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Great Lakes dates

Discussion in 'Midwest' started by Mick83, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Mick83

    Mick83 Aficionado (170) Minnesota Jan 2, 2011

    Anyone find Great Lakes dates to be unreasonable? I just received Lake Erie Monster with a best by date of 7/17/12. Pretty sure it's a June release. How does this make any sense?
  2. Ish1

    Ish1 Savant (435) Minnesota Feb 25, 2010 Beer Trader

  3. From what I have been told, all of the GL beers have dates on them 90 days after the bottling.
  4. Mick83

    Mick83 Aficionado (170) Minnesota Jan 2, 2011

    It just hit the state. As a retailer I feel that 5 weeks of freshness is a little silly. Maybe they are just slow to ship. I can somehow get 5 day old oak aged yeti, but it takes 7 weeks to get Lake Erie monster. Every time we receive the sampler packs the best by date is under 30 days away. Hate to say it but we might only carry Lake Erie monster and the Christmas ale from here on out.
  5. Spider889

    Spider889 Advocate (730) Ohio Mar 24, 2010 Beer Trader

    Quit pissing about it on here and contact your distributor. It is almost certainly their fault. It's not like the brewery has a warehouse full of packaged beer that they can just sit on for weeks (the distributor does...). If the distributor isn't help, try contacting the brewery. GLBC would probably be happy to know that a distributor is being slow with getting their product to market.
  6. Mick83

    Mick83 Aficionado (170) Minnesota Jan 2, 2011

    It's their current seasonal brew. I know it wasn't sitting in the warehouse for 7 weeks. Instead of fixing the problem I think I'll quit "pissing" about it, and just stop carrying their beer. There are enough options out there anyway. Thanks for the plan though, maybe I'll do that next time.
  7. Spider889

    Spider889 Advocate (730) Ohio Mar 24, 2010 Beer Trader

    You aren't making any sense, but if you want to get bet out of shape over it that's your perogative.
  8. How about doing us a favor and telling everyone which store you work at so I know not to shop there? I happen to like GLBC beer, so it will be in my best interest to know where I can't buy it.
  9. Mealhouse

    Mealhouse Savant (420) Minnesota Feb 19, 2012 Beer Trader

    Its an DIPA so I'd want to drink it as fresh as possible and in that case you should be complaining to your distributor that it didn't arrive in your store for 5 weeks, not Great Lakes for having a 90 day best by window.
  10. Mick83

    Mick83 Aficionado (170) Minnesota Jan 2, 2011

    Booze mart in WSP. Come in if you'd like a freshly delivered 7 week old DIPA from GLBC.
  11. I'm in retail as well, and I agree that the GLBC stuff does come in a bit on the late side, but just a reminder. In order to receive the seasonal beers, (esp. 4-packs,) You'll need to keep some of the year-round offerings on your shelf, as both brewers and distributors will allocate limited items to retailers that keep a constant stock of their product.