Africa Homebrewing Abroad?

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  1. Hello BA. Just joined the site tonight!

    I'm moving to South Africa in about a week and am ready to pick up homebrewing as a hobby (especially in light of a much-diminished beer selection abroad). Any South Africans or others have any insight as to how difficult it may be to buy ingredients elsewhere?

    Or should I consider a big ingredient run and stuff it all in my suitcase?

  2. inflatablechair

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    I can't comment on the homebrewing scene in South Africa, but since the second largest brewing company in the world started there, I'd be cautiously optimistic. If you can't make beer, I bet you could make some pretty good mead over there. Work with what you got!
  3. YegoBeer

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    Hi all this thread is quite old but I'm hoping to still get some traction. SA has a pretty decent craft brew/homebrew scene. I am currently in Rwanda and would like to start brewing here, as well as begininning a local beer club. I looked into getting materials from South africa but man if not all shops wont ship across borders. is there anyoe willing to help out:
    with any of the following:
    1. put me in contact with a business that ships internationally
    2. procure ingerdients from local shops in SA and ship to me in Rwanda (person to person) of course we will cover the cost of materials and shipping unless you are really interested in donating your time and money we would accept that too.:)
    3. any other awesome ideas would be appreciated.