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How often do you go back and change a review?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Dave1999, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Occasionally I'll review a beer then revisit the review, and decide that what I originally scored was different than what I thought now. For example I'm drinking a Kalamazoo stout which for whatever reason I wasn't impressed with before but right now I'm very much enjoying. Do you guys go back and change your reviews much?
  2. People drink a specific beer more than once?
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  3. Mostly seasonals each year.
  4. tewaris

    tewaris Advocate (605) Minnesota Jul 14, 2009

    I have done that quite a few times, usually after a beer pleasantly surprises me. However, I should do it a lot more.
  5. Aye,why would you change a review unless you had it at least twice?
  6. YogiBeer

    YogiBeer Savant (485) Illinois May 10, 2012

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  7. PittBeerGirl

    PittBeerGirl Advocate (695) Ohio Feb 27, 2007

    Actually- my tastes haven't changed much over my 6 years on BA- I have gone back an elaborated on some of my very early reviews-but generally unless there are consistency issues with particular brews and vintages I don't change my numeric scores.

    I did change a quite few reviews when the BA system converted from "drinkability" to "overall" score as there is a huge difference with those terms. I probably still have some off reviews because of that though.
  8. YogiBeer

    YogiBeer Savant (485) Illinois May 10, 2012

    No but seriously great thread.
  9. denver10

    denver10 Poobah (1,055) New Mexico Nov 17, 2010

    Often if I am drinking in front of my computer and I have something relevant to update a review with.
  10. I've changed "Place" reviews a couple of times, usually stemming from a particularly low marking I gave the place due to customer service issues. I have no problem changing my review if a person from the business reaches out to me, is apologetic, states they've done restructuring, etc. For example, I gave Williamsburg Alewerks a pretty bad review on here (even though I dig their beer overall) and a person contacted me a couple of days and apologetically asked if I'd be interested in a re-visit now that lots of changes had transpire since the time of my review. I totally admire this proactive stance and definitely plan on taking them up on the offer.

    I've been contacted in this manner about 3-4 times now on here and try to be cordial, inviting, and fair every time.
  11. Almost never. I will only go back and edit if I notice a glaring error or spelling/grammar mistake in one of my reviews.