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Goose Island Bourbon County Stout Massachusetts - Sightings!

Discussion in 'New England' started by wdarcy77, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. awesome finally!

    that place has a nice selection but man is it a pain to get to
  2. AdamsDTD

    AdamsDTD Savant (275) Massachusetts Jun 5, 2011 Verified

    Two bottles of regular BCBS? How much are they upcharging? I'm guessing $10 a bottle?
  3. AutumnBeerLove

    AutumnBeerLove Savant (390) Massachusetts Oct 16, 2010 Verified

    Looks like it's definitely hitting Boston area today. Just got it at Gordon's in Waltham. 2 limit also.
  4. no idea. saw on twitter. probably rolling through there today anyway so i can price check it.

  5. AutumnBeerLove

    AutumnBeerLove Savant (390) Massachusetts Oct 16, 2010 Verified

    12.08 for the two
  6. AdamsDTD

    AdamsDTD Savant (275) Massachusetts Jun 5, 2011 Verified

    Not bad. About the same price point I paid for a 4-pack.
  7. Did they get enough for it to be around for a bit? I can't make it in until until later, so hopefully.
  8. GonzoHomebrewer

    GonzoHomebrewer Savant (495) Massachusetts Sep 15, 2012 Verified

    This is the reason why i stopped going to cbc. Anybody pompous enough to try to tell me what is and isn't "craft beer" doesn't deserve my money. I mean they sell magic hat, which is owned by a company that makes genesee, how is that any different than the goose island/bud relationship? Is craft beer cellar going to tell me that genny is "craft" too? Hypocrites

  9. This. FTW. Boom. Roasted.
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  10. iflah45

    iflah45 Savant (295) Massachusetts Jul 8, 2010 Verified

    I think it has more to do with the fact that the abinbev distributor probably won't sell them goose island products without the necessary 30's of bud light etc.

    I don't think you can have one without the other anymore and I sure as hell don't wanna see bud light on the shelf at CBC...
  11. So, since my interest in what anyone thinks of CBC is pretty low, have their been other sightings of BCBS around Boston? With prices?
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  12. be nice to know the amounts places are receiving, too, if anyone picked up any info on that... hopefully it sticks around for a few days...
  13. Completely agree about the pretentiousness of it (not that I'll stop going to CBC or giving them my money). It's a major turn off when bars, stores, and breweries act like craft beer is saving the world or we're better people because we drink it (see: Sam Calagione, Greg Koch). Similarly hilarious when people talk about having to split a beer because the ABV is "too high." Maybe you should be having a water.
  14. wdarcy77

    wdarcy77 Initiate (0) Massachusetts Nov 27, 2008

    So glad I was able to snag (2) 4pks. Happy Hunting!
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  15. Where?
  16. So I guess you're not a fan of the Brewers Association? Since, ya know, they provide the industry-accepted definition of craft beer.

    And, as someone noted... CBC likely won't get BCBS because they don't carry any Ab Inbev products. A lot more "business reality" than "hypocrites".
  17. They will certainly sell you Goose Island and the rest of that portfolio. They don't treat the CBA stuff as allocations. Typically there is a case requirement for the CBA stuff to get the deals they offer. I don't care what anyone says- Red Hook's Nitro Porter and Winter Hook are both great beers, regardless of who is distributing their beers. I haven't had all the Widmer stuff, but what I have had was at least up to snuff with other breweries that are widely accepted as "craft."

    The real irony here is that the sale of Goose Island is allowing them to produce MORE Bourbon County and MORE Juliet, Madame Rose, and Lolita, as well as letting them expand their barrel program, experiment with more one-offs, and focus on their top shelf beers. Can you really justify trashing on Goose Island for making a business decision like they did while also searching for one of their beers? Seems a little flawed. Perhaps you guys should contact Beer Advocate and ask them to change their name to Craft Beer Advocate to accommodate the distinctions that seem to fly around here.
  18. GonzoHomebrewer

    GonzoHomebrewer Savant (495) Massachusetts Sep 15, 2012 Verified

    You're absolutely right, i don't like any organization who manipulates their own criteria to placate others like when the brewers association changed their rules so sam adams would still be considered craft. How can something be craft or artisan if its mass produced?

    In regards to CBC, i asked about GI products on twitter and their verbatim response was "they're not craft because bud owns them so we dont carry them." Had they been honest and simply said they don't agree with bud purchase requirements, that would've been fine. Instead they chose the hipster route of trying to dictate what is craft beer.

    As others have said, this arrogance hurts beer more than it helps.
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  19. AutumnBeerLove

    AutumnBeerLove Savant (390) Massachusetts Oct 16, 2010 Verified

    Just found another place that got some. 2 4-pack limit. Gonna go grab some and will let you all know after :)
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  20. I couldn't agree more. Adjusting their definition to be sure that the market share is accurately reflected seems pretty crazy when they are the ones that made the decision to set the bar.
  21. GoOSU

    GoOSU Aficionado (245) Massachusetts Oct 6, 2006 Verified

    Wine Emporium in Boston on Tremont got two cases, $22 a four pack.
  22. AutumnBeerLove

    AutumnBeerLove Savant (390) Massachusetts Oct 16, 2010 Verified

    Chris Gasbarros in North Attleboro has 2 4-packs left. Cheers and good luck.
  23. Thus far, a part of me is starting to wish more craft breweries would sell to ABInbev. Not only are quantities up, but 2012 BCBS is the first vintage I've had that is ready to drink now. In the past they were all booze bombs that needed some age.

    We also seem to be absolutely swimming in Juliet for the first time ever.

    They're doing something right for sure...
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  24. Psychmusic

    Psychmusic Savant (490) Rhode Island Jun 22, 2012 Verified

    agreed... though I feel like I'm selling my soul to the devil in doing so. come on though, we all know walmart pushes mom and pop stores out of business and often sells inferior products, but if they're also selling prime beef and fresh produce then more power to them. ABInbev may be serving piss water to the masses, but if they're serving me BCBS I can swallow my conscience with a swig of one of my favorite beers that I could never have had otherwise.
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  25. so... you started a thread encouraging people to disclose where they obtained BCBS, but don't feel like sharing the information yourself??

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  26. I'll go ahead and save people some trouble and tell them where BCBS is NOT:

    Liquor World - sold out
    Downtown Wine and Spirits - didn't get any
    Kappys Medford - didn't get any
    Blanchards Allston - didn't get any
    Martys - didn't get any
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  27. Psychmusic

    Psychmusic Savant (490) Rhode Island Jun 22, 2012 Verified

    when you say "didn't get any" do you mean they haven't yet or that they know now they wont?
  28. wow, how does blanchard's get shut out? whatever the AB criteria is for receiving bcbs, you'd think this place would meet it. and liquor world sold out already? suddenly this doesn't look very promising.
  29. have not yet and were unsure if they actually will or not, you know the story.
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  30. Patrick

    Patrick Initiate (0) Massachusetts Aug 13, 2007

    Kappy's in Medford got it last time it was released.
  31. CADMixes

    CADMixes Savant (270) Massachusetts Feb 29, 2012

    if little old liquor world gets a case i'm not too worried about the prospects for kappy's and blanchard's.
  32. i would assume different stores get deliveries on different days during the week, so maybe some of these places just haven't received theirs yet. i've bought bcs at blanchard's allston last year too.
  33. koflaherty

    koflaherty Savant (255) New Jersey Nov 11, 2009

    I randomly stopped by 5th avenue liquors in Millis and they had some about 2 days ago. They said they got 2 cases I think. $6 each, max 4. They've been expanding and they have a nice craft section overall and nice folks.

    I have been checking with places in Newton that I'm sure will get some and no sign yet. It's just a matter of time. I'm glad I was able to snag some in the burbs just in case though.
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  34. wdarcy77

    wdarcy77 Initiate (0) Massachusetts Nov 27, 2008

    My bad, kimosabe. Forgot to mention, my bud picked some up for me in Chicago. Said they were just sitting there on the shelf of some convenience store. Unreal.

    Just glad I can avoid all the MA hysteria.

    P.S. U MAD BRO?
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  35. Not too much hysteria. Walk in to Gasbarro's right now and there should be some on all the way on the end of the shelf.
  36. Auror

    Auror Advocate (695) Massachusetts Jan 1, 2010 Verified

    Blanchard's (Allston) will not be shut out. It's coming, but haven't received it yet. The amount will be enough to sell as 4-packs (limit 1).
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  37. It's sitting on shelves all over the place. I posted an ISO and was pounded from numerous states/regions.

    I'm starting to realize that MA just gets consistently under-allocated for some reason on a lot of these limited releases.
  38. CADMixes

    CADMixes Savant (270) Massachusetts Feb 29, 2012

    It's sitting on the shelves now at Ball Square Fine Wines. 3 bottles per.
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  39. Just got 3 cheers mate!
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  40. I feel the same way, and feel we get hit late on a lot of other (even not limited release) stuff. I can't figure out why.