Harts Pub / rocks brewing - cheers

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  1. finally got to spend a bit of time (4 hrs) in sydney (sunday arvo between flights), got to try the harts beers

    although i'm generally in disagreement with some of the posts by scmorgan, i am at least happy to find out that there are some pretty good beers (IMO) backing up the fairly intense opinions posted by said brewer

    cheers for the beers scmorgan. hangman definitely my favourite (unless barstaff got the IPA and the PA mixed up -- i liked both but thought the hangman was really bitter up front for a pale ale, with the IPA's bitterness all being at the backend -- maybe its just me, anyway i liked them both).

    g'nor golden ale probably my least favourite, but i liked the rocks stout, wondering if it was an oatmeal stout... anyways i only had 45 mins but it was well spent and great to see 6 different aussie stouts (4pines and rocks brewing) on tap (leftovers from st paddy's day no doubt)

    interesting timing to decide to post something positive about rocks brewing beers and then find that there's been a mini sh!tstorm over the past week

    cheers, i'd go to such a place frequently if it were in perth (before heading home to review beers in the dark on my lonesome in front of ba.com of course :)
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    It's nice to see some positivity in the community.

    Kudos Mr Perthbelgianbeer.

    P.S You forgot to mention that youre drinking a glass of "import(ed) beer from a European country which takes 3 months to get here, is probably not chilled, and handled worse than a steer at a rodeo", whilst sitting in front of your computer in the dark. :)
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    Also dropped in there last Sunday. The Rocks IPA was indeed rocking.

    Big fan of the revamped bottle list as well.
  4. Indeed - good to see some +ve vibes....

    Might I suggest those that haven't stuck in a review do so?? - there are a few old reviews on this site, probably before they put in the new improved bottle list. Good ot get some currency in the words.

    Have to say I did enjoy my last visit - basically a long day watching the cricket on the TVs with some mates. i was very pleased that they had such a selection of low ABV beers given how long we were there for :cool: