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    Hi all,

    First time poster, long, long time lurker...great site

    I'm venturing north in the great state of Wisconsin in two weeks to hunt deer, tell stories and drink some beer or generally spend some quality time with three close friends. We have always made the trek with the standard issue Miller or Bud product. We like to keep things simple, but we are ready to bust out of a rut. We are pretty unrefined, but this is my new found passion to bring us to the next level.

    Any suggestions on a beer that you could toss back three or four or dare say five without losing consciousness, has a somewhat moderate price tag, and is available in the Milwaukee market. We all really like the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or that style of brew. I'm just at a loss of where to I'll share the venison (if we ever get any).

    Thnaks for the help!