  25. You are correct. I asked them about BCBS and they said they refuse to carry anything that isn't "Craft Beer". Since Goose Island is a BIB product, they will not carry it.
  26. pjl44

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    Thought so. Well, there's one Mecca that isn't losing sleep about not having one brand on their shelf.
  27. Aren't you at Blanchard's? I'm sure the college kids who buy all that Bud Light are lining up to drop $30 on a four pack of BCBS.
  28. If BCBS was going to stores that don't sell any craft, then you'd have a point. But, that's not the case. It's still going to stores that move plenty of craft beer and have plenty of craft patrons.

    Places like CBC are already spoiled enough with limited releases - I really don't see the problem of spreading it around to other stores, so long as they will actually sell them. As much as I enjoy a craft beer focused store like CBC, I also don't want to see them turn into a limited release monopoly. There are tons of great craft beer stores out there that just don't get the hype of a CBC.

    Which, brings it to your next point:

    "Craft Beer Cellar WANTS to sell people Centennial IPA, not "so they get KBS", but so people discover/drink this wonderful, easily available beer."

    I would argue that the "hybrid" stores that sell both Founders and Budweiser do a lot more to actually convert people over. Anybody who walks into CBC is already a craft beer customer. But half the people who walk into a "hybrid" store are potential craft customers.

    Now, do I like AB/Inbev leveraging the Bud brand for BCBS sales? No. But, I certainly can't blame them - threads like this are proof positive that the market does not really care who gets their money at the end of the day.
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  29. It's not just the bud brand. They also have been known force ases of widmere bombers on stores in order to get the bcbs
  30. any updates? sorry to go off topic from the InBev rants :rolleyes:
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  31. I have tried to stay away from these threads, however I thought I'd clear some things up with how Bourbon County is *supposed to be* treated as an allocation by Bud distributors. Each distributor is different, however the allocations should all be the same.

    According from a high up in my distributor, it is not effected much by Budweiser. You can sell 15,000 30 packs a year and probably only get a case of BCBS, and probably won't see any of the special bomber "one offs".

    The CBA products under Budweiser is where the allocations should be based on. Sales of Redhook, Widmer, Goose Island, etc are what count towards these allocations. Stores that carry these should see BCBS in higher volume. That's the way it's supposed to work, however it's obvious that's now how the beer world in MA works as of lately. Seeing certain stores getting an actual pallet of Breakfast Stout while other high ranking accounts get cut out is probably going to be the future of craft in this state.

    I don't understand why anyone would exclude Widmer, Redhook, or Goose Island from their shelf portfolio. As far as I'm concerned, if the beer is made with quality having the utmost importance, it's a craft beer. Just because some brewer is underpaid and working from a small nano-brewery doesn't make the beer "craft". Next I'll define the term "Jazz".
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  32. Disposable income is disposable income. Parents' money spends just as well on BCBS as Bud Light. On the other hand, do you think recent urban college grads keep drinking natty light after they find a decent-paying job? They're one of the driving forces of craft beer growth, especially in Boston. And a lot of them happen to live in or near Allston.

    Sales rep I talked to today continued with the "I know nothing" routine. Someone earlier in the thread mentioned a Wednesday date which would be tomorrow, but we'll see.
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  33. jomobono

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    Just picked up a 4-pack at Wegmans. They had 3 out but when I talked to the guy he said they got two cases and I think he had more in the back and they are trickling them out so call them and see what they have.

    Now I am going to assume Wegman's sells a lot of bud, and I always see large amounts of Goose Island on the floor so why wouldn't they get more cases? Ah, looks like ActonBrewer explained it, carry on.
  34. Horbar

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    Damn, I don't want to buy any Widmer Bros. or Redhook.
  35. Not buying any Widmer? Great, more Drifter Pale & rotator IPA series for me. Unlike BCBS - I can get some any time I want.

  36. Well, if you are a retailer, I'm sure you can work something out with your distributor. Just trying to explain how it works. Getting to know the way the allocation systems work has been quite a journey over the last year after taking over at my store. I really wish there was some sort of equation, but no such luck.

    [[(#Cases GI 12oz)*(#Cases Widmer Gift Sets) + (#Cases Redhook 12Packs) ]/ (#GooseIsland Head Brewers per year)]^1/2 = cases of BCBS per store

    I should EMPHASIZE that I am not a rep from CBA or any Bud house or brand. Just passing along the info I receive when it seems appropriate to share.
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  37. You have to admit it's perfectly reasonable though. Nobody would expect KBS to show up at a store that didn't sell much Founders, or BA Yeti to show up at a store that didn't sell much Great Divide.
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  38. FT:'91 girlfriend ISO: cherry rye
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  39. couldn't fine any reviews for '91 Girlfriend, maybe you should post one if you expect someone to trade their cherry
  40. here we go.. in boston. Liquor World Cambridge has it. 2 bottles a person. yikes.