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Hill Farmstead Bottle releases

Discussion in 'US - New England' started by mobius387, Nov 6, 2012.

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  1. phil does an awesome job keeping up and for the amount of pressure he is under always remains calm and cool. kudos to you phil...ask shaun for a raise :)
  2. Phil should have his own Beer. That guy is a machine!
  3. celfan

    celfan Savant (465) Vermont Jul 4, 2004

    his job has become much more difficult in the last six months.
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  4. Definitely. In fact, I look forward to the day when I can drive up there and get a growler fill of Phil from Phil.
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  5. BobCobb

    BobCobb Savant (380) Illinois Jul 10, 2012

    Poor Phil. Gets his own eponymous beer, followed by 30 people telling him the growlers won't fill themselves.
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  6. jomobono

    jomobono Savant (410) Massachusetts Mar 12, 2012

    Every time I go to HF I bring Phil a beer, usually a Jack's Abby.
  7. makdeco

    makdeco Savant (325) Illinois Jan 31, 2007

    Thats a great idea I will do the same next time I make the trip from Chicago. Hoping for Feb.
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  8. Looks like the bottles of Twilight are gone until Dec. 19. Such an awesome beer, not hard to believe it sells quickly. Juicy will be gone very soon too...probably today by the sounds of it. Some awesome stuff coming up, as usual:


    Looking forward to trying Foster. I love Jim and Jimmy, can't wait to try Foster. Never had a black IPA I liked other than ones brewed by the Vermont Sean/Shaun combo. (Big Hapi is great!)
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  9. chippo33

    chippo33 Advocate (675) Vermont Feb 29, 2012

    Foster has been on tap in Burlington, Montpelier, and Waterbury for a few weeks now if you really want to try it (susan, abner, edward, anna, arthur, and foster are what I've seen on tap the past week). I see Arthur bottles are gone now. I wonder if they will be putting anymore on shelf soon.
  10. nh2032

    nh2032 Advocate (575) New York Oct 15, 2009

    There is another batch of Arthur on the way currently in the oak. Pretty sure when I was there on 11/17 Shaun said it was roughly 6 weeks out.
  11. Arthur isn't barrel'd at all....more Art?

    Also - Foster is awesome, a more sessionable, less roasty Big Hapi

    it was on the shelf for 2-3 months :) hopefully more soon, love arthur
  12. grassrootsVT

    grassrootsVT Initiate (0) Vermont May 10, 2005

    nh2032 is correct. All of our saisons now see a few weeks in oak for conditioning... Arthur is being bottled tomorrow.
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  13. how recent of a change? awesome...

  14. grassrootsVT

    grassrootsVT Initiate (0) Vermont May 10, 2005

    The Arthur that we are bottling tomorrow is the first. This batch, tomorrow, is also very lightly dry hopped. This was my original plan... that Arthur would eventually become slightly closer to what Art (batch 1) was ... but it's only a few weeks in french oak. There won't be any discernible "oak" character... we just like what we can achieve through the contact time. Experimentation and learning drives all...
  15. grassrootsVT

    grassrootsVT Initiate (0) Vermont May 10, 2005

    Indeed. Earl in bottles. Planning more bottles in the coming months. Florence as well. More Twilight. And another saison collaboration with Tired Hands (fermented in oak). Also look for more Grassroots Saisons (seasonally driven).
  16. Sean9689

    Sean9689 Advocate (715) Illinois Mar 17, 2009

    The Arthur that we had on-tap at the Harvest Festival was simply stunning...it's fun to open different batches and compare contrast.
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  17. lovindahops

    lovindahops Advocate (655) New York Mar 26, 2010

    Absolutely agree with you. My girlfriend used two of her tasting tickets on Arthur there and kept saying it was the best saison she has ever had (without trying some of the other saisons at the festival). I can't wait for these bottles to drop.
  18. chippo33

    chippo33 Advocate (675) Vermont Feb 29, 2012

    I think that was the "blue label" batch
  19. Been looking to try some HF for a long time; shoot me a BM if anyone has been looking for some Surly. Cheers!
  20. GoGriz

    GoGriz Savant (265) Massachusetts Dec 2, 2008

    Hey Shaun - will the new batch of Arthur have a similar touch of tartness? It has been a long time since I've found a beer that I wanted to drink this much of...goddamnit that last batch was good.
  21. I don't think that ended up being poured. Did it?
  22. grassrootsVT

    grassrootsVT Initiate (0) Vermont May 10, 2005

    Just a subtle, subtle touch of Tartness. Less than the less batch of bottles... working to get it dialed in perfectly.
  23. lovindahops

    lovindahops Advocate (655) New York Mar 26, 2010

    So I dont want position this post as a thread jack but... Is anyone as excited as me for the upcoming birth of tragedy release? We had the opportunity to try a small portion at the harvest festival and we lost our minds on how delicious it was. Moreover, I also want to try some Susan and fill my growler allocation with Greensboro goodness (love this thread). Cheers!
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  24. Does anyone know if the Juicy survived today? I might make it up there tomorrow, but that would certainly further incentivize a trip. Also curious if S&S5 is gone for good or if it might return at some point. Oh I just saw the twitter post on rebrewing the entire series at some point, so never mind on the second question.
  25. franklinn

    franklinn Savant (440) Vermont May 29, 2012

    Very excited for it! Big fan of BoT :D
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  26. I was there at like 130 today and there were still (if i'm remembering right) a few dozen bottles left of Juicy. I actually got the last bottle of twilight of the idols, but I could've sworn they said they were bottling more today. I dk what that means for a release date though. Oh, and they also had some Damon there.
  27. grassrootsVT

    grassrootsVT Initiate (0) Vermont May 10, 2005

    Juicy still on shelves. First dozen or more customers will get some. Likewise, the shelf also has: Damon, Jimmy, Cantillon Iris, and Cantillon Gueuze. Twilight of the Idols will be bottled on Monday. Onto the shelves about two weeks later... just before the end of the year.
  28. cfrances33

    cfrances33 Champion (760) Illinois Jun 12, 2012

    Is that batch 1 Damon? Or a quite release of the new batch...
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  29. franklinn

    franklinn Savant (440) Vermont May 29, 2012

    Damn! I always miss the Damon :(. Got to start getting there at noon :D
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  30. Anything special planned for Christmas week? And/or do you think you have enough Birth of Tragedy to last until then? Trying to possibly plan a trip for that week if I can...
  31. benz08

    benz08 Savant (355) New Jersey Nov 9, 2008

    A few friends and I are coming all the way from New Jersey and will be there this upcoming Friday the 7th. See on the website the BoT is scheduled for release the week of the 10th. Any chance a few bottles might be able to sneak out early? Maybe insight on what might be on the shelves? I see we missed Twilight by a few weeks on either side.
  32. I was debating on heading up today and this news just made my decision very easy. See you in a little while!
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  33. grassrootsVT

    grassrootsVT Initiate (0) Vermont May 10, 2005

    Original batch. There are only a few bottles on the shelf though...
  34. grassrootsVT

    grassrootsVT Initiate (0) Vermont May 10, 2005

    The week prior to Christmas will likely see some incredible bottles on the shelves, you can be sure. Not just our own, but our favorite beers from other brewers.
  35. Moc513

    Moc513 Savant (355) New York May 24, 2012

    I'll be there the weekend of the 15th for a nice beer weekend. Can't wait to try all these Vermont beers. Hopefully there will be some good bottles left when I get there!!
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  36. BeerBum

    BeerBum Aficionado (235) California Nov 13, 2012

    Theres always good stuff, it's Hill Farmstead! I highly recommend getting a growler filled... or three!
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  37. franklinn

    franklinn Savant (440) Vermont May 29, 2012

    Or more!
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  38. Moc513

    Moc513 Savant (355) New York May 24, 2012

    The plan is to take home one of everything :D
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  39. How about the Friday after Christmas? :D
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  40. I'm now in the process of rearranging things to see to it that I'm up there on THursday before Christmas.

    Also, I'm polishing off the last of my S&S #5. I think it may be the best beer I've ever had. Grapefruit bomb, I will cry myself to sleep praying that this is brewed again. Also, go Pats.
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