Head Hunter to Indiana

Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by BeerMe2002, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Skye1024

    Skye1024 Savant (350) Indiana Oct 3, 2009

    My Muncie store said they were supposed to get some this week but the distributer already ran out.
  2. HopsMatt

    HopsMatt Savant (470) Kentucky Dec 1, 2011

    Keg Liquors got it in today!
  3. aasher

    aasher Poobah (1,160) Indiana Jan 27, 2010 Verified

    Well I had to actually place my order three days ahead of time to ensure I got what I wanted. I even sent my driver there to pick it up since they only deliver to the Broad Ripple area on Fridays.
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  4. mychalg9

    mychalg9 Advocate (730) Illinois Apr 8, 2010

    Anyone know a spot to get any on I-94 between Portage and the IL border? Trying to send my brother for some. Or just places to shop in general in that area? (not trying to threadjack so BM me if necessary)
  5. JohnnyHopps

    JohnnyHopps Advocate (650) Indiana Jun 15, 2010 Verified Subscriber

    Not entirely on your route, but I will post anyway. When I was at Wiseguys in Merrillville yesterday, they still had a pretty big stash.
  6. visualmartyr

    visualmartyr Savant (395) Indiana Oct 22, 2012

    ended up getting some at the kahn's on 86th...nice place had never been there! is the one on keystone any better cause i believe that it might be a little less hassle for me to get to..thanks
  7. mychalg9

    mychalg9 Advocate (730) Illinois Apr 8, 2010

    Thanks! I'll have my bro check that place out soon
  8. zrbeer1579

    zrbeer1579 Savant (380) Illinois Dec 3, 2012

    Does this means it will eventually come to Illinois?
  9. Copped my case yesterday. $65 bucks out the door. Bottled 1/22/13 & magically delicious!
  10. cetherid

    cetherid Savant (445) Indiana Aug 23, 2010 Verified

    a month old already? I'll pass.
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  11. G
    Good, more for the rest of us!
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  12. TheodorHerzl

    TheodorHerzl Advocate (500) Indiana Mar 30, 2007

    You think so? With Sun King charging the same for a sub par cream ale and a decent pale I was more than ok with the price tag.
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  13. myersk27

    myersk27 Savant (495) Indiana Oct 21, 2011 Verified

    but dude....Sun Kings stuff is in Pint cans.....;)
  14. and tastes pretty lame.o_O
  15. TheodorHerzl

    TheodorHerzl Advocate (500) Indiana Mar 30, 2007

    For sure an oz difference, but when you look at fermentables and hop bite I think it is justified. I just think SK is crazy overpriced on everything they have ever done. 5$ growler fills are excluded only from that statement.
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  16. I just picked some up from Kahn's and having one now.

    Get's a "Meh" from me. Run of the mill IPA IMO.
  17. myersk27

    myersk27 Savant (495) Indiana Oct 21, 2011 Verified

    yeah, i would 100% agree with you on all that.
  18. well, unless you're a homer. like me. give me the cream ale any day.
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  19. M1A2

    M1A2 Advocate (515) Ohio Jan 15, 2012 Verified

    Awesome, i can not even get it that often in Ohio but its now in Indiana great............ (did i just type that???) sorry carry on......
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  20. aasher

    aasher Poobah (1,160) Indiana Jan 27, 2010 Verified

    Give us our Zombie Dust back and we can talk...
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  21. M1A2

    M1A2 Advocate (515) Ohio Jan 15, 2012 Verified

    :D I was waiting on someone to call me out on that!!!!! Cheers
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  22. BB1313

    BB1313 Champion (825) Ohio Jul 16, 2009

    To be honest, we barely ever get any Zombie Dust in Ohio. I think there's only been one wave of it since they announced ZD coming to OH, and it was extremely limited then. We get some ZD kegs once in a blue moon as well. I personally have no prob with HH goin to Indy, bc we're swimmin in it here in Cleveland. I'm sure that actually sounds selfish on my part if other parts of OH are missin out on HH.
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  23. bluejacket74

    bluejacket74 Champion (875) Ohio Jul 4, 2005 Verified Subscriber

    Head Hunter is pretty easy to find here in Columbus now, too. And I agree with you, I remember seeing one tiny wave of ZD in bottles here, and that was it other than the occasional keg here and there.
  24. tfischl

    tfischl Aficionado (205) Indiana Dec 28, 2005

    FH HH is available in Carmel/Indianapolis, just enjoyed my first one...very tasty hoppy beer!
  25. stfun37

    stfun37 Aficionado (195) Indiana Jan 16, 2008

    Yeah, month old HH is kind of a bummer.
  26. mdvatab

    mdvatab Savant (440) Indiana Apr 5, 2006

    Drinking a HH right now. Very tasty!
  27. oompah loompah please.
  28. Bonis

    Bonis Advocate (520) Ohio Jul 28, 2010

    I enjoyed HH myself, but I didn't find it amazing and I agree about the price (although i can get it for $10). I have bought 2 four packs of it so far, and probably won't be buying it too often considering my other options. At any time I can grab 6 packs of White Rajah ($11) or Columbus IPA ($9), and both are just as good as Head Hunter IMO, easy decision. At this particular point in time, I can grab 6 packs of Sucks ($11) or 4 packs of Great Lakes Alchemy Hour (same price as HH, much higher ABV), and I think these 2 beers are better than Head Hunter. Great beer, still a great deal if you are looking to make the bomber debate, but it is just a beer I'll have to pass on considering the other great IPA values around me.
  29. MarkIntihar

    MarkIntihar Initiate (0) Michigan Mar 17, 2010

    Wait, Ohio got Zombie Dust? Where the fuck was I?
  30. JM03

    JM03 Initiate (0) Ohio Nov 12, 2010

    Yes, yes we did. Was that one of the ones I shoulda mentioned ? :rolleyes:
  31. MarkIntihar

    MarkIntihar Initiate (0) Michigan Mar 17, 2010

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  32. JM03

    JM03 Initiate (0) Ohio Nov 12, 2010

    I cant give out all important information as I am in training for a job at the Warren DMV/Titling place. It is my job to make you find out about things after it is too late.
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