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Hill Farmstead Bottle releases

Discussion in 'New England' started by mobius387, Nov 6, 2012.

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  1. mobius387

    mobius387 Savant (440) Florida Dec 5, 2010 Verified

    Sorry if this question has been asked before, I'm new to this region forums.

    I was wondering how long a no-limit release of some of the specialty beers from HF last. I know this brewery is off the beaten path, but for some of the bigger name releases do people pilgrimage out to this place and snatch up the bottles within days? Or do they last longer?

    Thanks for any help!
  2. wdarcy77

    wdarcy77 Initiate (0) Massachusetts Nov 27, 2008

  3. One guy bought 12 cases of twilight of the idols last weekend.
  4. duchessedubourg

    duchessedubourg Advocate (510) Vermont Nov 2, 2007 Verified

    That had to be a bar-owner or distributor from Philly or NYC. Probably was just saving Shaun a trip.
  5. Nope just a member here, 12 cases and 30 growlers. Picking up for lots of people I think.
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  6. Depends how you define 'specialty' beers. It really varies, but stuff like Arthur/Clara/Everett generally seems to last a while, as they make a decent amount. For example, I was there in August when they had just recently released a couple of saisons, and they are still for sale now.

    The more limited stuff goes pretty fast though. The brewery is in the middle of nowhere, but their name is no longer a secret. The big releases attract sell-out crowds.

    Always good stuff in growlers, so a trip there is never wasted regardless of what is in bottles.
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  7. franklinn

    franklinn Savant (440) Vermont May 29, 2012

    These last ones have been lasting at least a week on the shelves. I expect the next one (Juicy) to go somewhat faster because the date it will be on the shelf is already advertised. Civil Disobedience #5 has been on the shelf for two weeks now.
  8. No he didn't. He bought 13. :rolleyes:


    If the limits don't change...probably do the same when Birth of Tragedy hits the shelves.
  9. DaveHack

    DaveHack Advocate (625) Pennsylvania Mar 28, 2011 Verified

    I heard the same guy is planning on just BUYING Hill Farmstead.
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  10. If bottles of Twilight were shares of stock, he'd be majority shareholder.
  11. I'm not sure how much more BoT they made this year, but it was sub-1000 bottles last year and very limited quantities - I think 6 at release day and quickly moved down to 3 and 1. Given the people that will likely be flocking to this release, I'd be shocked if they didn't stick a similar limit on it. The site says "no limit", but also, "details of bottle release coming".

    Twilight is just their winter porter they make in large quantities like a batch of Everett.
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  12. Yeah...I'm familiar. I was thinking because they said no limit that perhaps they made a really large batch this year...which would be awesome. If it's just a couple bottles, certainly no big deal. :) November and December are brutal months on the beer budget anyway. With Dark Horse's 4 Elf gig coming up and Kuhnhenn's Winter Solstice quick on it's heals...you have to pick and choose your battles.
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  13. You guys are my heroes! Hook me up with some BBPt5 if its released at 4 elf again!
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  14. phingdong

    phingdong Advocate (525) New Hampshire Aug 24, 2010 Verified

    Birth will not be unlimited. It is planned to have a 4 bottle limit (same as last year). 2,000 bottles if I recall correctly(?)
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  15. millerbuffoon

    millerbuffoon Advocate (570) Pennsylvania Oct 18, 2007 Verified

  16. mobius387

    mobius387 Savant (440) Florida Dec 5, 2010 Verified

    you remember how long it lasted?
  17. kgoyette

    kgoyette Aficionado (150) Massachusetts Feb 13, 2011 Verified

    It lasted the day they released it, a few hours I believe.
  18. Not true - it lasted a couple of weeks. (As did Daybreak) Release day started at 6 and dropped to 4 bottles.

    I went the week after release, Thanksgiving weekend, when limits were down to 3 bottles per person. They quickly lowered it to 1 not long thereafter to try to make it last through Christmas. I don't think it quite lasted that long, but it was still available for a little while.

    That said, that was last year. That was probably also the last release before Hill Farmstead officially exploded into beer geek consciousness. Plus Birth of Tragedy is now a known commodity - one of the best beers they make. I doubt it lasts weeks this time around unless release day is bad weather and then they drop the limit to 1 per.
  19. Just an FYI, HF updated their Retail Page with a couple new nuggets of info:

    - CD5 will likely be gone just after they open on Wednesday.
    - Juicy is getting released this Saturday
    - Birth of Tragedy marked as 4 bottle limit, release likely on 12/1

    As always, here are the details: http://www.hillfarmstead.com/bottle-release/

    I'm looking to make a Saturday trip for Juicy and will spend all week hoping they still have S&S #5, which I think is the best IPA I've ever had (this took that distinction from S&S #4, which had previously blown me away).
  20. DSlim71

    DSlim71 Savant (495) New Jersey Mar 3, 2010

    Anyone have any more info on Juicy? I put out an ISO pretrade and didn't get a response for what I thought was a very fair offer. Maybe the right person didn't see it? Or maybe people are hesitant to start a pretrade? Any help would be appreciated.

  21. Amen bro. Had it last night for the first time... Speechless... Just mango on mango and no speech...
  22. if you want HF, take your offer and add, then keep adding ;)
  23. I dunno--everytime I am inclined to say that S&S4 or S&S5 is the best IPA they've made, I think about Double Galaxy...
  24. DSlim71

    DSlim71 Savant (495) New Jersey Mar 3, 2010

    Is that based on what I offered or just making a little funny?
  25. Very true, DG was also a favorite. Double Citra too. Then there's poor little old Abner, always there, always ready to knock you on your ass with it's awesomeness. Then grandpa Ephraim comes to town once a year and just blows the doors off the barn. And I don't even have a barn. Sigh.
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  26. jomobono

    jomobono Savant (435) Massachusetts Mar 12, 2012 Subscriber

    You know what I had that I haven't had in a while this past weekend...Edward. You gotta go back to the roots sometimes, I wonder if people tend not to drink much of it because it is always there and they concentrate on the new stuff.
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  27. Haha--I was with you until Ephraim. To me it lacks the dry, dankness of some of their best IPA work (which I think S&S4, S&S5, and Double Galaxy all have). But I must be an anomaly because people seem to dig Ephraim. :)
  28. Edward is so good. It's ALWAYS on tap at Worthy Burger (in South Royalton, VT.) and I always have at least a glass when I'm there, no matter what else they have on. Just a fantastic pale, and it's sessionable. Beautiful beer.

    I'd pick all of those over Ephraim too...but Ephraim is just so intense, it gets points in my book. You're right though, the best Vermont IPAs like the other doubles from HF, Heady, Double Sushine, etc. do have an incredible dryness that keeps you coming back for more. Ephraim is anything but dry.
  29. franklinn

    franklinn Savant (440) Vermont May 29, 2012

    Haha, I've been drinking a lot of Edward lately. They serve it as a 16oz pour at the Rez, so when I feel like a real pint I grab one. I actually had it side by side with Peeper on Saturday. Both 16oz, both 6.50 a pint. Peeper tasted like water next to it!
  30. Rochefort10nh

    Rochefort10nh Champion (860) New Hampshire Sep 30, 2005 Verified

    Edward and the Bangkok Disco pizza at Parker Pie is an unbeatable combo!!
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  31. lovindahops

    lovindahops Advocate (655) New York Mar 26, 2010

    And just like that, civil disobedience is now gone and juicy is a two bottle limit releasing maybe Wednesday. I wish it was going to last until Saturday but now I'm not so sure. I'm sure it will be amazing so congrats to those folks that get to try it. I'm still going to head up to get my growlers on Saturday because I need some Abner and Edward!
  32. Was there on Saturday for the first time. The beer is as good/better as advertised. I'm amazed with the number of people there waiting for the beer. The four hour drive was worth it! S/S 5 is Amazing!
  33. BobCobb

    BobCobb Savant (415) Illinois Jul 10, 2012 Verified

    Weird - they had a note up earlier that there were 12 bottles of CD5 left, and they would go to the first customers on Wednesday at open. Juicy also was pushed up from Friday.
  34. Your offer is reasonable, it's just pretty specific. Also, there's no big release party or anything for Juicy, so there probably aren't many people planning on heading up there just for it. The BoT crowd will gobble it up though in a couple of weeks, assuming it lasts that long.

    Try just reposting it Sunday or something, but you might need a more recognizable beer (or just throw out a few options).
  35. Psychmusic

    Psychmusic Advocate (515) Rhode Island Jun 22, 2012 Verified Subscriber

    How early do people tend to get to HF Bottle releases? I hate to be cut throat but I feel like it'd be a real shame to get there after four hours of driving and not get anything
  36. They are just putting the beer on the shelf, it'll be there for a few weeks based on recent iterations.
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  37. Really hoping Juicy is still available the day after Thanksgiving.

    They will be open the day after Thanksgiving, right?
  38. BobCobb

    BobCobb Savant (415) Illinois Jul 10, 2012 Verified

    I think I recall seeing that they are closed Thanksgiving but will be open otherwise.
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  39. pjl44

    pjl44 Initiate (0) Massachusetts Oct 3, 2008

    Even if the bottle release were to sell out, they will still have 5-6 drafts for growler fills and other bottles. You'll be walking out with awesomeness no matter what.
  40. Psychmusic

    Psychmusic Advocate (515) Rhode Island Jun 22, 2012 Verified Subscriber

    yeah definitely- it's just the waiting hours for a growler fill i could've gotten in 15 minutes any other week that's a shame

    edit: and i don't mean to be nonchalant about how awesome their growler fills are.... i do regularly drive the 4 1/2 hours when i see abner is on tap
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