Houseboat bottleshare in Amsterdam

Discussion in 'Benelux' started by Vanlingleipa, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. That is my secret......but i am sure i am right. I am a kind of a idiot savant when it comes to recognize locations. Look at the picture above from Frank and you will see it!
  2. My question is - are you confident enough on the location to not require the address?
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  3. Double O Brabander will not require an address.
    Me on the other hand will be travelling with a lesser gifted BA and could use an address.
    That way I can write a little note and put it in Jeffo's pocket in case he gets lost in the big city.
  4. I'll be sending the address to everyone soon...except 'Daniel Boone' Brabender /jk

    Or should I have said 'Abel Tasman' Brabender?
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  5. Hahaha Frank, i am sure i will come at the right adress! Great place to be in Amsterdam with quit a view! I like the name 'Baden Powell Brabander' a bit more. Boy, that man couldn't find his way in his own bathroom.
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  7. futura123

    futura123 Savant (340) California Jul 29, 2010

    Make sure you guys guard your beers from "beerpirates" :eek:
  8. Hahaha , don't worry , i have other things to do that day :)
  9. Ravaging or pillaging? Or both?
  10. So jealous.
  11. Just get yo ass on a plane, John.

    Its also queensday. Now surely that does appeal to you in a special way.
  12. Last Saturday we had a last training (before the bottleshare in A'dam) with Mark and others, each had tasted 29 different beers :eek:.
    But what a great beers I had, really awesome, I'm looking forward to A'dam ;).
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  13. I'm really looking forward to Belgium because I'll be enjoying tasty beers there a few days before going to Amsterdam
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  14. Mar02x

    Mar02x Savant (330) Netherlands Aug 29, 2011

    I cann't remember the last ones ;) Did we really drink 29 different beers?
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  15. Yes 29 excactly ;).
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  16. Hey all -

    I'll be sending BMs to everyone on the sign-up sheet with the houseboat location this weekend. I'm also looking for confirmation of attendance and nail down who is bringing what food.

    Also, I managed to latch onto a Hunahpu's 2012 and a Curmudgeon's Better Half. If you have any suggestions over what these should replace on my original list, let me know. Also, going to San Diego this weekend and will visit Alpine Brewing - hear they have both Duet and Nelson in stock!
  17. Leaf the Kuhnhenn BB 4th Dementia 2010 at home! And bing the Hunahphu, i love it!!!!
  18. Mar02x

    Mar02x Savant (330) Netherlands Aug 29, 2011

    I love Hunaphu's, specially when it is still fresh.:p
  19. Agree - I've had 2010 and 2011 - the chile spiciness that makes Hunahpu's unique only fades with time. Really looking forward to this bottle.
  20. Jeffo

    Jeffo Advocate (650) Netherlands Sep 7, 2008

    Food? Oh crap. Hopefully good ol' Albert bakes something nice that morning... :p

    Looking forward to the party Frank. Thanks for inviting us and thanks for taking the initiative. You choose the bottles as well. The stuff you're brining is already coolio enough!

  21. Lots of good stuff at Albert's house...just wanna make sure nobody does a 'Febo mystery croquette into plain container' switch. Now kaas souffles from Febo, that's a different story.
  22. While we're on the subject - BONUS NOTICE TO ALL - You can be relieved of any food bringing responsibility if you a) are going to be at the houseboat on the 30th for QueensDay, and more importantly, b) bring a blender capable of crushing ice for margaritas (our Queensday beverage of choice).

    If you can do this, let me know so we don't wind up with several blenders and no food!
  23. I bring food!!!!!! and some good food!!!!
  24. Jeffo

    Jeffo Advocate (650) Netherlands Sep 7, 2008

    So, I've spent the better part of the evening preparing my world famous cupcake tarts, but since I had to use a different brand "bladerdeeg" (spelling), they came out as hard as a rock. Unedible garbage pour. Only the two I made with the correct "bladerdeeg" I still had left over from the last batch came out in good shape.

    I checked the list and nobody has mentioned crackers so I will be brining crackers. We Canadians eat our cheese on crackers in Canadia.

    Looking foward to hanging out gents!
  25. Crackers are OK Jeff. I will make some eggsalad which will go nicely with your crackers. I am really looking forward to this bottleshare!
  26. I was contemplating the following:
    Since the line up is very stout oriented Im thinking of bringing a saison for the sake of variety. It could also be an easy start of the afternoon.
    Is it too late to make this kind of change?

    Jeff, crack is always good for a party like this.

    Man, this going to be awesome.
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  27. rvdoorn

    rvdoorn Savant (440) Netherlands Jun 4, 2009

    Hi Guys,
    just want to wish all of you a great tasting. I am so sorry I cannot be there, I will drink amster light instead in de Kuip....:)
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  28. Jeffo

    Jeffo Advocate (650) Netherlands Sep 7, 2008

    I will leave that option open and change it to crack(ers).
  29. Mar02x

    Mar02x Savant (330) Netherlands Aug 29, 2011

    A practical question - how about tasting glasses?? Does Frank have any or should we bring our own?
  30. I have plenty of the 10 oz plastic variety and 2 ozers for the smaller bottles. Anything else is up to ya'll.

    Now shoo. While my companions are out enjoying Japanese pancakes, I'm sitting here slicing potatoes :-(
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  31. Tasty saisons and stouts are very welcome
  32. The day after...

    Frank, thanks again so much for hosting this great bottleshare and thanks for giving us the chance to try beers that we could otherwise never get to try over here. this was very generous of you and Beeradvocacy Deluxe!


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  33. Mar02x

    Mar02x Savant (330) Netherlands Aug 29, 2011

    The second day after... (for the ones that don't understand; we did another small bottle share on the 30th of April)

    Frank, your hospitality and generosity has no boundaries, thanks again for this awesome bottle-share on a more than the terrific location.

    Mark and Marjolijn
  34. Dcv

    Dcv Savant (250) Michigan Nov 12, 2009

    What were the favorite beers at the bottle share?
  35. Chocolate Rain and Black Tuesday were both awesome.
    I was very impressed with Knuckle Sandwich as well.

    Not like the other beers weren't any good.
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  36. Jeffo

    Jeffo Advocate (650) Netherlands Sep 7, 2008

    Awesome day Frank. Thanks again for organizing this and putting up with us! Your generosity knows no bounds!

    Favorites? I would say the Bootnuckle Leggersandwich was awesome. Didn't see that coming. Mother of all Storms, KH, CBS and Black Tuesday were also impressive. Oddly enough, I also like the De Heeren 20th Anny, though I doubt I could drink a bottle to myself.

    Thanks again Frank!
  37. What a great day it was Frank!! Thanxs.
    My favorite was the Olde Hickory The Event Horizon, Mother of all Storms and the Black Tuesday and Chocolate Rain and then my lights go out hahahaha.

    Next year same place same group and same beers!!!!!!
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  38. LMAO - next year I'll be taking contributions ;-P - It was great meeting you all - and you Beneluxians weren't slouches in the beer bringing dept - never thought I'd be wrapping my lips around a red cap Westy 12 (um, withoput the cap, of course - thanks Thijs). Delicious!...I'll be thinking of you guys while I'm in Belgium this week picking up that case of Fou Foune
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