Canada How was the westy 12 release in Canada?

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  1. I'm tryin to get a feel for how early I may have to get to the T.W. in order to get my hands on this... Were people camping out in parking lots? Did you just have to get there extremely early?
  2. Huh?

    There are big in-store displays of it sitting around in Alberta.
  3. kjyost

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    Just to clarify markaberrant's point, so far in Canada we have yet to have giant lineups and sell-outs of any beer in mere moments. We have nothing like Darkness Day, our beer culture isn't there yet.

    Personally, I would line up early if you really want it.
  4. There are still mountains of those Westy sets all over Calgary, nobody wants them. I don't blame them... overpriced and underwhelming.
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  5. Thats one thing I like about the LCBO, there is no

    "Westlveteren Gift Sets on sale this Saturday, min. 12 per store 2 per family limit"

    The stores dont know when its coming in, the LCBO csr info line dont know when its coming in and even when its in they dont know when its coming in.

    I guarantee you, phone or visit 8 stores and phone the hotline twice and you will get 6 different answers.

    The only lineups you will see at a LCBO early are.......well never mind you know..........!
  6. I think Mark could post pictures of the Mead day at the Bushwakker - here's some video:
    and I could drum up a few pictures from any one of your choice of Black Galaxy, Rigamarole, Black Scrapper, $ellout $tout, Burlywine, Demeter's Harvest etc etc. to jog your memory, Ken.
  7. At the release of Barrel Aged Tempest at Amsterdam in Toronto, it sold out in 15 minutes. There were people lined up at 5:00 on a Saturday for it. Of course there were only 40 bottles or so too.
  8. Thanks for the info everybody! Hopefully it goes the same here as it did up there. I was thinking of camping out, but maybe ill just show up a few hours before they open and wait. I know it's over priced, and probably overhyped, but it's not like ive never paid $15 for 1 bottle of beer. Hell, I paid close to that for a BUDWEISER at baseball games. Also, I don't see myself visiting Belgium anytime in the next 20 years, and this may be my only convenient chance to find out for myself. Plus, if I'm not impressed by the beer it will make excellent trading material.
  9. westy 12 is still the best beer I ever had
  10. Rutager

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    Sartori Harvest sold out within hours at every store that got it in Vancouver. It is starting, just not as crazy as the US yet.
  11. kjyost

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    I think you missed my point Dave about general beer culture differences. Have you seen Canadian beers for $100 on eBay yet? I don't see our lineup / no lineup / lingering bottles on shelves in any way a parallel for the biggest beer hype location in the world for the biggest hyped beer in the world being released and if they will have lineups.

    Yes we get lineups in Canada. Sometimes we even sell out to the original line-up (for very limited bottle releases, like Amsterdam's) but not a single one of those mentioned actually sold out to the original line pre-opening - except maybe the Black Scrapper as I wasn't at that release and the Mead (which isn't beer). I showed up for $ellout #1 at 10:00 and got beer, #2 had bottles at the brewery for at least a week, Galaxy "sold out" to the lineup but had bottles lingering on shelves in other province months later... To the best of my knowledge Burly / Demeter's always ended up at the LCs.
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    By the way, the one you sent me as an extra was delicious! ;)
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    I'm thinking BBA Peche Mortel might go for some stupid amount of $ if ebay still allowed beer. Not trying to shoot you down, I've just been noticing lately that things are starting to become more US-like in the Canadian craft world ...and it sucks. I liked it better when nobody else knew this band. ;)
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  14. What's the point of only releasing 40 bottles of anything? Seems a little absurd. Do up a few kegs/casks and call er done.
  15. If there is so much hype and demand for Westy 12, get someone in AB to do a trade. Or cripes, make the trip to AB yourself, and you can spend a weekend guzzling as much of it as you can.

    Or be like many Ontarians, and whine and gripe that you have to wait to get your government supplied shipment of Westy 12 (which is your god given right, seeing as you live in the center of the universe and all).
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    I was buying Fou'Foune out of Alberta 3 months after it was released onto the shelves. Just saying. I think most HP releases stick around for a bit when released, no? For Galaxy selling out that was an issue with the amount released here. It didn't go quite so quickly when it shipped out west...
  17. FEUO

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    I don't see myself waiting in line for beer at the LCBO. My time is worth far more.
    I will only wait when at a beer fest and have beer in hand while waiting. :)
  18. So true. Stuff just shows up when it shows up. The shelves of bombers at my local LCBO just keep changing every week. (Except for the perpetual limitless supply of Innis & Gunn).
  19. They did have a cask of it there for anyone who wanted a glass or three.
  20. let's talk about the beer
    i've had it 3 times. once it was meh (it was fresh) and the other 2 were excellent.
    do others think it's worth the price?
  21. There we're more than 40 bottles - this beer was for sale on multiple days, not just that Saturday. Probably in the triple digit range.
  22. Nope. It's good beer, but no better than the other well known trappist dark strong/quads... really comes down to personal preference as to which ones you prefer the most.
  23. Sartori sold out within a couple days/weeks maybe. Sure a couple stores downtown sold out on the release day... People talk all the time about how upset they are they couldn't pick up a beer at so and so store on Main, I drive 15 minutes to North Van and they have loads of almost anything weeks after release. 16st is a hidden gem ;)

    Still no Westy 12 in BC as far as I know.
  24. Rutager

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    I did say Vancouver, and every store there sold out on release day. Not quite sure what your point is, mine was that it sold out almost instantly to virtually everywhere that got in on the lower mainland. The only stores that had it for more than a day, as far as I know anyways, were in New West and on the North Shore. 16th st is West Van, btw.

    There is westy 12 at the Maple Ridge Firefly, last I checked. Just singles though, not the packs with the glasses.
  25. papat444

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    Didn't know they could break open the gift pack. Makes it much more affordable if you just want to try.
  26. Rutager

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    They are the bottles from the Abbey and showed up a couple months ago along with 8s. A local distributor brought them in for the second time, last year as well. Only a few stores got them.
  27. wordemupg

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    There's 8's on shelves in BC?
  28. Rutager

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    There were a few left at one place in the burbs a couple weeks ago. I think they were $13-14 each.
  29. Confirmed the box sets are coming out on 12.12.12 in Greater Vancouver at least 2 stores, prolly more.
  30. Week of Dec 10th for Ontario. Was told "no new release Tuesday" type of thing, when they come in they get put out. Could be Monday for some stores, Tuesday for others etc...

    This wont be a quiet release, lots of calls and all the stores, even ones not getting them are fielding calls.

    No way stock sitting on the shelves a week later, especially with Christmas around the corner.

    Product number is #317255, $75.40, 2 glasses, 6 x 330 ml bottles

    Check the website for inventory, realizing that was as of the day before

    Buena suerte!
  31. Bought a giftset of it here in Calgary within days of its release, had a few, shared a few, cellared the rest. Thought it would be gone in no time, they are still trying to get rid of it at my local beer store haha. It's even gone on sale at some stores as they just can't move the product! Sad that people are walking past this great beer to buy a case of canadian :(
  32. Dollarama?
  33. ericj551

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    On the other hand, my buddy found a stash of it at a Victoria liquor store and picked up the last 4 bottles (it's lost a bit of it's greatness, but still a really good beer). I wonder how much of it actually made it to Vancouver.
  34. I agree Chris at 16th street store is great . He knows his beer and orders heavy on key releases. They still have 2010 and 2011 Cellar Dwellar.
  35. Rutager

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    I heard it was around for a while in Victoria too. Lucky! It was just such a phenomenon in Vancouver this year and really surprised me. I was following the fb and twitter posts from Driftwood and calling stores that got their deliveries for days after I got my bottles, just out of curiosity.
  36. Rutager

    Rutager Advocate (695) British Columbia (Canada) Oct 18, 2010 Verified Subscriber

    Looks like the Westy12 packs are hitting Vancouver. $70 at the place I called.
  37. Just grabbed 2 packs at 16ST, $72.99 + 10% CAMRA discount so about $65 like other places I was seeing. Chris ordered 100!!!!
  38. Sorry that was $65 per box, so less than $10 a bottle when you factor in the glasses. Crazy that it's supposedly selling for $85+ in the US, wonder why we got such a sweet deal here? If someone made a mistake I'm not complaining :) This won't last long at the price, there was 4 other people at 16st already buying when I was there (1st!), they hadn't even put the code into the till lol. O'hares already sold out I'm pretty sure.
  39. Creetoper

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    I'd say the higher base price in the states is a result of the additional layer of importation by way of Shelton Brothers. Instead of the beer going straight to wholesalers, it is first sold to Shelton Brothers who import it and then sell it to wholesalers with an additional markup.
  40. There is a crazy amount of interest for this release in Ontario, as detailed over in the Bar Towel message boards. There would be camp outs if any one could predict the exact release date (varying accounts of today, tomorrow or Wednesday). I would be suprised if there are any gift packs left after the first day in most stores. The press this release has gotten has made it somewhat unique in that many non-beer geeks are actively seeking it out. I've had many non beer geek friends ask me "so, what's up with this monk beer from Belgium? Is it really that good? Maybe I should try to get some!"