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Grimm Brothers Brewhouse Announces Distribution Agreement

Discussion in 'US - Mountain' started by Todd, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. Todd

    Todd Founder (1,650) Colorado Aug 23, 1996 Staff Member

    Loveland, Colorado, October 29, 2012: Grimm Brothers Brewhouse is pleased to announce a Distribution Agreement with American Eagle Distributing (AED). AED is a distributor of package and draft products, and services to over 1,100 retail customers including bars, liquor stores, convenience stores, grocery stores, hotels and restaurants located throughout Northeastern Colorado.

    Because of this partnership, Grimm Brothers customers will see immediate improvements in ordering product, timely delivery, and overall customer service.

    “This arrangement will allow Grimm Brothers to devote increased time and effort to product and production improvements, new product development, and market growth.”, according to Don Chapman, President of Grimm Brothers.

    Russell Fruits, Beer Evangelist at Grimm Brothers stated, “American Eagle has a strong track record of customer service. Their added resources will allow us to concentrate more on individual customer needs as well as new account growth. Because of our continued support in the Northern Colorado community, we saw the need to bring on a strong distribution partner to continue our growth.”

    About Grimm Brothers
    Grimm Brothers Brewhouse is one of the premier craft brewers of Northern Colorado. Founded in July, 2010, Grimm Brothers is a two time Great American Beer Festival medal winner and Gnarly Barley Brew Festival People’s Choice award winner three years in a row. Located in Loveland, Colorado, Grimm Brothers specializes in German Style Ales and Lagers brewed in the traditional manner. We operate a Tap Room at 623 N. Denver Ave., Loveland, CO offering our fine beers for on premises consumption and carry-out sale. Visit us http://grimmbeer.com.

  2. Domingo

    Domingo Champion (955) Colorado Apr 23, 2005

    I was following this on Twitter, and per Chipper they're still not ready to head into Denver yet. Hopefully that'll be their next milestone, although it'll be nice to see more of their stuff up north, too. The last couple times I've been up to Ft. Collins it's been tough to find Master Thief, which is one of my faves.
  3. I'm pumped! I've only come across one bottle of brewed by them (The Fearless Youth) that a friend brought to a tasting just out of random and it was pretty great. Normally I'm not a big dunkel guy but this was much different than my previous experiences.
    Now I can actually expect them in local stores. Can't wait!
  4. chango

    chango Savant (280) Colorado Mar 31, 2006

    Nice to see more distribution for them. They make some damn good beers. Fortunately, they're available in Boulder, only about twenty minutes from me.
  5. coreymcafee

    coreymcafee Savant (350) Colorado May 30, 2006

    I used to see their bottles at Applejack. Guess that has changed!
  6. alexipa

    alexipa Savant (455) Colorado Oct 7, 2011

    Where in Boulder? I don't think I've seen em around, though I haven't really looked.
  7. chango

    chango Savant (280) Colorado Mar 31, 2006

    I got the Big Bad Wolf at Hazels.
  8. Mebuzzard

    Mebuzzard Poobah (1,040) Colorado May 19, 2005

    I contacted GB about having their stuff in the store, which they were all for....I just had to go up there and pick it up. Can't fit much into a Kia :)
    But I bet Applejack could manage.
  9. denver10

    denver10 Champion (910) Kentucky Nov 17, 2010


    I guess I haven't been paying enough attention to these guys to know if that specific beer is one of them, but their stuff has consistently been on the shelves since I moved up here to FC.
  10. coreymcafee

    coreymcafee Savant (350) Colorado May 30, 2006

    Yeah, they probably have a bunch of Kias.
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  11. Domingo

    Domingo Champion (955) Colorado Apr 23, 2005

    I think it could just be their style of bottle art - sometimes you think it's one thing, but it's another. There are usually plenty of bottles around, but just not the one I was hunting for. My last 3 trips up to Ft. Collins, the only place I could find Master Thief was at the brewhouse itself. That's their resurrected German Porter. That one and Fearless Youth (dunkel) are terrific everyday drinkers.
  12. holden303

    holden303 Aficionado (150) Colorado Jun 18, 2010

    Could be bitter/sweet for some folks, they're currently self distributing to us in Boulder, but American Eagle doesn't distribute to us so we may not be able to get their beers :(
  13. Oxymoron

    Oxymoron Advocate (680) Colorado Aug 14, 2005

    In Boulder Grimm is carried at Hazels, Liquor Mart, Boulder Wine and Spirits and Petty Johns
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  14. fortsambo

    fortsambo Savant (280) Colorado Feb 14, 2011

    They need to release The Count again!