Hopslam in SE pa

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  1. Anyone see hopslam in SE pa yet?
  2. hhkal17

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  3. Just pick up a 6, should be arriving at you local shop too, depending on when they get there bells stuff in.
  4. rolltide8425

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    Supposed to be getting it in Southampton Saturday
  5. Damn taking nearly a week to get from doylestown to southampton, what a shame it'll be a malt bomb by then.
  6. rolltide8425

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    Where in Doylestown?
  7. xnicknj

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    Shangy's posted lists for bottles and draft for the philly area to their facebook/twitter a couple hours ago
  8. Candlewyck, they got 3 case yesterday.
  9. rolltide8425

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    Well damn, I'm just as close to there as I am Southampton.
  10. philly224

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    They posted that Wegmans is getting some too, I don't feel like going to check right now though lol.
  11. Asked Shangy's when Chester County should be receiving some cases. Should be arriving tomorrow.
  12. philly224

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    Ill stop in Wegmans tomorrow and check then. Maybe I will get lucky.
  13. Was planning on doing the same. Hopefully it will be nothing like "Jingle All The Way"
  14. Beer Heaven in Philly just got their Hopslam FYI
  15. NimaShangy

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  16. Son of a.....just called my local store to ask if they were getting in the Hopslam tomorrow. They said yes but very limited availability. Told them I came in 2 weeks ago to put my name on the list. Guy checks for my name....says it's not there. Guess I'll be making the trip up to Shangy's after all.
  17. Got my 6-pack of Hopslam .... $22 +tax ... a 10% increase from 2012. It's delicious.
  18. Where ?
  19. Got my case. Happy.
  20. phishphorce

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    I was at Shangys today and overheard 2 of the employees talking. They said they had around 215 cases left to be sold out of their Retail store.
  21. I too was at Shangy's today to get my Hopslam. Asked the guy how much longer he expected the Hopslam to last. He said less than 2 weeks.
  22. 215 cases left after a few busy days...yeah they don't horde it at all, thanks for spreading the love Shangys.
  23. Beer Shoppe in Ardmore sold out their bottles in an hour, minutes before my arrival... damn.
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  24. On tap at tjs
  25. NimaShangy

    NimaShangy Zealot (90) Pennsylvania Jan 26, 2013

    Distributed Bell's Hopslam to over 375 accounts in 17 counties. Further, I think either you mis-heard the retail employees or they were talking about what was left at that particular moment.
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  26. Say what you will about shangy's, at least I know if I want a case of Hopslam for the cheapest price around I can drive up there and guarentee that I can purchase one. How many other very highly rated limited release beers can you guarentee yourself a case of, and I don't even have to know anyone to get it.
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  27. Just snagged the first sixer as it was being stocked at the Giant in York. Looked like they had 3 cases total. $19.29 eek!
  28. phishphorce

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    I think what he was saying is. You had 5 days of selling at high volume at your retail location and you still have 215 cases left for retail sale at that location while some of your larger accounts got 1 case for retail sale.

    Nothing smells more of desperation than defending your business practice on a public forum. Smells of guilt to me.
  29. This. It's good to be the king.
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  30. GREGER

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    Why don't you people just get over it already, if you want some go get it, if not shut up. I'm going to Shangy's to get my case tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it. I'm sure all you haters would do a much better job than Shangy's, right. By the way, they have been selling craft beer since before lots of you were born, so I think they can handle it.
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  31. Give them a break, I not anywhere near that place, but I would have no problem driving out there for a case if it means that much to me. With your logic you should be ripping on Tired Hands for not having a distribution license and hoarding all their delicious offerings for themselves, they are so selfish. I'm sure if shangy's was around the corner from you you would have 1 negative thing to say about them. Relax and go to Tired Hands and have a pint and think of all the poor folks who will never get to enjoy Tired Hands and if you still feel anger towards shangy's then well there's not much we can do.
  32. chcfan

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    Some people are very vocal in their disapproval of Shangy's handling of HopSlam and it's been that way for a few years. They're gonna do what they're gonna do, so I don't see the point in bitching to them or arguing about it.
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  33. In another thread Nima (of Shangy’s ) detailed that there are two ‘sides’ of Shangy’s: Shangy’s Wholesale Distributor and Shangy’s Retail Distributor. The vast majority of Hopslam is allocated to Shangy’s Retail since over the year they are the largest seller of Bell’s products. In other words, the concept is that the largest retailers of Bell’s beers get the most Hopslam.

    You can read the discussions on this thread (which is no locked down):http://beeradvocate.com/community/threads/shangys-hopslam-thread.63073/page-3#post-888602

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  34. Want to know when hopslam is sighted on SE pa, I know that tjs tapped theirs last night....
  35. Shangy's has a list on their facebook page on where you can find it. Side Car in WC, PJ Whelihan's in WC/Dtown...about 50 other places.
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  36. Putting it on a list and actually seeing it on shelves/tap are two different things, I know that it came and went at beeryard and whole foods, Devon .
  37. ericwo

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    The Foodery has it today, one bottle limit, $5 per bottle.
  38. Doesn't matter, by the time you read someones post at where they saw Hopslam it will most likely be gone by the time you arrive.
  39. No more on tap at tjs, all gone
  40. Rams Head will be tapping Hopslam and selling bottles sometime next week. No specific time or date it will only go on after one of our big beers kick. Check our website ramsheadbarandgrill.com for an announcement early in the week.
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