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  1. Lare453

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    Is there anything that hill farmstead makes that is "off the shelf"?

    I just want to try some of their stuff and wonder if there are any regulars.
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  3. Lare453

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    So there is no distribution for hf?
  4. Anna, Arthur, and Everett are probably the three easiest to acquire (saison, saison, porter). They are fantastic beers, and you should be able to get them without trading anything too crazy.
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    Thanks bro. That's what I was looking for.
  7. You're welcome. All three of those are world class. HF IPAs are also world class but finding the timing of someone driving up there and willing to send a couple 750s without asking for a ton has been very difficult in my experience.
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    While I agree that Everett is world class, in my experience its much better fresh and if I were the OP, I would wait till its released again to trade for it. I opened one the other night and while still delicious, it was def past its prime. Twilight of the Idols is their house porter atm and imo might even be better than Everett. You should try trading for that for sure.
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    there's a small amount of keg distro outside the area (boston/nyc/philly) and some bottles make it to local shops in VT, but i wouldn't really call it full distribution.
  10. Even then though, those are all subject to rotating availability. For example, right now it would be a lot easier to trade for Twilight than Everett.

    There effectively is no distro for HF, and aside from their releases with limited bottle allocations, pretty much everything will trade at the same level. It's just based on what they have when the person goes up - i.e. it is no more difficult to fill you a growler of Double Galaxy than to fill you a growler of Edward if both are on tap when you go.
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  11. I find it disappointing that nothing from HF trades "off the shelf beers". I've traded plenty of HF growlers and bottles for off the shelf stuff; someone contacts me at the right time, says will you grab a growler, I say of course and just ship me regular stuff. Ya you have to get the timing right and HF is in the middle of nowhere (really check a map, greensboro is surrounded by nowhere vermont), but really asking for limited stuff for edward just ain't cool. At the end of the day, if you are making the trip up it takes exactly zero extra effort to grab one extra 750 of edward as compared to grabbing a bottle of anything off your local store shelf.
  12. except I would rather drink insert HF 'shelf' beer here over any beer you can pick up off the shelf.

    friend / regular trading partner, sure I'll grab you anything. extra in another trade, hell yeah!
    otherwise, I'd rather drink the HF or trade for something worth the added premium that comes with shipping.
  13. I essentially traded an Olde Hickory Event Horizon for an HF Everett (was part of a slightly larger deal but that was basically it). Seemed like a pretty fair swap to me, and one I was happy to make.
  14. stupac2

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    Well, except that demand is different.

    I'm glad you take that attitude, though, since you're the only one who's ever sent me HF...
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    ... And Iowa.
  16. Just seconding this. The website is almost always up to date, and so that's what people will have for trade unless it's a special release (which from the looks of it might be every few weeks upcoming.) The easiest things to trade for are Edward (growler), Abner (growler), Anna (bottle), Arthur (bottle), seasonal porter aka Twilight or Everett (bottle), and random rotating saisons (bottles), IPAs (growler), or series (growlers).

    The issue with trading for HF stuff is so much of the supply is people making trips up there from other places, and so psychologically it's an event, not just grabbing something off the shelf. Add to the fact that it's all so delicious and the desire to trade it for other stuff isn't there.
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  17. Where have you ever seen HF bottles at stores in VT? I've never heard of or seen this. Also the only HF kegs in Boston bars that I'm aware of are due to the owners driving up to Greensboro with a truck and paying cash, just like the common man.
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    So here is a question... may be a stoopid one but I've always wondered this. Why is HF stuff always considered "shelf" even though the only shelf it's ever on is at the brewery? Other beers that only see releases at the actual brewery are always called "brewery only" releases. Not that I'm trying to shovel coal into the HF steam engine but it always seemed odd to me
  19. Because it's not in the midwest?

    Occasionally, bottles of Anna and Everett and Grassroots Sankt Ankt (or something) have made it to Winooski Beverage and Hunger Mtn Co-op, but anything "rare" is only sold at the brewery.
  20. BearsOnAcid

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    Hopefully no one that traded you growlers went when the wait was an hour+. I can think of easier ways to trade for local shelf beer. Granted they may already be getting stuff for themselves but if it were me then no one's getting growlers unless there was some better incentive. Bottles are much easier to buy.
  21. Pahn

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    re: HF for "shelf beer," pretty unlikely from MA / CT / RI people, more likely from VT people. outliers on both sides, but you can figure out the logic i'm using, i'm sure.
  22. I think you read my post wrong. Ive never traded for hf growlers, only traded them away. Besides that, if your waiting in line for growlers already their is no reason not to grab another extra growler for someone. Its not like you have to wait another hour tp get someone elses growler
  23. If its any consolation, I read it that way too. Your post is pretty ambiguous as to whether u were getting or sending them towards the end of it.
  24. BearsOnAcid

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    I think I read it that way and in the end I got flipped. You sort of said what I said too lol. Either way, wasnt there a growler limit recently? It's possible you could've waited another hour.
  25. My bad, sorry about the ambiguity. I haven't been up to HF since this summer. If there was a limit that would certainly change it a bit since you'd be limited to what you (and presumably a mule since nobody wants to drive that many hours alone) could carry.
  26. They put a limit on growlers when the lines are real long, in as much as you have to get your limit, get in the back of the line and do it again.
  27. Last time I was up (random Saturday, no release), they weren't enforcing the limit, although the sign was up.
  28. Bluecane

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    I called them recently. They said the 5-growler limit is to control the length of the line, so they only implement it when the line gets longer than ~20 minutes. They are flexible, and you can always go back through the line again.
  29. HF bottles only trickle to stores in the immediate area.

    As for Boston, a bunch of HF kegs were shipped here legitimately maybe a year ago. But yeah, NY and Philly get a lot more than Boston, likely because MA residents drive up there all the time and do the dirty distro work for them.