How does Jack's Abby do it?!

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  1. So, first, facts. JA does lagers not ales, and according to the brewer I spoke with takes around 2 months fermentation per beer, with larger beers taking longer.

    And yet they are killing other local breweries on at least price, and maybe quality (in some people's opinion, including mine). Honestly, how? Is Jack's able to price their beers lower due to better initial capitalization, or are they selling at a loss to undercut others? Why so much cheaper than say, Maine? Same size bottle, both great beer but one is lager vs ale and yet cheaper.
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    Not sure how you actually figure this out, but at the very least you can hypothesize which brewery will be around longer than the other.
  3. I honestly think that Maine Beer Co kind of went out on a limb with the prices they charge and it ended up working for them. They pull it off because of the quality of their beers and they seem to be able to control supply which always leaves a huge demand for their beers. But who knows...they should be priced similar to Jack's Abby. I love the fact that Jack's Abby beers are so cheap though. Easily the best brewery in MA for quality and price
  4. Right, I do have an opinion on which model is more sustainable, but I guess another way of wording the question is why do they appear to be an outlier? I'm interested in theories about the different strategies. I can think of multiple local breweries that are around $9-10/bomber or $7-9/500mL but JA seems to be alone in producing the quality they do (subjective I know) for >/= $5/500mL. Seems counterproductive for the other locals, but they must have a reason...
  5. There is plenty of good beer at that ~$10-11/2L price point that I'd consider on par with JA?

    That said, MBC moves a lot slower now than 6 months ago (save lunch) based on the amount of stock on shelves and bottling dates, price is the reason I don't buy more from them.
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    Hoponius is people!
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  7. Glad to see I'm not the only one to notice this.
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    Lots of fermenter space and a realistic cost philosophy.
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    Delicious, delicious people.

  10. If we had an alcohol pricing system in place in MA that didn't screw consumers while serving to guarantee profits to sales reps & distros......

    That said...JA seems to have an aggressive price point in mind integrated into their biz model, while MBC just runs a "cost plus" model with all the costs born by customers including their charitable efforts.

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