Homebrewing Abroad?

Discussion in 'Africa' started by seydou, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Hello BA. Just joined the site tonight!

    I'm moving to South Africa in about a week and am ready to pick up homebrewing as a hobby (especially in light of a much-diminished beer selection abroad). Any South Africans or others have any insight as to how difficult it may be to buy ingredients elsewhere?

    Or should I consider a big ingredient run and stuff it all in my suitcase?

  2. inflatablechair

    inflatablechair Savant (310) Idaho Dec 31, 2003

    I can't comment on the homebrewing scene in South Africa, but since the second largest brewing company in the world started there, I'd be cautiously optimistic. If you can't make beer, I bet you could make some pretty good mead over there. Work with what you got!

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