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How big is your pint?

Discussion in 'Canada' started by CanuckRover, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. I'm in Calgary for a couple days and am a bit surprised at the proliferation of 16 oz pours. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but 20 is still the standard in Ottawa and (again I could be wrong) but I don't remember it being a big deal when I was in Vancouver a few weeks ago.

    So what's the standard where you are?
  2. 16 is typical here, but Pump House short pours down to about 13 oz. Really annoying since they advertise 16 in the menu....complaints don't get very far.
  3. 16oz, and even 14oz seems to be the general in Edmonton. There are a couple of places doing 20oz servings, but these are few and far between.
  4. Nope...you are not wrong. I still get 20 oz at most pubs in Ottawa.

    Curtis...I complained loudly at Pump House this past summer...then told the manager that I would be taking all my business (about 20 of us) elsewhere. Didn't do much good...but got the Tide and Boar some good business.
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  5. This is disgusting... I have complained in forums on here and on bar towel. It is becoming a norm that a "sleeve", or 16 american fluid ounces (473 ml) is creeping its way into everywhere, and it is more like 13-14 with too much head, and if it isn't that, it 500 ml or a metric pint. I pint is 568 ml, 20 British fluid ounces. The federal goods and standards act defines it as such, and I encourage everyone on here to define the pint or at least a proper pour as per advertised on menu's... I woul honestly be curious what is the take on this under provincial liquor laws. All bar/establishment should be required to have glassware with pour lines!
  6. I know camra bc has a petition to require pubs to correctly list the serving size
  7. I'm happy if the serving size is listed. Although more often than not it's a 16oz. shaker glass here and they fill it right to the top with no head
  8. Definitely can't fault Calgary on trying to hide it. Every bar I went to listed serving sizes.
  9. I would love for 20 to be standard out here, but I'd settle for just getting the amount actually listed on the menu.

    Polloenfuego, the Tide & Boar is quickly becoming my favourite place for beer these days, they are bringing in craft beer from around the world (Brooklyn, Delirium Tremens, etc), both on tap and in bottles, and selling it for very reasonable prices (in addition to always having 4-5 rotating Picaroons & Garrison taps). They are also supporting a local one-man brewery by featuring at least one of his beers on tap most nights.
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  10. 16 is also standard in Winnipeg. I'm from ottawa as well and the nonic pint glass is definitely still king.

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