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Hobgoblin bottle dates or difference between gift tin years?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Jesta384, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Long story short, I found a glass and bottle gift tin of hobgoblin while cleaning out my grandfathers garage. It looks like some pictures I found of the tin from 2009, but not from 2011 (I think). This was based off a quick google image search. The 09 had a white banner behind the words glass and gift set, while the later year had a red banner. I also could not see a traditional date stamped on it but did see a code of some sort. If someone could help determine what yar this is from I would be very greatful. Thanks!
  2. videofrog

    videofrog Advocate (585) Texas Nov 13, 2010 Subscriber

  3. I'm happy with year alone. Thank you!!!!
  4. Mine is 0CJ0. Maybe zeros. Maybe ohs. Thoughts? Google isn't helping much. Maybe its my search parameters and keywords.
  5. I received a reply from the brewery, and they said it was from 2010. I'm looking forward to this accidental ager, however I would have prefered 2000!
  6. Just for reference...in case anyone searches for 2 year old hobgoblin....
    I opened it and tried it. I have never had Hobgoblin before (I always seem to skip trying the ones I can get ALL the time in favor of buying the rare and limited...) and I was stupid and did not get a fresh one to compare, however, the two year old itself was just delicious!! Aged well.