Grow Your Own... Irish Moss

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    Anybody now how easy/hard it is to grow your own Irish Moss? And if it is easily growable and harvestable, what is the best way to harvest and dry it? How much would you use for a 5 gallon batch? I use Whirfloc, but if I can grow Irish Moss myself and use it, why not save the money? Thanks for the help.
  2. Irish moss is a seaweed that grows along the Altantic coasts of Europe, and North America. If you lived on the coast, it might be possible.
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    Normally Im a pretty frugal guy, but whirlfloc is really cheap, and you dont have to use a whole tab on every beer (1tab can make 20gal), seems that growing, harvesting, and drying seaweed would use up a lot more of my time than it would save in $$
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    Makes sense. I had heard that you have to use 1 tab for every 5 gallons, then I had heard that it was 1 tab per 10 gals. I could probably still be on my first bag if I had known all that. Mostly it is the DIY spirit of homebrewing with frugality as a bonus that drove the question... I hate paying for something I can make/grow myself (a reason why I make starters from bottles [or yogurt] instead of buying expensive yeasts like Brett, Lacto, etc.) Thanks for the feedback.
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    arkinsparkin has got the correct info. Unless you know where it grows in the oceans, getting the boat out, diving, harvesting, drying, processing, etc... that is not frugal by me too. It is amusing to see some try to get to the root of the matter, grow your own grain, etc. Valiant indeed. Me I'm frugal. I took to 0.5 a tablet per 5 gallons so that instantly increased my supply. :)
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    Ya, seaweed. It also can be used to make pudding!!! if you live coastal or own a boat consider scavenging ;)
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    I think in this case it would be Scottish moss.
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