How much will the trade value of Bolt Cutter drop once it gets into distibution?

Discussion in 'Beer Trading Talk & Help' started by ChadQuest, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. Romulux

    Romulux Initiate (0) Michigan Jan 28, 2008

    We have to overcharge for our "Shelf Walez" on the open market! Our f'ing regulars get the first few "at cost!"

    How else can I "win" at trading?

    (sarcastic trading humor)
  2. dvelcich

    dvelcich Savant (350) Illinois Feb 6, 2008

    Oh, so what you're saying is there are other aspects of value that go into making the decision to trade a beer. I see.

    I completely agree, but it's always the buyer complaining.

    I admit I got caught up in this argument, but not because I care about valuing beers. I just can't believe some people don't get it. I've never had a problem figuring out the value of a beer and trading for it accordingly. When I want something, I research to see what it cost, how many bottles were made, and how hard it was to get, and I make an offer. If I didn't get it on the first try, I obviously didn't offer enough.
  3. yeah, taste and bottle count.

    remember when you accused me of "burying my head in the sand" lol
  4. i've noticed a handful of my drinking buddies have dropped their midwest trade partners, figuring the shitshow isn't worth it.

    now, i liked bramble (probably the only person around who did) so i'm upset to hear cherry may be a pita.
  5. Franch

    Franch Advocate (575) New York Mar 22, 2011

    bramble's the best variant that's been released since rare.
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  6. pepsican

    pepsican Savant (325) Iowa Nov 5, 2007

    We got in some cases today but they sold out within a few hours even at $22. As far as trade value, trade it for whatever you think is worth it. It's a pretty simple system.
  7. lurchingbeast

    lurchingbeast Initiate (0) Illinois Feb 19, 2009

    If the shitshow is getting passed onto your friends from their partners, they weren't very good trade partners anyways.
  8. jbck109

    jbck109 Savant (400) Michigan May 30, 2010 Verified

    One should do it, maybe they should throw in Dave too
  9. i'm not sure about passing on, but they certainly saw the consequences in the boxes. a couple of bcbs, a couple of kbs, no king henry, one bcbcs....

    in exchange for multiple beatifications (which they drove up to get), multiple ffacs (ditto), fda, ba speedway, churchill's, alpine.... double daisy cutter and random steel toe weren't exactly making up the deficit.

    i don't think there's any animosity involved, but those just aren't worthwhile relationships. they're thinking they might as well drink local for cheaper. a conclusion i reached years ago.
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  10. Sarlacc83

    Sarlacc83 Advocate (630) Oregon Mar 2, 2008

    Only if you have a son by that name or your wife is getting implants.
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  11. lurchingbeast

    lurchingbeast Initiate (0) Illinois Feb 19, 2009

    I can definitely understand. I would love to send my regulars 3 BCBCS each. I'd be pleasantly surprised if I get 3 altogether.
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  12. yeah, i want to stress they aren't calling their trading partners stingy.

    though much of this talk was before the latest rumblings that bcbs won't make it to ca.
  13. t8000shx

    t8000shx Savant (365) New York Mar 2, 2004 Subscriber

    I'm quite sure you use that phrase only to bait someone into calling you out on using it incorrectly, just so you can then point out that you in fact use it correctly and most people just don't understand what the expression means.

    Or if that's not the only reason, it certainly weighs heavily.
  14. So Levitation should strive towards popular ignorance?
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  15. t8000shx

    t8000shx Savant (365) New York Mar 2, 2004 Subscriber

    Easy chief. I made no recommendations, not even a judgement - just an observation.
  16. ChadQuest

    ChadQuest Initiate (0) Illinois Mar 4, 2009

    Have you seen how people on here review? A/4.5 is the new average.

    "This beer is solid for the style, about middle of the road. 4.2 Sam Adams Triple Bock"
  17. Hanzo

    Hanzo Champion (965) Virginia Feb 27, 2012

    Looks to be the same at ratebeer, so where do people not do this?
  18. ChadQuest

    ChadQuest Initiate (0) Illinois Mar 4, 2009

    Mike Tinnon's house.

    Beers get rated to an F average.
  19. DanGolfs86

    DanGolfs86 Savant (300) Illinois Dec 2, 2010

    Speaking as a person from Chicago, who has consumed many KHs, traded many KHs. My opinion comes in a few parts:

    1) KH is a freak of nature, a great beer, but when used as a base unit for assessing trade value it should really be put in a paper bag, taken out back, coated with gasoline and set A-BLAZE!!!!!!!! The King doesn't trade like other beers and it's just a stupid beer to use as a base trade valuation.

    2) It's really a combination of what everyone is saying...
    #lurchingbeast is right, because there are a lot of f-ing people in Chicago who like beer, it is harder to get the limited releases here.
    #Mongo is right (at least imho) if I have 12 bottles of BCBVS and wanted to get some BT and couldn't, I would place more value on the beer i want than the extras i have and thus trade more easily.

    3) For me, and i think for many, the trade value of the beer comes down to a very simple statement "Am I willing to give what i have for what i want to get?" The trade value of a beer will be dictated by the market.

    *The reason KH trades for a ton isn't that Midwesterners are evil hoarding trolls, (sarcasm for my fellow mid-westerners) it's that everyone else in the market was willing to give up two beats for it. If 20 ridiculous trade posts for KH go up and they are all met by crickets then the trade value of KH will go down. Beer Traders take back your freedom and power. If BC Cherry Rye starts to come on the market and the ISO:FT's are ridic, just ignore them, or offer what you think is fair and wait for the market to valuate the beers.

    Now, going back to the question of whether the trade value of Bolt Cutter will go down after it's distro'd, that's a very easy answer...

    If the trading population likes the beer and there are a lot of people who didn't get BC but want to trade for it then...No the value will stay the same or increase.

    If the trading population thinks BC is crap and/or there are not a lot of traders looking for it then the value will go down.
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  20. UWBadgerFan4Life

    UWBadgerFan4Life Advocate (610) Wisconsin Jul 24, 2012 Verified

    New trader question. I just agreed to trade 1 bolt cutter for 1 bottle of Kentucky Dark Star and 1 bottle of BBPt5. Was that dumb?
  21. How do you feel about it....before we, the uninvolved, tell you how to feel about it?

    If you and the other trader are happy, then it seems like this is all good. If you were coerced by evil forces or if you coerced, then this might be a bad way to go. All the beers involved in your trade are delicious - that is for sure. Also, none of them are particularly easy to get if you live outside of the distribution/release area, other than by trade.
  22. ChadQuest

    ChadQuest Initiate (0) Illinois Mar 4, 2009

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  23. kscaldef

    kscaldef Champion (845) Oregon Jun 11, 2010 Verified

    I don't think he was intending to be a smart-ass.

    FWIW, that seems like a fair deal to me. In fact, I might say you got the better end of it, but mostly that's because I think BBPt5 is one of the best beers in the world.
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  25. Rempo

    Rempo Initiate (0) Indiana Jan 18, 2010

    You could've got KDS and BBPt5 for less. He could've got Bolt Cutter for less. You're both terrible traders.
  26. dvelcich

    dvelcich Savant (350) Illinois Feb 6, 2008

    Let me go back to what I mentioned earlier in the thread. Did you do your research? If I wanted a KDS, I would find out these things (takes 5-10 minutes):

    - 1800 bottles total
    - two per person at the berwery, but it hit distribution
    - $15 at the brewery; $18-$20 retail
    - 94 rating with a good number of reviews and a 4:1 Wants to Gots ratio

    I would then make an offer I thought was fair. I did trade for this, and I offered a BA Hi-Fi:

    - 720 bottles total
    - four per person at the brewery, but no distribution
    - $15
    - 96 rating with a lot of reviews and a 6:1 Wants to Gots ratio

    I guess I didn't "win" that trade, but I wanted the KDS, so I offered something I knew would land it for me, and I was able to land four BA Hi-Fis at once, so I didn't mind letting one go.

    I would say you "won" your trade for sure, but I'm also sure the other guy who made you that offer is happy, or he wouldn't have gone through with it. He must've really wanted to try a Bolt Cutter. Maybe he lives close to the brewery and was able to score more than two KDS, so he didn't mind letting one go. This is where availability plays a role in trading and what we've all been discussing here.
  27. DanGolfs86

    DanGolfs86 Savant (300) Illinois Dec 2, 2010

    dvelcich, anytime you feel like trading another BA HiFi, let me know...I love that beer!
  28. stupac2

    stupac2 Initiate (0) California Feb 22, 2011

    I think Bramble has gotten better. I liked it a lot more when I had it recently than I did when it came out. That Flintstones Vitamin thing it had going on has faded significantly.

    I think cherry fits in a stout better anyway. I'm hopeful that this one won't be a clusterfuck.
  29. dvelcich

    dvelcich Savant (350) Illinois Feb 6, 2008

    Well, I'm down to my last one, so if I did, it would have to be for something that I really want. I wouldn't trade this one for a KDS.

    See how that works guys. Does that make me an evil hoarder?
  30. lurchingbeast

    lurchingbeast Initiate (0) Illinois Feb 19, 2009

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  31. Brez07

    Brez07 Initiate (0) Maine Sep 29, 2009

    First, Storage Wars. Then, Shipping Wars. Next? BEER WARS!!! As Bart Scott said...
  32. tronto

    tronto Savant (260) Kentucky Dec 22, 2010 Verified

    How much will the trade value go down once people taste it? That shit was a sugar bomb.
  33. MarkIntihar

    MarkIntihar Initiate (0) Michigan Mar 17, 2010

    Never stopped Dark Lord, Black Tuesday, Chocolate Rain, etc.
  34. UWBadgerFan4Life

    UWBadgerFan4Life Advocate (610) Wisconsin Jul 24, 2012 Verified

    Thanks for the info. What is the fastest way to find out the bottle count and price?
  35. Knifestyles

    Knifestyles Savant (465) New York Jun 7, 2005

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  36. UWBadgerFan4Life

    UWBadgerFan4Life Advocate (610) Wisconsin Jul 24, 2012 Verified

    Is everyone in this thread a smartass? Can you elaborate at all? Where are the best places to research? Brewery websites, beer advocate, etc.?

    I eagerly await the next smartass comment.
  37. MordorMongo

    MordorMongo Initiate (0) Jul 19, 2009

    Most people just post a thread in this forum and ask.

    Or the search function if release was a while ago as someone else may have already asked.

    Merry Thanksgiving.
  38. ChadQuest

    ChadQuest Initiate (0) Illinois Mar 4, 2009

    Seriously, a google or BA search will normally take you to a thread/post.
  39. stevec32

    stevec32 Savant (440) New York Mar 26, 2012 Verified

    Can't Wait!!!