Happy Father's Day...

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  1. Somewhat late but a Happy Father's Day to all that it applies to....


    Received from Son #1 a sixer a JS Sundown. Easy drinking, and went down well and shared.
    Received from Son #2 a Bigfoot, a Mr Obadiah, and a SN Southern Hemisphere Harvest. This after he took the time to log on to BA and trawled thru a few reviews to see the good 'n' bad I had noted.

    Can't be bad.. :cool:

    Currently on an '11 Wild Thing.

    And your stories of the day??? Sent, Received?

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  2. Disappointed - I thought for sure that one of the gifts from one of your sons would be a tap king :D
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  3. Good to see your sons looking after you, I enjoyed a six pack of Nail Golden Ale from the local BWS. Good to see them stocking a couple of decent and fresh beers
  4. With all the recent kudos to Dan's and BWS around here you would think it is Woolworths' appreciation month ;)