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How often do you dream about beer?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Bnoise11, Jan 25, 2013.

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  1. Bnoise11

    Bnoise11 Savant (370) California Dec 25, 2012

    i had a dream last night that my father-in-law drank all of my Firestone Walker IPA's. i woke up in a panic.
  2. dckepley

    dckepley Savant (400) Iowa Aug 13, 2006 Beer Trader

    Not too often...but when I do, talk about a "wet" dream;)
  3. mwar

    mwar Savant (390) Kentucky Jun 15, 2012

    I dream of beer only when I sleep!
  4. randal

    randal Savant (345) Texas Apr 21, 2004

    When you close your eyes, do you dream (dream) about beeeerrr?
    when you close your eyes, do you dream about beer?
    (do you still dream about) Beer?
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  5. I had a dream the other night where I flew over to Europe and was stuck in the airport. I can't remember the country or why I was there, but there was a TGIF and I started talking beer with the bar tender. All of a sudden he started handing me pint after pint of different craft beers on the house. It was a strange and wonderful dream.
  6. My old man drank 1 of my last 2 FIS's and my last FBS last night. It wasn't a dream, more like a nightmare. But he liked them, suprisingly. So I was kind of happy since he only drinks Bud Lights. But to answer your orginal question, no can't say I've ever had a dream about beer.
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  7. czfreeman

    czfreeman Savant (465) California May 22, 2007

    Sometimes I'll dream of beer after making a new batch of homebrew, carboy explodes or something crazy happens. I've actually gotten up to check on it before...
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  8. Once I dreamed I was walking around a mall drinking from a giant snifter filled to the brim with BCBS. I dropped it and it broke, and everyone started screaming.

    Which, come to think of it, is really the only appropriate response to a BCBS spill.
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  9. NiceTaps

    NiceTaps Advocate (560) New Jersey Nov 21, 2011 Beer Trader

    Uhhh, all day long, no?
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  10. gatornation

    gatornation Poobah (1,285) Minnesota Apr 18, 2007 Beer Trader

    Dream no... Day dream all the time
  11. loafinaround

    loafinaround Savant (415) New York Jul 16, 2011

    I laughed so hard when I saw the title of this thread.
    I don't dream about beer... but I DO get giddy when I have an awesome haul.
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  12. kingofhop

    kingofhop Advocate (565) Oklahoma May 9, 2010

    I dream of alien attacks, clowns and Sandra Bullock. No beer, yet.
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  13. stealth

    stealth Champion (765) Minnesota Dec 16, 2011 Beer Trader

    I've been trying to get some Black Tuesday via trades and I've been having recurring dreams of having a tasting with friends where I bring a bottle of BT but never get to taste it because I always wake up all excited before it gets that far. Problems, man.
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  14. mfl620ks

    mfl620ks Savant (295) Kansas Mar 15, 2010

    I once had a dream that I had Coors Light in my refrigerator.

    Come to think of it, that wasn't a dream, it was a nightmare.
  15. ChanChan

    ChanChan Advocate (620) California Dec 12, 2009 Beer Trader

    Me too :(
    New Year's resolution: No more blackouts and stop wetting the bed!!!
  16. Nectar

    Nectar Savant (310) New Jersey Jan 17, 2013

    I woke up 2 nights ago was sleepwalking so im told.

    I burst into my roommates room and asked " Is this where the beer tasting is? I was told it was a vertical. WHERE THE HELL ARE THE BOTTLES LINED UP AT?!".

    At that point I woke up and walked back to my room confused as all hell. He told me the next morning and I nearly pissed myself. I never sleepwalk...
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  17. I had a dream once that I drank a Lakefront Cream City and that it was one of the best beers I've ever had. Then I woke up and remembered it was Lakefront.
  18. ChugginOil

    ChugginOil Initiate (0) Illinois Sep 23, 2010

    I have the same dream all the time. I stumble accross a beer store that nobody knows about and it's filled with rare gems
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  19. I actually had one last night. I don't remember much of it, but it was something I've never had before, so my subconscious took liberties, I'm sure. I'd say it happens every couple months. My favorite was when I dreamed that Goose Island started bottling a whole line of sours in the Genesse-style stubby bottles.
  20. creepinjeeper

    creepinjeeper Champion (950) Missouri Nov 8, 2012 Subscriber Beer Trader

    Wet - hopped dream?:D
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  21. nUgZ

    nUgZ Savant (330) North Carolina Nov 4, 2012

    I dream about beer everyday while I'm at work. Every fucking day!!
  22. davey101

    davey101 Champion (860) Connecticut Apr 14, 2009 Beer Trader

    Did they serve nachos?
  23. creepinjeeper

    creepinjeeper Champion (950) Missouri Nov 8, 2012 Subscriber Beer Trader

    Amen, Mister nUgZ! Amen.
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  24. How did you know?
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  25. yamar68

    yamar68 Champion (910) Minnesota Apr 1, 2011

    Every night.

    I've mastered lucid dreaming, so whenever I'm killing zombies or sleeping with Natalie Portman I just say "fuck this noise" and go grab a pint of Pliny the Younger.
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  26. davey101

    davey101 Champion (860) Connecticut Apr 14, 2009 Beer Trader

    Sometimes I'll even go down an extra dream level and have a beer within a beer. Or you know, Natalie Portman within Natalie Portman.
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  27. ChanChan

    ChanChan Advocate (620) California Dec 12, 2009 Beer Trader

    No, urine!! ;)
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  28. I daydream about beer all day at work. I used to think about sex 24/7, now it's strictly beer porn. Sad part is, I'm not joking one bit :(.
  29. digdug1810

    digdug1810 Savant (305) New Jersey Mar 1, 2011 Beer Trader

    I once dreamed of walking into a supermarket and finding cases of aged Cantillion. Then I woke up :(
  30. Wilb

    Wilb Initiate (0) Michigan Oct 18, 2011

    Usually happens at work shortly after lunch
  31. jmgrub

    jmgrub Savant (475) California Nov 20, 2010

    An amount that would be extremely embarrassing to admit anywhere but a forum on a beer site about dreaming about beer.
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  32. Occasionally. My wife says I sleep talk about it too sometimes.
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  33. fox227

    fox227 Advocate (610) California Nov 19, 2010

    I do, but my dreams aren't strictly about beer. Like last night I was hiking through a forest, and found a diner, went in to have lunch. I looked at the bar and saw zero taps, so I asked if they had any bottles. The server stated that the only beer they carried was SNPA. I asked for one, was told they was out, and they tried to get me to drink some tonic water that had ginger and garlic, so I sent it back angrily.
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  34. That sounds like Gubna.
  35. Schmuck82

    Schmuck82 Initiate (0) Texas Nov 13, 2008

    I have actually had several beer dreams recently. I brings joy and relief to my heart that other people actually have beer dreams as well.
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  36. 4balance

    4balance Initiate (0) Dec 11, 2011

    Yes, on many occasions...mmmmm BEER!
  37. 7clutch

    7clutch Savant (300) Florida Sep 14, 2012 Beer Trader

    Probably once a week. Either I stumble upon a bar with rare beers on tap (many of which are probably very rarely tapped anyway) and then proceed to order a bunch (though I can't recall ever actually tasting them); or I have a beermare where I go to a special tapping and nothing is left or the person in front of me gets the last pour. So I guess I can thank good beer for giving me nightmares much more manageable than the ones where I get attacked by sharks that conveniently grow feet when they jump out of the water.
  38. patto1ro

    patto1ro Advocate (620) Netherlands Apr 26, 2004 Subscriber

    Every day. And some nights.
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  39. Blueribbon666

    Blueribbon666 Advocate (625) Ohio Jul 4, 2008

    I'm sure I'd dream of beer if I were living in the days of prohibition...HOLY MOTHER OF, can you imagine living w/o beer through the Great Depression...o_O
  40. I want to live in your dreams.
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