Greatest Find/Story in Public (Store/Bar/etc.)

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by gillagorilla, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. Ten years ago I was picking up some groceries at Safeway in St Andrews & what did I stumble upon? Dogfish Head World Wide Stout. That was one expensive visit.
  2. Steasy66

    Steasy66 Savant (390) Minnesota Feb 23, 2012

    Six bottles of Vigneronne in a shitty suburban store last fall. They gave me the mix-a-six discount.
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  3. kemoarps

    kemoarps Advocate (700) Washington Apr 30, 2008 Verified

    found a bunch of Parabola and Abacus just chilling on the beer shelf at the gas station on the south end of my island. There are 2000 total people on this island (roughly the size of manhatan), so it's not like there's a beer store or any large beer community (or any subcommunity for that matter). I grabbed like two of each.

    Oh, and they were about a dollar or two cheaper than any prices I'd seen in Seattle. It was a super exciting day
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  4. atomic

    atomic Savant (480) Illinois Sep 22, 2009 Verified

    What?! I didnt even know they came here before the bricks last year...
  5. Marti403

    Marti403 Advocate (555) Michigan Jul 23, 2011 Verified

    Stopped by this gourmet grocery stop on my way home to grab a few things we needed for dinner. like I always do, I decided to check out their beer selection. it was very small but to my surprise, they had 4 bottles of 2007 Kuhnhenn Raspberry Eisbock in a tiny little cooler. it was my best random find to date.
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  6. jesskidden

    jesskidden Champion (825) New Jersey Aug 10, 2005 Subscriber

    Imported, apparently legally but without the consent of the Abbey through an unknown third party, by D&V Int'l. and, IIRC, by another (related?) Illinois based importer - the name of which escapes me currently. Circa the late 1990's.

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  7. ridglens

    ridglens Initiate (0) Indiana Jan 10, 2010

    sonkas :)
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  8. Brewski

    Brewski Advocate (500) Pennsylvania Jul 22, 2012 Verified

    Sorry man! I went there on a Thursday and purchased two cases and they still had 21 cases left. Then I went back on Friday and got two more and they were down to 9 cases. Stuff went quick at that price.
  9. ESeab

    ESeab Advocate (515) New Jersey Jan 3, 2013

    Last week me and a friend went to the diner I got 2011 Parabola at earlier this year. He bought the last 2010 world wide stout ($9) and 2012 Parabola ($18). Pretty awesome bar prices for well cellered beer.
  10. I was in Louisville, Kentucky at an after work mixer with some folk at a place called St. Charles Exchange. It was in the middle of the fall and I was looking for a good stout drink & I checked the beer list & i'll be damn, they had Left Hand Milk Stout. I didn't expect them to have that beer there, but I got a glass. Had a good evening.
  11. FrankHammer

    FrankHammer Advocate (505) Michigan Jan 31, 2013

    Was it on nitro???
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  12. DanU

    DanU Aficionado (225) Pennsylvania Mar 13, 2013

    Last friday I stopped by a bottleshop I haven't been to before to see if they had any beers I wanted to try that my local place didn't have. I ended up getting a mix 6 of stuff I haven't had before, these aren't really that rare or anything but they are new to me and I was excited.

    Founders breakfast stout
    Founders All day IPA
    Bell's special double cream stout
    Bell's Kalamazoo stout
    Troegs nugget nectar (I know it is getting old at this point but I took a chance because I haven't gotten to try it yet)
    Dogfish head 61
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  13. GR_Beer_Nut

    GR_Beer_Nut Savant (375) Michigan Nov 18, 2012

    Found 6 bombers of yeti last October at a little grocery store next to my house. It had been aged 2 years for me (since they stopped selling in MI 2 years ago)!
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  14. No, sir.
  15. theCoder

    theCoder Savant (365) Minnesota Oct 24, 2011 Subscriber

    2 things, just returned from Milwaukee this past weekend and had to stop to pick up some liquor only found there and being I hadn't been to this city since really getting into craft beer I decided to walk down the beer aisle quick. I had no where near enough money to buy what I found, but I did find a 5 Golden Rings from The Bruery which I know has had mixed reviews but I've had all since 2 TUrtle Doves from trade or travel and this one slipped my grasp so far.

    #2, 2 weeks ago I was in San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference and my CEO wanted to travel to his cabin in Tahoe to ski. I did some looking and found out he was 5 min from FiftyFifty Brewing Co. Told him only if we went there (heh right I still woulda gone but would have pouted) so we did and they had Eclipse 12 Year Elijah barrels on tap, BAM!!! Oh and a uh Barley Wine aged in er...Brandy Barrels? I can't remember off hand.
  16. Synergy87

    Synergy87 Savant (255) Wisconsin Jan 21, 2012

    Zombie Dust on tap at Chammps Americana... if your from WI you realize how unheard of that is... To be fair this resteraunt/bar doesn't usually follow the franchise will beer purchasing decisions, which is great.
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  17. At the Frontier bar in Folsom PA. I found eight Still Nacht in the reduced container (about 18 months old) at a $1 each which don't exist anymore this was in about 94 before they knew what was going on and they still don't many days a week with empty shelves. I remember I couldn't put them on the counter quick enough a great find at the time.
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  18. Rapids3147

    Rapids3147 Disciple (60) Michigan Sep 30, 2010

    This past September, I went to a small liquor store and ran into five cases of Bourbon County Stout. It was impossible to find in stores in the Detroit area the past three years.
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  19. patto1ro

    patto1ro Advocate (535) Netherlands Apr 26, 2004 Subscriber

    Courage Russian Stout in a grotty pub on the Roman Road in 1979.
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  20. only 2 stories from California.... Damn us and our # of beer drinkers per sq. mile! Not many super sneakies last on the shelves. So I will continue to be jealous of most of you! Althought I did find 2012 Sucaba in January of this year which was fun. And a bunch of dusty Fantome options on a corner shelf.... which was fun. but with everything else, So Cal knows how to price based on popularity, thats for sure haha.
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  21. Vonstein15

    Vonstein15 Savant (310) Ohio Jan 15, 2010

    I found a couple of bottles of Mendocino Barleywine in a Somerset,Ky bar for only $2.00 a bottle.When i asked for it the bartenter told me that they don't serve wine here.great memory.Cheers
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  22. alex_hart

    alex_hart Advocate (605) Oklahoma Feb 28, 2013

    just got a bomber of Achel Trappist Extra for only $4.97! :eek:...gonna have to go back tomorrow to see if its the same price! something I can finally afford!!
  23. Cottzilla

    Cottzilla Savant (275) Ohio Dec 2, 2010

    Back in 2011, a 64 oz Growler of DFH WWS randalled thru coffee beans soaked in Makers Mark. Cost: $15
  24. Damn. Where?
  25. chardlogic

    chardlogic Savant (370) Florida Feb 18, 2011 Verified

    For me, it was Cantillon Classic Geueze 750's on a shelf at a bottle shop last year. Picked up 2 out of the 6 that were available, came back the next week, and to my pleasant surprise the other 4 were still there untouched. Picked the others up without batting an eye.
  26. alex_hart

    alex_hart Advocate (605) Oklahoma Feb 28, 2013

    local bottle shop right down the street from me in Tulsa. I'm goin back again today to see if the price is the same.
  27. Lansman

    Lansman Savant (445) Illinois Mar 19, 2011 Verified

    2012: Bottles of 1995 and 1996 New Glarus Belgian Red being cleared out of a well-kept cellar by the new beer manager at a very small bar in Wisconsin. $11 each. 1995 was opened last August with Dan Carey at New Glarus, 1996 to be opened with Dan likely next weekend.

  28. How was the '95?
  29. Lansman

    Lansman Savant (445) Illinois Mar 19, 2011 Verified

  30. rollom

    rollom Advocate (730) New York Jan 22, 2011 Verified

    Haha - too right. If you live in NYC, these types of stories need to be adjusted. I.e. walked into a store an hour after they received BCBCS and was still able to score a bottle.

    Think my best surprise find was picking up 1 x 4-pack of 2011 KBS from a bodega who had inadvertently received a case, about 2-3 days after it hit the city.
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  31. I was at a bar in Temecula, CA that was serving 20oz pours of 2009 Alpine Great for $8. That was amazing.

    I also found Pliny the Younger in 2009 that was being served at a pizza place in Ocean Beach, San Diego. Good year.
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  32. I'm sorry, but I gotta ask. Was this store ever open for customers to buy beer or did they just take delivery of hard-to-find beer and keep the doors locked up tight?
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  33. Jeffreysan

    Jeffreysan Advocate (520) Maryland Apr 12, 2013 Verified Subscriber

    Sounds like Heaven...
  34. orchestrion

    orchestrion Zealot (75) Indiana Jan 29, 2013

    I found Zombie Dust one time. ;)
  35. lic217

    lic217 Advocate (595) Connecticut Aug 10, 2010 Verified

    Walked into a hole in the wall place. Terrible selection and was looking for KBS (the day it was released in CT). When I was about to walk out she asked me what I was looking for. I said, "KBS".

    She said, "let me call my distributor". She had never heard of the beer before. 5 minutes later she told me she was scared to order such an expensive beer. So being a nice guy I offered to buy the case if she ordered it. 24 hours later...A case of KBS for under $120.

    The great thing is I posted the story and some one offered to do an in person trade involving my KBS for their heady topper. Those 24 KBS's allowed me to get heady and make some friends and coworkers very happy.

    The other day Got a bottle of Black ops, 2 bottles of expresso IRS, and 4 bottles of enjoy by (2 for me and 2 for others who couldn't land any).

    I love sharing beer. It makes me feel like Santa Claus.
  36. lic217

    lic217 Advocate (595) Connecticut Aug 10, 2010 Verified

    I have a similiar story here in CT. I just bought two year old Yeti. It was mind blowing.
  37. BlackDragon

    BlackDragon Initiate (0) Michigan Feb 16, 2013

    Guessing it no longer has any of the following:D
  38. Roger85

    Roger85 Advocate (685) Illinois Aug 24, 2012 Verified

    Was driving home from a relatives house today and decided to stop by the bottle shop on the way home for an Orval. That's a classic beer that I have yet to try so I wanted 1. The shop had recently started a "vintage rack" in the back of the store where they randomly put some older stuff. As I was there for the Orval, I grabbed it and then decided to go look and see what they had on the rack. Damn am I glad I did. Sitting back there, staring me straight in the face, was a drop dead gorgeous bottle of King F*#%ing Henry. So I am now the proud owner of a beer I thought I would never, ever get to try. Can not wait to open it, but now I need an occasion to.
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  39. and for some reason everything awesome happens in fucking Terre Haute :p
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  40. Just cracked one open and wrote a review about it on my blog. Good shit. Smells like 90 minute and tastes like 60 minute. crazy stuff man.
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