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Growler recommendations/questions

Discussion in 'Breweriana' started by HeadyTheElder, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. HeadyTheElder

    HeadyTheElder Advocate (515) Louisiana Nov 3, 2012 Verified

    I'm looking to get a good growler. Anyone here have any recommendations for a nice, quality growler that I can buy online?

    Also, how long is beer good in a growler?

  2. Bitterbill

    Bitterbill Poobah (1,355) Wyoming Sep 14, 2002 Verified

  3. BuckeyeOne

    BuckeyeOne Advocate (600) Washington Mar 9, 2008 Verified

    (1) I have no idea where to buy a growler online. Growlers are overly abundant in breweries, bars, grocery stores, etc. around here.

    (2) There are a number of factors that contribute to the life of your beer in a growler. The most important is how well the top seals. You definitely want as little carbonation to escape and air to get in as possible. The second most important factor is how high the growler is filled. You want as little space as possible between the top of the fill and the lid. I've had growlers, filled to the top (counter-pressure filled) and very-well sealed, last two months. I don't know much longer they could have lasted, though. I opened them because I wanted to drink them.
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  4. billandsuz

    billandsuz Savant (460) New York Sep 1, 2004

    growlers with a grolsch gasket are available. everything else is basically the same. clear or amber is the only difference. I have one, they are very heavy.

    they are a bit bigger than a 1/2 gallon so you might get some resistance at your filling station. fairly expensive too. and the gasket will dry out and need replacement so buy a couple of those as well.

    keep the beer cold, always. a properly filled growler can last for a long time with little to no damage but keg beer is not usually pasteurized and the fill is not sterile, so don't assume it stores the same as a bottle. growlers are intended to carry beer from a tap to your home and they do that well enough. they were not invented to store beer.
    once opened you've got a day or two. oxygen takes its course and the beer goes flat.
  5. Be careful about this. I don't know what state(s) you plan on using your growler in primarily, but in many states (in New England, at least), there is a legal requirement for the brewery to fill only their own branded growlers.

    Also, pretty much any place that will fill a growler will also sell you glass. I'd only buy somewhere else if I was looking to get one of those cool metal ones or something.
  6. LostTraveler

    LostTraveler Savant (375) Maine Oct 28, 2011