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hopping my IPA?

Discussion in 'Homebrewing' started by Jefeipa, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Jefeipa

    Jefeipa Aficionado (190) Arizona May 6, 2009

    I'm need help with my hop schedule for this IPA
    5 gallon
    6# 2 row
    5.5# MO
    10oz C-40
    10oz Cara pils
    8oz Dextrose
    1-2 packs of S-05 should I use 1 or 2 packs?

    hops I have 4oz Simcoe, 3oz Amarillo leaf, 1.5 Columbus, 1oz Cascade leaf, and 1oz Centennial leaf. I don't need to use them all.
    I'm thinking:
    90min 1oz Columbus
    10min 1oz simcoe 1oz amarillo
    flameout whirlpool 1oz simcoe 1oz amarillo
    dry hop 2oz simcoe 1oz amarillo
  2. randal

    randal Savant (305) Texas Apr 21, 2004

    I would move Cascade and Centennial to the 10 minute addition because IMO these hops are about flavor (as well as aroma) while Simcoe and Amarillo are very much about aroma (once again, IMO).

    Actually, I like a resinous hoppy presence throughout so I still perform a 20 minute addition. Here is a link to an IPA which has become my house recipe (also have some friends which brew this with minor hop variations):


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