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  1. Just got back. It's $5.75/pint for the standards (had a coupla Black IPAs) and I paid $8 for a Leviathan Russian Imperial Stout that was delicious. $3 fer a pretzel. Asides from the inflated prices (that I whine about with alarming regularity) a very cool place. Noise level was high, but surprisingly, and with no TV, more people seemed to be talking than texting. Being an old fart I kinda liked this.

    I do have great respect for Harpoon - if you've been a 'Friend of Harpoon' you know they are very generous with their brews and attentive to their customers.
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  2. I also popped in last night pre-Superbowl. The place was quite busy for a "bar" with no tv's an hour before the Superbowl. It was loud, but that was more due to the number of people talking (a good thing) rather than music blaring at an unnecessary level (not a good thing). I dug the no tvs thing, and to echo the post above, it was great to see groups of people hanging out, having conversations, and enjoying beer. The beer hall brings that out in people, as I've experienced in Germany.

    I had the imperial saison as this seemed like a great choice after reading this thread. Amazing beer, definitely had no clue it was 10% abv, great job Harpoon. I had the pretzel with garlic butter and mustard, it was delicious. Service was great, and the $30,000 growler station is apparently only one of three in the US. Plenty of open space, and has a nice atmosphere with the large windows overlooking the seaport. This is a place I will definitely be visiting again.

    P.S. Those looking to open bars in Boston, start a German beer hall, we need more of these in town. There's enough Irish pubs.
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    Que? More info please!
  4. it's this one.

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  5. Relevant update since I drank my Imperial Saison growler last night. The carbonation level was fine, but the citrusy hops I remembered were just not there at all. Very odd. Less than a week old growler, refrigerated the whole time. Didn't even feel right reviewing it.
  6. That's counterpressure, right? Man, that's awesome.
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