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Green Flash Brewing West Coast IPA

Discussion in 'Canada' started by jdround, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Just noticed this today at an LCBO store. Bottle date of 02/12/13. This is fresh and a very solid IPA. Grab em up folks before they are gone. Hope to get my hands on a few more 4's of this. Great to not only see the amazing IPA's being made here in Ontario and Canada, but also having the choice of better options from the US and other parts of the world now....
  2. Isn't this a regular listing, so no 'hoarding' required? And this is the 2nd batch of Green Flash to be on the shelves.
  3. Yeah, it should be a fairly regular listing in government liquor stores. They've been regularly stocked at this BCL store I frequent. I'd probably grab at least a couple four-packs if they had that bottling date, though. The stuff I find at BCL is at least a month older than that.

    edit: wish they carried their Imperial IPA instead, though. Haven't had that thing fresh in months.

    edit 2: if you're in BC and you want to have some Green Flash IIPA, don't go to Brewery Creek for it -- the bottles they have are from September 2012.
  4. I have 8 x 650ml in stock if you're in the valley
  5. West Coast IPA or their imperial? What's the bottling date on those babies?
  6. Both! and sept 2012 as well.
  7. I've seen a lot of these recently and resisted buying as I can't seem to find a bottle date?

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