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Hoppin Frog - new Karminator Dopplebock

Discussion in 'Beer Releases' started by BeerVikingSailor, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. MBoydL

    MBoydL Aficionado (120) Ohio Dec 22, 2010

    I see their Silk Porter for about $7/bomber around Columbus, OH. Usually the rest of their stuff is around $9 maybe? It's expensive, but not out of bounds if you are treating yourself. Still cheaper than bombers of Alesmith or The Bruery.
  2. beerindaglass

    beerindaglass Savant (310) Florida Feb 20, 2013

    Only 2 on the shelf right now.

    Outta Kilter is 12.00 and Hop Dam is almost 20.00. I'm in Pensacola, and you're in Ohio, though. Reviews just don't warrant the purchase down here.

    That being said, bombers down here seem to be a little higher than everywhere else. Hopstoopid, Racer 5, and a few others are around 6 and they are the cheaper ones.
  3. Bonis

    Bonis Savant (440) Ohio Jul 28, 2010

    Tried this the other day and can't say it is one of the better doppelbocks I've had. It's still a pretty good beer, malt forward and hides the alcohol well. Probably won't have it again though.

    Would love to see some fresh Hop Dam, but yea, the price is up there. Plus they don't bottle date, which is another issue.
  4. bobhits

    bobhits Savant (465) Kentucky Oct 31, 2006

    The problem is people aren't buying said beer because of the price. I keep seeing it and then passing because their beers are consistently underwhelming. I mean BA Boris is great, Boris is pretty good. I was impressed at how well they cloned devil dancer until I saw the price tag.

    So yeah....I see the bottle. It's just too hard to pull the trigger when they are always about 70% over priced.
  5. riemster

    riemster Advocate (665) Ohio Mar 17, 2011

    I probably look like a crazy HF fan now, hahaha. I literally just changed my profile picture about 2 hours ago.

    I can't disagree. They are pretty overpriced, but I like BA BORIS and BANE so much I'll pay the price. Some bottles are reasonable, but I do wish they would decrease by $2 on average. Also, I'm only 25 minutes from the brewery, so I'm extremely biased. :)
  6. bobhits

    bobhits Savant (465) Kentucky Oct 31, 2006

    Eh, we all like what we like.

    Never had Bane. Honestly BA Boris is far less offensively priced than their IPA which imo isn't even a good IPA and it costs about twice what a normal 6 pack ipa would cost. If you make something just AMAZING we'll talk. I've had a decent amount of their beers and they make some good stouts but they've lost my buck on anything else.
  7. VladTepes

    VladTepes Aficionado (180) Finland Oct 18, 2012

    How it can be "overpriced" if you buy those? Actually it means, that they are NOT! Maybe you would hope, that they were cheaper, but overpriced are wrong word as long as you buying them.