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Hopoxia in Victoria?

Discussion in 'Canada' started by MilwaukeeCrusher, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. I found this on another site but the link is bad. It says July 6th... does anyone know anything about this?
  2. Seems to be happening at Phillips - http://phillipsbeer.com/events?event_id=92

    Tickets are at http://www.phillipsbeer.bigcartel.com/product/hopoxia

    Edit: Found a lits of participating breweries too. Bolded the guys I'd make a b-line for first, in case you're in town and attending.
    • Canoe Club Brewpub
    • Central City Brewing Co.
    • Deep Cove Brewers & Distillers - first-time attendee!
    • Driftwood Brewing Co.
    • Four Winds Brewing Co. - first-time attendee!
    • Granville Island Brewing Co.
    • Howe Sounds Brewing Co.
    • Hoyne Brewing Co.
    • Lighthouse Brewing Co.
    • Longwood Brewing Co.
    • Moon Under Water
    • Parallel 49 Brewing Co.
    • Phillips Brewing Co.
    • Powell St. Brewing Co. - first-time attendee!
    • Russell Brewing Co.
    • Salt Spring Island Ales
    • Spinnakers Brewpub
    • Tree Brewing Co.
    • Tofino Brewing Co.
    • Townsite Brewing Co.
    • Vancouver Island Brewing Co.
    • Whistler Brewing Co.
  3. Meant to bold Central City, too.
  4. I would add Howe Sound and maybe, to a lesser extent, Russell.
  5. What the word on Four Winds Brewing Co? Another one to watch?
  6. They made a pretty good session IPA cask for the CAMRA spring sessional festival a couple months back, but I've not tried anything since.
  7. Definitely one to watch. Their Saison is pretty nice and they have a bunch of it aging in red wine barrels with brett right now. :cool:
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  8. Thanks for the info. It seems your posted links work better or the one I tried before just wasn't working. This is something I will definitely consider if my schedule works out... so much to see and do and so little time.
  9. .... I think it would be the first time in ages I would go to a festival and only had like 2 or 3 of the breweries beers (when I lived in Wisconsin, Howe Sound was distributed there).
  10. Was a good time yesterday!
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  11. I had a good great time yesterday!! The weather was hot (made it tough to keep some beer's cold)
    glad I made a list of those attending (as no program was provided butt most brewers had only one beer to offer)
    A review of the numerous 4oz tasting of the 23 Brewers in attendance (I believe Swan's/Buckerfields was left off)
    • Canoe Club - ? Missed In Tasting (MIT)
    • Central City - Imperial IPA
    • Deep Cove - first-time attendee! - Loudmouth IPA
    • Driftwood - Naughty Hildegard ESB
    • Four Winds - first-time attendee! - IPA
    • Granville Island - un-named beer -or- Kerry's IPA ?
    • Howe Sounds - Westcoast IPA (MIT)
    • Hoyne Brewing - Devil's Dream IPA (MIT)
    • Lighthouse Brewing - Siren Red Ale had twice , loved the infusion !!
    • Longwood Brewing - The Big One IPA
    • Moon Under Water - ? (MIT)
    • Parallel 49 Brewing - Doctor Hoptopus spelling?
    • Phillips Brewing -soon to be released- Kaliedascope IPA spelling?
    • Powell St. -first-time attendee!- Old Jalopy Pale Ale
    • Russell Brewing - IP'Eh
    • Salt Spring Is Ales - ESB
    • Spinnakers Brewpub - ? (MIT)
    • Swans Brewpub - Extra IPA (MIT)
    • Tree Brewing - ? , ?? (MIT)
    • Tofino Brewing - Hop Creatin IPA & *cask* Hop Creatin IPA
    • Townsite Brewing - Tin Hat IPA
    • Vancouver Is - Vision Imperial IPA
    • Whistler Brewing - ? (MIT)
    • and a pleasant conversation with Joe Wiebe author of Craft Beer Revolution
  12. Sounded like a good time - guess that list was just a provisional one, but looks like some great stuff got poured. Totally agree re: Siren, that's a spectacular brew.

    This also caught my eye. Hope we're about to see it in bottles again...
  13. ...and just like that, my wish was answered- naughty hildegard is being delivered all over town today. Awesome.
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