I am offering my services as a Bruery trustee

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  1. I am currently a Preserve Member and get up to Orange County several times a month (from Carlsbad). If anyone is in need of a Trustee, BM me.

    I am currently an active trader and have a FedEx account.
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  2. You are a generous man. Every time I see a trustee at the tasting room struggling with all of those boxes and imagine the ordeal of shipping everything out, I marvel at the magnanimity involved.
  3. I won't get in too deep.
  4. I have committed to a few folks already and can't get in over my head so this is closed. Thanks.
  5. They sell preserves now too? ISO: Seedless Raspberry. :)
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  6. The Preserve Society member actually sends Bruery beers from their own personal cellar BACK to The Bruery to "preserve" them from extinction ;)
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  7. Preserve is a super secret new category that make Hoarders look like peasants. I have to go now, I've said too much.
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  8. Kopfschuss

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    To be guarded by Smaug I assume?
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    I'm looking for a kind Trustee to grab my Preserve Society stuff. Will make it worth your while in local Brooklyn beer.