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Heady Topper: can or glass poll

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by cookiequiz, May 22, 2013.


Do you drink HT from the can or a glass

  1. glass

    223 vote(s)
  2. can

    202 vote(s)
  1. nachos

    nachos Savant (275) Minnesota Jun 4, 2012 Beer Trader

    Nerds. Beer does not have to be so freaking serious all the time. It won't kill you to drink a beer out of a can. Try to lighten up. This whole "I only drink shit out of tekus bro, only way to get those sweet ass 'romas" crowd is ridiculous. You make me want to beat all of you up and steal the money your mom gave you for lunch, but you were actually going to spend it on Settlers of Catan or some shit like that.
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  2. I prefer drinking it from the machine that puts it into the can... and I mean it...
  3. SteelersX

    SteelersX Advocate (570) New York Jan 30, 2011 Beer Trader


  4. I enjoy it more from a glass. Like any bottle conditioned belgian beer, I fill the glass and keep the particles behind, then after having a taste from the glass, drink the dregs out of the can. I am doubtful that the can helps keep a blanket of co2 over the beer any more than a glass does - and I think the last drop is just as delicious as the first.

    Drinking from the can is useful when drinking outdoors when its sunny.
  5. DrLaFollette

    DrLaFollette Aficionado (240) Utah Oct 19, 2012 Beer Trader

    To each their own, the hop floaties kind of grossed me out while I was drinking mine from a glass this weekend, I think from now on I'll only be drinking it from the can. I don't necessarily mind the cloudy part it was the floating particulates that weirded me out.
  6. Kinsman

    Kinsman Advocate (660) California Aug 26, 2009 Verified

    I'm fortunate enough to drink Heady on a fairly regular basis so it's not like each time is a religious experience. At this point I usually drink it from the can because I think it taste pretty fricken excellent as is but occasionally I pour a few ounces for a nice aroma.
  7. mhksuccess

    mhksuccess Advocate (630) California Jul 7, 2012 Beer Trader

    So last night drank 2 heady at same time one from a FFF teku glass and other from can
    I think the fact that I poured it into the glass super slow and didnt pour out the very last where it has the bottom floaties may have added to the way it tasted, but I think I prefer to drink it out of the glass I finished the can first and the glass lasted a little longer but I did notice a change in the taste by the end of the glass it seemed not as much as bitter hop bite and tended to taste a little more fruity The can seemed to retain the initial hop bite through out although I went thru it pretty quickly
    All in all was great experiment and can't complain about drinking 2 heady topper except that I have 2 less lol
    I recommend giving it a try and see what you think yourself
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  8. I had two cans last year. I drank 1 from the can and 1 from a wine glass side by side. Initially there was no difference, but I noticed the nose and flavour of the beer in the glass seemed to deteriorate over the course of the hour I spent on the beer.
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  9. You can do both as I posted previously: “I had a can of Heady Topper where I drank it half & half (half in a glass and half from the can).”

    If you do this please drink the glass first and take note of how the last sip from the glass compared to your first sip from the can and reports back your experiences.

  10. jRocco2021

    jRocco2021 Savant (460) Wisconsin Mar 13, 2010 Beer Trader

    Yeah what a rube, he doesn't even know how to drink his own #1 rated beer.
  11. RyFikes

    RyFikes Savant (310) New York Jan 3, 2013

    Is this horse dead yet?
  12. Management’s solution to whipping a dead horse: get a bigger whip!;)

  13. klaybie

    klaybie Savant (295) Illinois Nov 15, 2009

    I prefer the can over the glass just because I don't want to see the floaties. I'very had it out of the glass and it's really not that different taste wise.
  14. UCLABrewN84

    UCLABrewN84 Poobah (1,475) California Mar 18, 2010 Verified

    Can for aesthetics, glass for everything else.
  15. celfan

    celfan Advocate (595) Vermont Jul 4, 2004 Beer Trader

    i buy it weekly and I've only seen floaties once in the past year (about six weeks ago), and they were pretty tiny
  16. mmikey8

    mmikey8 Savant (395) California Aug 2, 2012 Beer Trader

    Glass (any) - love smelling as I'm drinking. One of the best aromas (as far as hops) around.
  17. Who F*cking cares, just drink it!
  18. GetMeAnIPA

    GetMeAnIPA Champion (800) California Mar 28, 2009 Beer Trader

    Negative. Still ISO. I guess I got to up my offer. I thought this was a fair trade but Heady's value is higher than I thought.
  19. beerranger

    beerranger Aficionado (230) Massachusetts Jan 10, 2013 Beer Trader

    Glass, although my brother is a straight can guy. Go figure...
  20. DHS1029

    DHS1029 Savant (375) Illinois Feb 14, 2013 Beer Trader

    I have had 8 cans of HT and I have drank all 8 from the can. Was it because I was too lazy to get a glass? Maybe. Was it because the back of the can said to drink it from the can? Maybe. Or was it because I really didn't give a fuck and just felt like drinking it however I wanted to and drinking it from the can at the moment seemed like the easiest option. Either way, this is an amazing beer and I don't think I would have enjoyed it any more had I poured it in a glass. Whichever way makes you the happiest is the way you should drink it. God I can't wait to get more of this stuff...
  21. Brad007

    Brad007 Advocate (690) Vermont Mar 28, 2007 Verified

    Drinking my last one from the can. I picked it up a few weeks back actually so not that fresh but still good!
  22. Ericness

    Ericness Savant (290) Massachusetts Nov 21, 2012

    Frosted mug all the way
  23. ndepriest

    ndepriest Savant (415) Georgia Feb 21, 2012 Beer Trader

    I'd venture to say there would be a lot MORE votes for can if this poll was taken anywhere other than BA. It turns out people can (on a rare occasion) just relax and enjoy a beer, often times out of a can.
  24. Miamilice

    Miamilice Savant (350) Virginia Feb 6, 2011 Beer Trader

    I dig it both ways. Just sayin'! ;)