Hopslam in Ky?

Discussion in 'US - South' started by phisigben, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. phisigben

    phisigben Savant (365) Kentucky Jan 8, 2009

    Does anyone know when the Louisville area will start to see Hopslam
  2. lilnicky068

    lilnicky068 Savant (360) Kentucky Jan 8, 2010

    the week after next is what i've heard
  3. semibaked

    semibaked Advocate (695) Kentucky Mar 27, 2007

    The week of the 21st is when it is supposed to hit Kentucky.
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  4. jgagne

    jgagne Savant (330) Kentucky Feb 23, 2011

    Just landed at kegs across the bridge.
  5. drfabulous

    drfabulous Savant (260) Kentucky Jul 23, 2005

    Bell's says Kentucky is week of 21st.
  6. Is that a hoppy beer?
  7. lilnicky068

    lilnicky068 Savant (360) Kentucky Jan 8, 2010

    Nah its one of dem whiskey beers
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  8. JimDH

    JimDH Aficionado (225) Kentucky Feb 7, 2011

    It pretty-much has to be, given its name. But it's nicely balanced and not unpleasantly bitter. Despite claims on the web that it's over 100 IBU (bitterness units), I've seen a quote from a Bell's representative that the IBUs are in the upper 60s, and that sounds about right.
  9. Sarcasm is a dish best served chilled.
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  10. JimDH

    JimDH Aficionado (225) Kentucky Feb 7, 2011

    As are mixed metaphors, or something like that...

    People ask elementary questions enough that I missed the sarcasm. Still, I don't think it warrants its reputation as a hop-bomb.
  11. Correct...I've had way hoppier...it starts to get more sweet, similar to DF 120.
  12. Pretty decent beer, I'll have a co-worker who lives in KY keep his eyes open for it.
  13. It's a TERRIFIC hoppy beer. They make it with a little honey and it gives it a nice savory sweetness. Sometimes good IIPAs can be nearly indistinguishable to me, but I'm fairly confident I could pick Hopslam out of a lineup.
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  14. The Keg across the river has it. Bottled on 1-2-13.
  15. KYGunner

    KYGunner Savant (490) Kentucky Sep 16, 2012

    Liquor Barn says they get it Jan 25-28th.
  16. i was at the keg in clarksville today. (first time i might add) They were out of hopslam. Said they sold out in about 2 days.
  17. antzman

    antzman Savant (350) Indiana Feb 14, 2005

    Unfortunately, weeble8604 is correct, we (Keg Liquors) sold out of our Hopslam allocation on Friday, 2 days after we received it. There is supposed to be a second release, so we have our fingers crossed that we will be part of it. I would say 75% of our sales were people from Kentucky coming over to get it while it was fresh while they wait for their shipment next week. Sad to say, it went so quick, I was only able to get 2 single of it, but its a very good batch this year. Keep tabs on our website, www.kegliquors.com or our Facebook page (search for Keg Liquors) to see when we will get this back in stock.
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  18. semibaked

    semibaked Advocate (695) Kentucky Mar 27, 2007

    Just curious how many cases you guys received? Trying to get a vague idea on what we will be getting.
  19. Man, I went in there friday night and there must have been over 4 cases sitting on the ground. It is a better batch then last year in my opinion.
  20. HopsMatt

    HopsMatt Savant (470) Kentucky Dec 1, 2011

    Bridge Liquors had some
  21. AllanC

    AllanC Aficionado (145) Kentucky May 27, 2011

    Last year Good Foods Coop in Lexington had a lot of it. Several cases. It sis not last long, though. Always check the less than obvious places as a source for stuff like this.

    Lexington Beerworks was supposed to have some today of tomorrow, but posted this morning that their shipment has been delayed for a few days. Wednesday or Thursday expected now.
  22. drfabulous

    drfabulous Savant (260) Kentucky Jul 23, 2005

    Saw some in Ohio at Jungle Jim's Sunday. Two case limit. Ha. But there was plenty in Lexington last year. I saw some weeks after its initial release at Whole Foods. Nerd that I am, I thought: too old. This year's seems sweeter to me (if possible) and less bitter from the honey (but alcohol strong in nose). Supposed to be in Kentucky this week.
  23. Bathos

    Bathos Aficionado (120) Kentucky Mar 30, 2008

    Chuck's on Three Springs should be getting their allocation on Wednesday. Just asked today.

    FYI, they've also got Palate Wrecker bottled on 1/7.
  24. AllanC

    AllanC Aficionado (145) Kentucky May 27, 2011

    Lexington Beerworks is tapping a keg at 3 p.m. tomorrow (Tuesday). I think The Beer Trappe will have in on Wednesday. Not sure either will have bottles just yet.
  25. AllanC

    AllanC Aficionado (145) Kentucky May 27, 2011

    Hamburg Liquor Barn has Hopslam in bottles. Two six pack limit. $17.99 per six.
  26. Was at Hurstbourne Liquor Barn today. They got them today but told me they weren't in the computer system yet. (They had literally just gotten there shipment in). Said they would be available tommorow. 2 six pack limit. Guy said they got like 20 or 25 cases. Don't remember which. Also said the springhurst location got twice as much in.
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  27. Chuck's in Bowling Green has a few cases RIGHT NOW. $18.99 or something like that. GO GO GO!!!
  28. Save your $$.
  29. drfabulous

    drfabulous Savant (260) Kentucky Jul 23, 2005

    When you break it down, though, Hopslam is not that expensive. It's more than a six pack of Zombie Dust (unbelievably cheap at $11) or even Two Hearted (about $13). But at $3 a bottle, that's $6 for 24 ounces of beer. Most people don't balk at a $6 bomber (22 ounces) or a $7 750 (25 and change). Even Lagunitas' Hop Stoopid is in the $5-6 range in many markets outside of California, and most of us consider that one of the best bomber deals around. Founders' Imperial Stout is about $2.50 a bottle (not far off the Hopslam price). Is this year's Big Foot in four packs about $3 a bottle? The other side of this argument, though, is that bombers are overpriced (they are better money makers than six packs). So, I get it from that perspective, but not a per ounce perspective. Unless one simply doesn't like Hopslam, so then it would be more of a taste perspective.
  30. If the bottles were $1.50 each, I would still make the same comment. It's from a taste perspective. Much better IPAs out there of equal or lesser value. I don't get the dankness which the Bell's employee on beerpulse stated as "if my cat ate my weed and then pissed on a Christmas tree" scent.
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  31. tronto

    tronto Aficionado (235) Kentucky Dec 22, 2010

    personally, this year I went for more of the Palate Wrecker. Hopslam is not bad at all, but when you've been drinking Heady, Headhunter, Zombie Dust, Artic Panzer, etc, etc it doesn't seem to hit the spot like the over the top smell and bitterness of those IPA's.
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  32. drfabulous

    drfabulous Savant (260) Kentucky Jul 23, 2005

    Except for Palate Wrecker - which I still haven't seen in Lexington, has anyone? so I haven't had yet - I like ALL of those beers. But I like Hopslam too. None of these, to me, are the same take on the IPA/Double IPA. And that's why I like them. I also like Double Trouble, every Apline I've had, Stone Ruination, etc. I like hops.
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  33. Anyone know if there is any left in Bowling Green. I am heading up there tomorrow.
  34. AllanC

    AllanC Aficionado (145) Kentucky May 27, 2011

    Hopslam went on tap at The Beer Trappe in Lexington earlier this evening. I had a bottle there this afternoon.
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  35. monkey

    monkey Zealot (90) Kentucky Aug 7, 2008

    According to Facebook, The Beer Trappe just got some Palate Wrecker in. I don't know who else in town has it.
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  36. drfabulous

    drfabulous Savant (260) Kentucky Jul 23, 2005

    Saw that. Need to get some. But it doesn't help that I have a ton of beer to get through as well. Who wants to come over?
  37. AllanC

    AllanC Aficionado (145) Kentucky May 27, 2011

    AI watched someone buy 3 bombers of Palate Wrecker this evening. At The Beer Trappe.

    I have not tried it myself. Hopslam is enough for me.
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  38. LB on Preston highway has several cases sitting on the floor.
  39. LB in Hamburg has some, but I had to literally ask for it because it was stowed behind the counter. Never seen them do that before.
  40. BuckTuckian

    BuckTuckian Advocate (635) Kentucky Dec 19, 2012

    LB Richmond rd has 5-6 cases on the floor and 6-8 in the walk-in cooler yesterday