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Hunahpu bottling date?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by kort27, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. kort27

    kort27 Savant (330) Illinois Apr 23, 2009 Beer Trader

    I see that the most recent release states "Released on March 10, 2012". Is there any way to tell the date on the older versions? I have an older one, and don't see a date anywhere.

    Differences I see are that the graphics on the label are not the same, and that the cap on this year's version says CCB, while the older cap is blank.

    Sorry if this has been beat to death in other threads, but I couldn't find anything in my searches (except people saying that old Hunahpu's are drain pours).
  2. dsal89

    dsal89 Advocate (505) Indiana Jul 6, 2008

    Hell..if it is a drain pour why not just ship it to me :D
  3. mondegreen

    mondegreen Savant (440) Georgia Nov 4, 2009

    The 2011 version (second bottling) says "2011" on the label. The 2010 release (first bottling) is undated if I recall correctly.
  4. coreyfmcdonald

    coreyfmcdonald Advocate (625) Georgia Nov 13, 2008 Beer Trader

    The 2010 logo is rectangular and is bare around the CCB logo.
    The 2011 logo is rectangular and has hop nuggets and a ribbon around the CCB logo.
    The 2012 is wider and curved in the front.
  5. I have 2 Hunahpu's with the "2010" label that have subtle differences.

    1 label says "Contains 1 Pint 9.4 FL. OZ." on the side and "11.5% Alocol by vol." on the bottom of the label.
    The other says "Contains 32 Fl. OZ." on the side and "11% Alcohol by vol." on the bottom of the label.

    The Bottles are clearly both 25.4 oz each. No clue why it says 32 oz.

    Anyone have a clue what's going on here?
  6. jtmiller03

    jtmiller03 Savant (260) Oklahoma Feb 2, 2008

    The 32 oz is one of their growler labels.
  7. What do you mean by "older" since it has only been bottled 3 times and the 11 gets great current reviews. So do you mean the 2010?
  8. kort27

    kort27 Savant (330) Illinois Apr 23, 2009 Beer Trader

    Right - I was just trying to tell if I had a 2010 or 2011, that's all.
  9. People telling you that the 2010 is not drinking well are nuts! I have a bunch of all 3 years and drink them often. I dont have any idea where people came up with this idea. If I get by my pub later ill snap a pic and label all the years for you. I had the pleasure of trying 2013 Hunahpu just a couple days ago. Its just being bottled at CCB now. We aren't far from March 9 2013 Hunahpu day. My advice to you is to get your ass here to Tampa Fl on the that day join in all the fun.:)

    Oh yea! If Im not mistaken 2011 has the blank cap.
  10. So my 750ml bottle has a growler label on it? Accident or was the bottle filled from tap?