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Half Acre & 3 Floyds: SheWolf

Discussion in 'US - Great Lakes' started by Nachos4two, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Gonzoillini

    Gonzoillini Advocate (665) Illinois Oct 15, 2008

    No the growlers are not counter pressure filled (unless something has drastically changed in the past month or so).

    However, in my personal experience, they will last at least 4-5 days in the fridge. If I was trading one I'd recommend my trading partner drink it ASAP though.

  2. This won't be as crazy. I wouldn't be surprised if it lasts through the weekend. Plus it'll go into distribution in the city.
  3. eorwar

    eorwar Savant (285) Illinois Jan 11, 2012

    Thanks guys!
  4. Thanks for the info, if I get a hold of one on Wednesday I plan to bring it to a tasting the following Saturday.
  5. Gonzoillini

    Gonzoillini Advocate (665) Illinois Oct 15, 2008

    If possible, bring a cooler with you so it stays cold from brewery to your house and if you have a swing top growler to fill even better.

    However, even without these two helpful additions, you should have no problem with that growler if you get it on Wednesday and open it 3 days later.

  6. immobilisme

    immobilisme Savant (380) Illinois Nov 8, 2005

    Not to hype this beer against my better judgment, but I prefer Shewolf to GDDC by a wide margin.
  7. iadler

    iadler Savant (415) Illinois Aug 12, 2009

    That sir is blasphemy! ;)

    I've actually not had Shewolf before, but GDDC just dominates any other offering I've had from Half Acre thus far. Guess I'm even more excited to go to the release now.
  8. Per Half Acre's website:

    Doing the math... that's 3,240 bottles. Assuming everyone picks up the maximum of 4, looks like enough for ~800 people.
  9. Lansman

    Lansman Savant (400) Illinois Mar 19, 2011

    This was the line at 12:30 today (Wednesday). Upon leaving about an hour later, the line was approximately the same length (the line moved very slowly).

    Nachos4two likes this.
  10. Nachos4two

    Nachos4two Advocate (545) Illinois Nov 26, 2011

    Looking for some to grab a couple Shewolf's for me if possible....
    Due to my kids being sick I am unable to get to the brewery and wondering if your going if you can grab a couple for me, Thanks in advance
  11. jegross2

    jegross2 Advocate (715) Illinois Jan 3, 2010

    Hey look, you can see me in the pic! haha.
  12. jegross2

    jegross2 Advocate (715) Illinois Jan 3, 2010

    Sorry i couldnt be of more help :(
  13. I can see me too!

    I'm the guy in the blue button up with the two growlers in my hand. I am right next to the guy in the green shirt.. My buddy (who I had no idea was in line until we got to the front) is in the yellow shirt with his roommate and her friend (two girls, one of them brought her two kids). We might as well have BeerAdvocate decals to identify ourselves a bit better. Heh. Kidding but I bet next time I go to a release, I'll just ask the people around me if they post on BA.
  14. I...don't...understand.
  15. dmsulli

    dmsulli Savant (270) Illinois Jan 30, 2012

    Any line update? I'm heading there in an hour or so.
  16. I just left there 15 minutes ago. Line was about three or four People. Got my 3 bottles and a taster and left in less than 10 minutes. Plenty left at that time too. Stacks of cases and the whole. Poker wa still practically full.
  17. JmH

    JmH Aficionado (135) Illinois Jun 6, 2012

  18. I assume growler fills are completely out, right?
  19. Sorry. Not poker. Cooler.
  20. They were still filling growlers as far as I could tell. Nothing was out of stock.
  21. Did they lower the limit?
  22. mbockstruck30

    mbockstruck30 Savant (325) Illinois Dec 31, 2010

    No, it was 4 bottles per. I got there at 1:45 and the line was only what could fit inside. Not bad at all.
  23. No. It's still 4. I just only wanted 3. Originally went for 2 but decided on 3.
  24. Slayer32

    Slayer32 Zealot (90) Indiana Jan 26, 2012

    Just left a minute ago. 1 person waiting in line. The shelves are full of bombers but they are on their last keg. They said they sent a large amount of it to FFF.
  25. ravot

    ravot Savant (460) Illinois Mar 20, 2012

    also just tweeted, no more growlers. enough bombers.
  26. Lansman

    Lansman Savant (400) Illinois Mar 19, 2011

    If FFF sells it, will it be $15 there vs. $10 at Half Acre?

    (Half kidding)
    da_bulls likes this.
  27. I am stuck at work and can probably make it tonight but not sure how long it will last. If someone can get me 2 bottles, I will pay you for the bottles and as an added bonus! I will be traveling to San Fran next week and there will be 1 or 2 bottles of Russian River brew with your name on them. Can't promise is Pliny, but I'll see what wholefoods has. If this works please BM me.
  28. Plenty of bottles left. I anticipate it will last through today and (hopefully) into the weekend.
  29. mbockstruck30

    mbockstruck30 Savant (325) Illinois Dec 31, 2010

    Not sure that FFF is getting bombers as well. I'm just assuming kegs.
  30. I'd assume this as well.
  31. Nachos4two

    Nachos4two Advocate (545) Illinois Nov 26, 2011

    They tweeted no more growler fills.
  32. Sweeeet! I can't make it today but i'll be there at noon tomorrow when they open.
  33. ravot

    ravot Savant (460) Illinois Mar 20, 2012

    Stopped about 40 min ago. Plenty of bombers. Little birds told me they a saw a case or two of big hugs and thunder n son in the walk in cooler.
    Dontcounttoday likes this.
  34. ravot

    ravot Savant (460) Illinois Mar 20, 2012

    sorry to give false hopes.

    these cases were hidden in the walk in cooler for employees only. someone walked in, and a buddy saw them in there in a corner. maybe for future sell? definitely not now though.
  35. Never had either and look forward to trying these.
  36. ravot

    ravot Savant (460) Illinois Mar 20, 2012

    hugs isgood. T&S is excellent. i have one in my fridge i've been meaning to crack open. soon.
  37. chanokokoro

    chanokokoro Advocate (590) Illinois Jan 31, 2012

    I'm sure I was there about the same time as you. There was quite a bit when I left. There's no doubt it will be available most of the day tomorrow if not into Friday and possibly the weekend.
    ravot likes this.
  38. Yeah, I got there around 5:30. There was no line and only a few people in the shop. Thew cooler was fully stocked. I would highly recommend this beer for what it's worth. So citrusy and delicious.
  39. jln83

    jln83 Zealot (85) Illinois Mar 6, 2012

    i saw those bottles awhile ago... i asked, and they are never going to be for sale. they are for employees, and to see how they age. sometimes breweries hold onto things to see how they hold up overtime, kind of like cellaring. i wouldn't get hopes up for buying those older beers, but who knows?
  40. mbockstruck30

    mbockstruck30 Savant (325) Illinois Dec 31, 2010

    never tried Thunder n Son, but Hugs is fantastic fresh. its annual, so you can get it this winter. I'm hoping they do Wild America again, or some other barleywine.

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