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Hop Therapy warning

Discussion in 'Canada' started by 604growler, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Fellow Canucks,

    A warning .. I drank a beautiful bomber of Hop Therapy last night (an amazing beer) and later my wife kicked me out of my conjugal bed because the smell of hops took over the whole room (disclaimer: I had a cold and had to breathe through my mouth).
  2. Where is there any left available? I've been out of stock for quite some time now... Would love to get my hands on some!
  3. Central City had a bunch left last week. Also bought one at the liquor store at Lougheed and Bainbridge a couple weeks ago and they had a bunch (can't remember the name of the store).
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  4. With the fact that Hop Therapy is among the best DIPAs in BC , Russell needs to produce a new IPA ( in cans please) to knock it out of the park. They have the ability to be at the Driftwood, Phillips level but need to remake their regular lineup. Take a look at how Lighthouse has done it ( Switchback is now in cans :))
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