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Heading to Austin

Discussion in 'US - Southwest' started by WestCoastBrew2, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. I'm going to Austin this wknd to visit with the wife's family. Never been before. I know that 512 is pretty available on draft in that area, but do they bottle? I would like to bring a few bottles of something back home with me. I think they bottled the barrel aged pecan porter, is that going to be hard to find? Any other Austin brews I should check out? Thanks.
  2. HopAG

    HopAG Savant (485) Texas Sep 22, 2012

    Jester King

    the answer is Jester King

    Which I surprisingly found in bottleshops in San Diego (Mad Meg and FH Black Metal)
  3. Heretic42

    Heretic42 Savant (475) Texas Aug 31, 2011

    I didn't see any 512 in bottles when I was down there, but you could fill a growler. Their bottlings seem to be very limited and go quickly.

    You should definitely check out Live Oak and Jester King.
  4. Lutter

    Lutter Advocate (650) Texas Jun 30, 2010

    (512) only bottles 2-3 times per year and they go so quick that most people in Texas don't even realize they bottle. :)

    You'll have to get a growler. Their Pecan Porter & IPA are their best beers. Definitely pick up the PP if you have to choose between the two... it's a very unique tasting porter. Their IPA is my go-to.

    Outside of Jester King (which you should really take their tour if you can) the other brewery in the area I would definitely suggest trying is Austin Beerworks. They can all their beer and have special draught-only beers as well that you can put in growlers (right now is Sputnik RICO stout [Russian Imperial Coffee Oatmeal stout]).

    Another one is Live Oak, who makes very traditional German styles of beer. you must find Primus Weizenbock if you're here this weekend. It's their Winter seasonal and it's amongst my favorite beers released in Texas. Again, draught-only.

    If you're looking for a good place for growler fills that has lots of locals, look up Whip In in South Austin. Unfortunately the actually breweries can't sell growlers here.
  5. kmello69

    kmello69 Advocate (535) Texas Nov 27, 2011

    (512) only bottles a few special releases, and they are gone within days of coming out. Otherwise, tap only. Live Oak is also tap only, but worth getting a growler of the Hef is you have a chance.

    Jester King, Austin Beerworks (see if you can still find Sputnik on tap), Hops and Grain (amazing stuff at their tap room, but their canned stuff is good too). I like some of the things Rogness does (especially the spiced chai). You could go to places like Whip In, Pinthouse Pizza or Black Star Co-Op and get bottle fills of their beers too.
  6. kmello69

    kmello69 Advocate (535) Texas Nov 27, 2011

    We just about wrote the same damn post. :)
  7. Lutter

    Lutter Advocate (650) Texas Jun 30, 2010

  8. Thanks for the heads up. In California where I am at you can only get growler fills at the brewery itself, no growler fill stations elsewhere. Are you saying I could go to a place like Whip In and filll a growler of 512/Jester/Austin Beerworks there? That sounds amazing :)
  9. HopAG

    HopAG Savant (485) Texas Sep 22, 2012

    YES! That's how we roll down here. Now if you could only buy directly from a brewery here then we would be in heaven!
  10. kevinscott

    kevinscott Savant (345) Texas Oct 21, 2008

    Yes. Other options for growler fills are Whole Foods, Draught House and Billy's on Burnet. Draught House recently set up their taps with Taplister, so you can get a pretty accurate list of what's currently available.

    Jester King bottles and Austin Beerworks cans can be easily found around town. I would recommend saving growlers for breweries like 512 and Live Oak that do not bottle.
  11. DanzBorin

    DanzBorin Initiate (0) Texas Apr 11, 2012

    Somebody uses Taplister? That app went from great to delete in 1 update.
  12. MoxJr

    MoxJr Disciple (70) Texas Nov 6, 2012

    Where are the best spots to check for jesterking bottles in Austin? I'm guessing the whole foods on Lamar?
  13. tigrstylz

    tigrstylz Aficionado (215) Texas Jan 10, 2012

    I think Red's Porch has the bottled BA Double Pecan and bruin
  14. tigrstylz

    tigrstylz Aficionado (215) Texas Jan 10, 2012

    Tree Hugger-was at draught house and Kraken-was at bangers
  15. kevinscott

    kevinscott Savant (345) Texas Oct 21, 2008

    The Central Market off at Hwy 71 and West Gate Blvd has the best selection of JK bottles right now. Earlier this week they still had Funk Metal and Das Uberkind in stock, as well as all of the regular line up. Funk Metal is behind the counter, so ask a wine/beer person to grab one for you.
  16. I took the last Funk Metal there but there was a bunch of Uberkind left.
  17. Also, are you driving or flying? If flying, Austin Beerworks has some new growlers that look pretty cool and might travel easier.

    Also, you can probably get a few bottles of some limited Jester King stuff at Hopfields (for a premium). I think they still have some Funk Metal and Wunderkind.
  18. MoxJr

    MoxJr Disciple (70) Texas Nov 6, 2012

    I'm looking for some ru55. Any place in Austin that might have it today? Just drove to wheatvilleand heb.
  19. kmello69

    kmello69 Advocate (535) Texas Nov 27, 2011

    Its not out yet - just picked up Tuesday by the distributor, assuming things went on schedule. Likely it will hit the market in the next few days, but no stores have it yet (other than Stanley's, which is only open on Saturdays)

    Unless you want to pay bar mark-up prices, then i think its at Bangers, Hopfields and maybe a few other places
  20. I'd call Hopfields and Blackstar, but I bet they are out. It should be hitting shelves any time now, but don't know when. I'd imagine the best option is Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza on Saturday.
  21. aschwab

    aschwab Savant (485) Texas Mar 3, 2009

    Filling your growler at Whole Foods is about as cheap as growler fills come. Whip In charges a bit more.
  22. Lutter

    Lutter Advocate (650) Texas Jun 30, 2010

    Banger's had RU-55 when I was there last week in bottles (they also do off-premises). Might be gone by now though.

    Stanley's is usually the cheapest, most reliable option for these sorts of releases though if you really want it a bit early.
  23. tigrstylz

    tigrstylz Aficionado (215) Texas Jan 10, 2012

    Whip In had the RU-55 and Funk Metal.
  24. MoxJr

    MoxJr Disciple (70) Texas Nov 6, 2012

    Hopsfield wanted $25 for ru-55 :(