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Heads up: Funkwerks's Nelson Sauvin

Discussion in 'US - Mountain' started by denver10, May 3, 2013.

  1. denver10

    denver10 Champion (910) Kentucky Nov 17, 2010

    They got a new experimental release available in their taproom, Nelson Sauvin. Despite the horribly unoriginal and lame name, the beer is a total winner. Especially, if like me, you are a sucker for nelson sauvin hops. Bought a few bottles the other day and already thinking of buying some more before its all gone. Worth checking out if you are around.
  2. joshclauss

    joshclauss Savant (315) Colorado Oct 31, 2010

    I had this at Saison Fest at Trinity last month. Agreed, great beer.
  3. poopinmybutt

    poopinmybutt Savant (280) Nebraska May 25, 2005

    so funkwerks bottles all of their limited releases for sale in the taproom now right? really excited to roll thru there in a few weeks, would be awesome if they still had this
  4. denver10

    denver10 Champion (910) Kentucky Nov 17, 2010

    Yeah, Funkwerks seems to be throwing all their experimental/pilot batches into bottles and offering them in their taproom. They usually have 2 or 3 of these bottles on hand at a time and in the past they have stuck around for a few months, so you should be able to find some when you make it there.
  5. If anyone is coming down to Avery tonight from Fort Collins, I'd love a couple bottles of Funkwerks Nelson Sauvin. I'm visiting from Michigan and have drank all the bottles I brought (except a Heady which I could toss ya), but would be willing to send something out or work something else out.
  6. Kenzie

    Kenzie Aficionado (230) Utah Feb 23, 2013

    I'll have to keep that in mind when go to Ft. Collins in a couple of months, if it still around. Funkwerks is probably the most excitable thing on my trip I'm looking forward to.
  7. dauss

    dauss Advocate (595) Colorado Aug 9, 2003

    I swung by there on Monday and picked up a bottle. It's good.
  8. Dolph1979

    Dolph1979 Aficionado (135) Colorado Nov 28, 2011

    Nelson from Alpine is one of the greatest IPAs ever created in my opinion, yet I tried the Nelson hop IPA from Widmer Bros, and I know its Widmer, but I thought it was total trash, I don't even think I finished it! But I will give Funkwerks a shot!
  9. mkurylko

    mkurylko Savant (270) New Jersey Feb 10, 2011

    What's the cost on these?
  10. denver10

    denver10 Champion (910) Kentucky Nov 17, 2010

    $12 a bottle
  11. hopspine

    hopspine Aficionado (110) Colorado Feb 28, 2012

    Man, that sounds tasty. Wish I was in CO at the moment.... wonder how long it'll stick around.