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how long will a tapped keg stay good?

Discussion in 'Home Bar' started by bonez05404, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. I have a dual tap kegorator and ive tapped 1 sixtel at a time fearing i wont drink 2 sixtels before it starts to fade.
    1 sixtel can take me close to 3 months to kick....i know i know, i should drink faster... I feel ashamed that i have yet to use its full capacity!

    With that said, and figuring different styles stay better longer, how long do you think these styles will last:
    Imperial stout

    Would love to tap an ipa and a big stout.
  2. commis

    commis Savant (330) Massachusetts Jul 21, 2009

    Tapping a keg doesn't affect its shelf life if your system in working properly. Tap them.
    This has been covered several times here. Search the forum and you'll quickly find a plethora of information.
  3. KJR

    KJR Aspirant (25) May 2, 2012

    I have had beer in mine for several months. it is still fresh. the key is to keep oxygen out.
  4. only thing to maybe be concerned with is 'freshness' of an IPA. the beer will stay good as long as you keep out the CO2
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  5. I think you meant to keep in the CO2. You need to keep out the O2.
  6. Whoops, I meant keep out the O2 - good catch :)
  7. GoldenChild

    GoldenChild Savant (375) Michigan Nov 18, 2009

    as long as your not using a hand pump you will be perfectly fine.
  8. barls

    barls Aficionado (175) Australia Nov 15, 2006

    i find they run out first before going bad.
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